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Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit

About Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is one of the most effective ways of gaining heavy returns on the investment. The amount deposited yields interest over the period of investment. That is, your hard earned money works for you. Once you have invested in the fixed deposit you need not worry as the returns are guaranteed by the banks. Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposits come with the same assurance. The maximum rate of interest provided by the bank is 7.00%. You can open the fixed deposit account with the minimum amount of ₹50. The several deposit schemes offered by the bank are

  • Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit
  • Vijaya Bank Tax Savings Scheme
  • Vijayashree Units
  • V Sowbhagya Term Deposit

Vijaya Bank FD Interest Rates December 2023

TenureFor amount less than 1 croreFor amount of ₹1 crore & above
7days - 29days4.00%p.a.4.00%p.a.
30days - 45days4.00%p.a.4.00%p.a.
46days - 60days4.50%p.a.4.25%p.a.
61days - 90days4.50%p.a.4.25%p.a.
91days - 180days5.25%p.a.5.00%p.a.
181days - less than 1year6.25%p.a.5.25%p.a.
More than 1year - 5 years6.50%p.a.5.50%p.a.
Above 5years6.25%p.a.5.00%p.a.

How to Apply

The candidates can invest the amount in any of the Vijaya Bank fixed deposit schemes by filling the KYC form and application form available at the branch office. The application forms are also available at the bank’s website.

Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit Schemes

Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit

The minimum amount required to start a fixed deposit in Vijaya Bank is just ₹50. You can receive interest at monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly intervals.

Minimum Investment Amount₹50

Minimum Tenure15 days
Maximum Tenure10 years
Interest Payout FrequencyMonthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly
Additional InterestExtra interest of 0.50% is paid to senior citizens

Vijaya Bank Tax Savings Scheme

Depositors can avail the tax benefits under Section 80C of Income Tax Act by depositing the minimum amount of ₹100 in this scheme. The FD interest will be paid at competitive rates and senior citizens are entitled to receive additional interest of 0.50% .

Investment Amount₹50-₹1,50,000

Tenure5 years
Premature WithdrawalNot permitted
Loan/Overdraft FacilityExtra interest of 0.50% is paid to senior citizens
Interest Payout OptionCumulative and non-cumulative

Vijayashree Units

Under this scheme, the minimum investment amount is ₹1,000. The investor can partially withdraw the funds in units of ₹1,000, without breaking the entire deposit. The interest is paid at the rates applicable on fixed deposits.

Minimum Investment Amount₹1,000

Maximum Investment AmountNo Limit
Interest Payout OptionQuarterly Compounded

Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator

To know the maturity value of your fixed deposit enter the amount of deposit, the tenure of the deposit and the rate of interest in the Fixed Deposit Calculator. The calculator will compute the amount of interest earned on the deposit. It will tell you the exact maturity amount you will receive at the end of the deposit period.

Vijaya Bank Fixed Deposit Application Form

An application form providing the following details is to be filled to avail the benefits of fixed deposits at Vijaya Bank.

  • Personal Details along with a recent photograph
  • Name of the scheme
  • Tenure of the scheme
  • Amount of investment
  • Nomination details

Eligibility & Documentation

The list of candidates eligible to invest in fixed deposit schemes is provided below along with the documents required

An Individual, Hindu Undivided Family, Sole Proprietorship ConcernID Proof
Address Proof
A photograph

TrustsCopy of the Trust Deed
Copy of the registration certificate
Copy of the Resolution of The Trustees
Authorising the members concerned to open and operate the account
Photographs of the members operating the account
Associations / ClubsBy-laws of the Association
Copy of the Resolution by the board authorising the members concerned to open and operate the account
Photographs of the members operating the account
Partnership FirmPartnership Deed
Letter from partners approving the persons concerned to open and operate the account
Photographs of the persons operating the account

Features/ Benefits

  • Open a fixed deposit with the minimum amount of ₹50
  • Additional interest of 0.50% is paid to senior citizens
  • Premature withdrawal allowed
  • Tax benefits under section 80C is given

Vijaya Bank Customer Care

For more details regarding fixed deposit schemes visit the nearest branch office. Also, you can clarify your doubts on the customer care helpline. The customer care executive will answer your problems regarding the schemes. Feel free to call on these toll-free numbers:

  • 18004255885
  • 18004259992

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