Tips to Save on Honeymoon Packages to Maldives

Tips to Save on Honeymoon Packages to Maldives

Last Updated : Sept. 28, 2016, 5:46 a.m.

Are you planning to go to Maldives for your honeymoon? Well, you are going on the right track as Maldives is surely the favourite honeymoon destination on earth! The beautiful beaches, an archipelago of 1192 islands, dense forests, deep caves, breathtaking coral reefs and a rich culture, make Maldives the forever choice of  couples for their honeymoon.

Maldives is a perfect combination of beauty and pleasure for a lifetime experience. Couples must be filled with untiring zeal at this point and can't resist the excitement to spend some quality time with your spouse. But, smart budget planning of your honeymoon package can surely help you save your time and money.

There are over 30 pretty islands in Maldives and are mostly opted by romantic couples for their honeymoon. From the tiny specks in the ocean to larger all-inclusive resorts with multiple facilities, there is a wide range of options for honeymoons in the Maldives. Even though we prefer our own ways to have fun, here are some tips that can help you in planning a low-cost honeymoon vacation to Maldives.

Things to remember:

1. Pick the right time for your honeymoon to Maldives

It is obvious that being a popular place, Maldives will cost you more in peak time that is between December and March. But, the honeymoon packages during the off-season would cost you almost 50% cheaper. The ticket fares would cost you 30-40% lesser than the peak-time.

2. Stay for 5-6 days in Maldives is ideal

Maldives is all about beach resorts, underwater diving and bright shining day. You can do all this in Maldives in a short 5-6 days. So, why not have a short and unforgettable trip?

3. Local accommodation is reasonable

The honeymoon packages for 5 nights/6 days stay would cost Rs 50,000-70,000/- per person in the peak time that includes

  • Round trip in economy class
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers by sea speed boat
  • Breakfast & dinner
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis

On the other hand, choosing a hotel away from the beach resorts will have booking charges from Rs 2000/- (per day) onwards. These reasonable hotels are hygienic and have easy access to the resorts.

4. Try food outside the beach resorts

There are many local restaurants that serve seafood as well as vegetarian food  for reasonable prices. For both seafood and the vegetarian food starts from Rs 200/- per person.

5. Use public transport for travelling

Many people prefer travelling alone in Maldives as the place is quite safe and the ferry system makes the travelling very friendly. The ferry charges begin from Rs 30/- and change according to the distance.

By following these tips, you can surely enjoy your honeymoon in Maldives in Less!

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