Five Cheap Eats of Amsterdam Without Breaking Your Bank!

Amsterdam has numerous good, cheap eating selections for visitors which also accompanies both sit-down places and takeaway outlets. You don't need to shell out huge money in order to enjoy a good meal in Amsterdam—-Check out the alternatives that are worth considering in order to satisfy your thirst and hunger by choosing from the best budget-friendly food and drinks offered in the town:

1. Grab your Gourmet Burger : Feeling hungry and want to grab your Gourmet Burger as soon as possible! Head to Amsterdam's gourmet burger offerings.

Burgermeester offers you an amazing variety of tasty gourmet burgers—consisting of beef, lamb and chicken burgers, salmon burgers and vegetarian options falafel and manchego cheese burgers. Want to add some more toppings on your burger? Why not? When there are different toppings available for you along with side dishes such as grilled half corn-on-the-cob, baked potatoes and rocket salad for you to binge on. Ingredients are a composition of natural, locally-sourced and sustainable to savor your taste. Thinking whether Euro falls heavy on your pocket? Much to your surprise, when you come to know that burgers which you are looking for cost only Rs.593.79 -Rs. 742.24 or you can try a mini-burger for Rs. 296.9. Isn't that sounds comfortable to you? Well, yes provided  it should be reasonable to bear.  Gourmet Burger is available in 3 locations around Amsterdam—lbert Cuypstraat 48 (De Pijp), Elandsgracht 130 (Jordaan) and Plantage Kerklaan 37 (near Aris Zoo).

2. Pasta : It's obvious to look for a decent food  under reasonable prices. That's what this famous self-service restaurant provides. Relish on excellent Italian food-pasta dishes, pizzas and salads which pour originally from Germany through Vapiano. The fresh and natural ingredients finds its way with the pasta made on site. Choose which type of pasta and sauce combination you desire—from classical recipes to house specials —-and get it cooked in front of you. Pasta dishes from around will cost you Rs. 519.57 which comes as a surprise to you! Euro amicable to you on your budget set aside. You can enjoy your favorite dish in this modern and pleasant decor. You have an option to select from 2 Vapiano locations in Amsterdam  as per your choice—-the first on the ground floor at Amsterdam central library (OBA) at Oosterdokskade 145; the second at Amstelstraat 2-4 near Rembrandtplein. You may also find Vapoano restaurants in Den Haag, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Tilburg.

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3. Bagel : Wish to hang out with your favorite light and cheap meal? Head to Bagels & Beans Cafés in Amsterdam. Get your daily flavors of tasty bagels, juices and excellent fair trade coffee. Bagel meals won't prove hefty on your pockets as they are priced cheap ranging from Rs. 296.9 to Rs.519.57—you have a choice to pick from 7 different types of bagels, a selection of 4 cream cheeses, and different toppings (meat, fish and vegetarian). Choose your own bagel which offers fresh and quality ingredients. Bagels & Beans Cafés has many franchise outlets (21 at last count) all over Amsterdam, some with free WiFi.

4. Chickpea Falafel– Want to try deep-fried chickpea falafel in pita bread?  Step in Maoz Falel, a fast-food outlet selling vegetarian food, having an unlimited self-service salad bar where you can grab a fulfilling meal that costs you around Rs. 371.12. They have several branches internationally but the roots are from Amsterdam with 4 locations in the city —Muntplein 1, Leidsestraat 85, Albertcuypstraat 67 and Damrak 40.

5.  Haring  – Get your refreshing Dutch delicacy —–Haring(raw herring) which tastes unexpectedly good and must give-it a try by every visitor on its visit to Netherlands. Worried? Is it safe to eat? Relax. It is completely safe to eat having been preserved in salt and frozen to kill any bugs—-and is rich in strong Omega-3 fats. The serving is normally been done by covering it in chopped raw onions ——holding the tail of the fish and chomp away. You can also eat in a bread roll(minus tail) with onions and gherkins. The best fish is stamped  Hollandse Nieuwe haring (Dutch new herring) which is caught during late spring to early summer. You can rush to buy haring on the street at a number of stalls around the city—-which includes Albert Cuyp market in De Pijp, at Koningsplein and on the Singel canal at the start of Haarlemmerstraat. You may have amazing varieties of Haring to choose from within Amsterdam market.

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