Save More on These Five Cheap Eats & Eat Like a Prince in London

Save More on These Five Cheap Eats & Eat Like a Prince in London

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

While traveling to London may not be going to be cheap for you, its appetite for a great value food no longer should break your bank. With the cost of rent and travel eating up most of your salaries in the same row, knowing what kind of cheap foods help you save for using it to explore the major exotic destinations of London. Let's explore these tasty treats worth mere £5 i.e Rs. 443.55 to get yourself stuck in:

1. Lemongrass banh mi at City Caphe (£5)

Looking for a golden crust that is extremely crisp and crunchy, the Vietnamese banh mi is to your daily lunchtime sandwich packed with more colors gives you the best deal for your buck. City Caphe, the pleasing little Vietnamese Cafe offers you more alluring aromas gliding down the street. The Hoi An-style baguette, light freshly baked produce and fluffy with a crisp crust, is bountifully stuffed with thin slices of lemongrass-licked beef,permeated with coriander, carrot, shallots, daikon pickle, fresh chilli, Maggi sauce and chilli sauce is always on the rolls for getting it served on your platter just for £5 i.e Rs. 443.55. Ordering this banh mi fulfills your appetite and are worth more in fewer pounds.

2. Lamb Tagine at Le Rif(£5)

Now get a sigh of relief from standing up in long queues to get your sarnies i.e. sandwiches, instead head straight away to get your spag bol and baked spuds at this Finsbury Park Moroccan classic Caff. The claypot tagines are abundantly proportioned, bursting with fresh produce and exquisitely sweetened with cinnamon and prunes, but the friendly owner won't be displeased if you ask to accompany your Lamb Tagine with a hot pepper sauce. Bread comes as a traditional companion instead, go for a bowl of couscous or rice that give you a satiate feeling. It's difficult for you to find a tagine for under a tenner across the London. But at Le Rif, only one dish i.e. Lamb Tagine saves much of your penny costing you only £5 i.e Rs. 443.55 worth your pocket.

3. Regular Koshari at Koshari Street( £ 4.50)

No need to wander but head directly to Cairo Via Convent Garden where Koshari Street is ready to treat you with a nourishing, vegan antidote. Well, you are sure to find your Regular Koshari, Egypt's much-loved street food and national dish to London coming to delight you with layers lentils. It is accompanied by toasted vermicelli and rice with chickpeas, fresh tomato sauce, caramelized onions, garlics and doqqa spices. Your tastebuds must be craving to hit Koshari soon which is full of healthy, hearty and full of savor. Appease your demand to give-in to Regular Koshari just for £ 4.50 i.e. Rs. 399.2 which is infact cheap, easy and filing. Koshari Street welcomes you to swoon in for this simplest Middle Eastern Menu within your budget.

4. Margherita pizza at Pizza Union ( £ 3.95)

The moment you think that your heart falls for Naples and in march for the Romans, it's the time to hang out at the Pizza Union. The canteen-styled Pizza Union offers you a super-thin and super-crisp Romana pizzas at its super velocity, coming out from its super-sized pizza furnace within a three-minute spin. What a serving? Isn't it making you irresistible but to wait? At £ 3.95 i.e. Rs. 350.4 for a 12-inch Margherita, your pounds won't wait further to get it exchanged for this outstretched dough. This pizza's fire-baked cornicione (crust) keeps it away from its doughier, blistered Neapolitan cousin in price and in texture. This delicious fast food makes you crazy falling for this feisty Margherita Pizza under your bills. Check out at the Pizza Union, you may find it busiest during lunch hours occupied the City Workers and business students from the adjacent UEA London. What's more in addition? A flashing buzzer calls for its men on work at the counter to collect your orders in less than minutes.

5. Mysore Masala Dosa at Dosa n Chutny( £ 3.90)

Let your love for dosa shouldn't resist the temptation for getting it discovered on its own. Yes, at Tooting's Dnc, find this exemplary choice if you're a vegetarian bee. This South Asian mouthwatering pancake give you the best deals with its output. The exquisite, fragrant Mysore Masala dosa—rolled over scintillating spiced onion and potato accompanied by the richness of lentil sambar and fresh coconut chutneys —–makes a grand feast for your fiver. Sounds good! But don't wait until queues start crawling up the counter. Dosa n Chutny, the South Indian Cafe in Tooting is ready to serve you all the time in your budget range costing you just £ 3.90 i.e. Rs. 345.97.

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