Wanna Experience Singapore Outdoor Activities within Your Budget? Check Out these Sports!

Whether it's a sky-diving indoors or a roller coaster ride, there's no dearth of fun activities to experience in Singapore. Challenge yourself into trying out some extreme sports that will set-you off from your daily boring and mundane activities? Having a fun-time to explore in Singapore within your financial reach is what any traveler looks for while squeezing in a few more days to experience what the city has to offer. The second most densely populated country in the World has super exciting sports activities, which keeps you engaged for long that you may be awe-struck in seemingly getting your vacation days passed without breaking your piggy bank. Let's discover the enthralling Singapore outdoor activities having such endurance in making the most of your Singapore trip:

1. Paintball

Talking about Paintball game, no need to feel freightened. It's a daring game indeed, where ten players fight with each other using guns –firing small pellets of paints in an open environment with stumbling blocks and objects that can be used as a cover. Give your best shot by playing paintball and encounter your fears over the guns.

Location : Singapore Discovery Center

Duration : 1 to 2 hours

The price for each Crossfire Paintball game is:
Rs. 1310 per player for a 90-min session.
Rs. 2096 per player for a 120-min session. (Mandatory purchase of additional 250 paints.)

Additional paints are available at Rs. 367.29 for 100 paints.

Every player needs to be 18 years of age and above for playing this game. They will be having:

1 Paintball Marker

1 Paintball Mask

1 Protective Vest

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50 Paints

* Provision of Shower facilities are available at no extra cost.You won't be getting any toiletries.

2. Laser Clay Shooting

Wish to try something new and exciting? Laser Clay shooting is all your way. No clues. Let us know first what's new all about to Laser Clay Shooting? It's a Clay Pigeon Shooting or a trap shooting with your laser guns. An ecstatic sport played with authentic, but de-activated 12-bore shotguns, firing infrared beams at shining and reusable clays.The game is all about sound simulated—on fire, an authentic shotgun 'bang' is produced and hits goes by like that of a breaking clay. The scoreboards then show the points scored by each gun. Up to 5 players are allowed to play at one time. The prices exhibits in different categories for Laser Clay Shooting as :

For the Sessions at Combat Skirmish Live

30 minutes per session – Rs. 1714.01/pax

For System Rentals (with a minimum duration of 2 hours)

Hourly sessions: Rs. 39177.48/hr for the whole system in FORT SILOSO, SENTOSA
Transportation: Rs. 9794.37per rental for area outside FORT SILOSO.

3. Cable Ski

Cable Ski is Singapore's first ski park. Use the pull of a cable system that consistently goes around the lagoon. At any one time, eight riders are allowed on the water simultaneously. Come down and explore some of the air throwing down catch on sick tricks round the corners. You need to face a large variety of different obstacles such as kickers, tabletop, funbox and wallrides to hit upon. If you are new to this sport. Don't worry? You'll be set up with all the gear which you require to start riding on the water. All you need to carry with you is some sun block, boardshorts and a broad smile on your face! The experienced instructors will teach you some pointers so you can sail up and on the water in no time. Whether you're young or old, it doesn't matter. All it needs your passion reflecting in this sport.

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For the first timers, you need to clear the eye sight and swimming test before allowing to use this facility due to safety reason as per the rules of Singapore licensing authority. The prices depending upon hours and week for you to check out as under:




        1 Hour

               Rs. 1860.93

                Rs. 2448.59

        2 Hours

             Rs. 2350.65

               Rs. 3134.2

       4 Hours

             Rs. 3134.2

               Not Applicable

        8 Hours

             Rs.  4897.18

               Not Applicable

   1 Round/Tryout

              Rs. 489.72

               Rs. 587.66

  Extension Hour

              Rs. 783.55

               Rs. 1077.38




                            1 Week

                Rs. 14691.55

                            2 Weeks

                Rs. 22037.33

                           1 Month

                Rs. 36728.89



               Rental Per Hour

                    Wakeboard (Non Obstacle)

                Rs.  244.86

                    Wakeboard (Obstacle)

                Rs. 489.72

               Premium Wakeboard(Non Obstacle)

                 Rs. 734.58

4. Gogreen-Segway Eco adventure

Are you looking for an eco ride filled with fun and education? Reach directly at Segway Tours—Asia's thrilling Eco adventure ride which is an introductory course on the Segway in the fun and secured Gogreen Circuit by the trainers. If you're already familiar to Segway, then you may select to explore the beaches of Sentosa readily gliding on the Segway.

Location : Sentosa, Beach Station

Cost: Rs. 489.72 to Rs. 2448.59

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

5. Zorbing

Get yourself into a big clear air-cushioned ball and roll around or simply enjoy the force of you being thrown around within a sphere while you come rolling down a slope or over water. Such an activity describes Zorbing, one of the thrilling adventures in Singapore. Check out some more details about Zorbing before you take the sport into action.

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Location : Old Holland Road

Cost: Rs. 2448.59 for adults and Rs. 1714.01 for 16 year and below

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

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