Aadhaar Card Mandatory

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Aadhaar Card is a legal document that you can use to prove your identity anywhere in the country. But many people have a question in their minds is Aadhaar Card Mandatory to Apply for? Well, if you are going for flight or hotel bookings then you will need identity proof because it will be verified when you travel on a flight or stay at hotels. It is mandatory for you to carry an identity document when you go to any hotel or book flights. On the other hand, every individual doesn’t have a passport or driving license to prove their identity and residential status.

Therefore, the only option left is to get an Aadhaar Card that proves both your identity and residential status. Aadhaar Card goes through a biometric and demographic verification so the possibility of fake ID proof is also low. Let’s see why Aahdaar Card is Mandatory to Apply.

Why it is Mandatory to Apply for Aadhaar Card?

The major document proofs that have both your address and identity are your Driving License, Passport, and Aadhaar Card. PAN card only has birth proof and identity proof and it doesn’t have an address. So, many individuals in India don’t know about driving and they don’t apply for a driving license. Similarly, everyone doesn’t travel abroad so they don’t even apply for Passport.

In the end, the only option left with you is the Aadhaar Card. You can apply for an Aadhaar Card free of cost and it is a universally accepted document. On the other hand, if you are applying for a driving license or Passport, you will have to pay a certain amount of fee.

Therefore, it becomes difficult for the Government to gather the demographic details of all the individuals living in India. Hence, it is mandatory to apply for an Aadhaar Card so that the government has all the details of the Indian Citizens.

UIDAI has issued 1.12 billion Aadhaar Cards until now and it is more than the Passports or Driving Licenses issued in the country. In a population of 135 Crores, 1.12 billion Aadhaar Cards have been issued.

Benefits of Aadhaar Card

  • An Aadhaar Card can be used as an Address Proof, Identity Proof, and Age Proof.
  • It is a universally accepted document across India by all institutions.
  • You will need an Aadhaar for LPG Subsidies and LPG Connections.
  • If you are appearing for government competitions, you will need an Aadhaar.
  • Aadhaar Card is Mandatory for Subsidies on Ration and Kerosene.
  • Pensioners also need an Aadhaar Card.
  • You will need an Aadhaar to open a Bank Account.
  • Aadhaar Card is needed for Death Certificates.
  • If you are applying for a Passport or renewing it, Aadhaar Card is Mandatory.
  • For registering your Marriage, you will need an Aadhaar.
  • Aadhaar details have to be mentioned during EPF withdrawals.

Where is Aadhaar Card Mandatory

The Aadhaar Card will be mandatory at the following places:-

  • Iron Ore or Limestone Workers
  • Supplementary Nutrition Program
  • Farmers Eligible for Subsidized Food Grains
  • In the Ministry of Women and Child Development
  • Grih Kalyan Kendra Scheme
  • National Mission for Empowerment of Women
  • E-Panchayay Training
  • Soil Health Card Scheme
  • Supplementary Meals at Creches
  • Maternity Benefit Program
  • Loan Schemes
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
  • Victim of Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  • Filing Income Tax Return
  • Applying for a Passport or a Fresh PAN Card


Now you have got the answer to your question is Aadhaar Card Mandatory? Yes, the government of India has made it mandatory to have an Aadhaar Card in some sectors. If you want to open a bank account or file income tax returns then Aadhaar Card will be a mandatory document. There are some other sectors as well where Aadhaar is Mandatory.