Aadhaar Services on SMS

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) introduced a new service named ‘Aadhaar Services on SMS’. This is for the residents who can't use the internet, resident portal, m-Aadhaar, and other services of UIDAI. With this SMS feature, you can do ID generation or retrieval, Aadhaar lock or unlock biometric lock or unlock and other services. Keep reading this page to know how to activate Aadhaar Services on SMS for a hassle-free service.

Check Out the Process to Activate Aadhaar Services on SMS

To start the Aadhaar Services on SMS, you need to send an SMS from your linked mobile number to 1947 in the following format:

Generating Virtual ID via SMS

If you have done with the E-Aadhaar Card Download and want to know your virtual, send an SMS to 1947 and this should be in the format as shown below -

GVID Last Four Digits of Your Aadhaar Number

For instance, if your Aadhaar Number is 9769-4432-1287, the SMS will be GVID 1987.

Retrieve Your Virtual ID

It is common for most of us to lose our virtual ID number, so to retrieve the same, send an SMS RVID last four digits of your Aadhaar Number to 1947.

How to Receive an OTP via SMS?

If you are using an Aadhaar Number, to get an OTP, SMS -

GET OTP last four Aadhaar Number

Whereas, users using Virtual ID should SMS GET OTP the last six digits of the Virtual-ID.

What are the Steps to Lock Aadhaar Through SMS?

To lock your Aadhaar you need to send two SMS. Check them out below -

First SMS -

You need a one time password to proceed with the Aadhaar Lock, so SMS -

ET OTP Last Four Aadhaar Number

Second SMS

The second message would be -

LOCK UID the last four digits of your Aadhaar number OTP.

You are not able to lock your Aadhaar Number if you don’t have the virtual ID, so generate the same using the Aadhaar Services on SMS as mentioned above. In case, you have more than one Aadhaar Number linked to your mobile, and the last four digits of the Aadhaar Number are the same, change your second SMS as:

LOCK UID the last 8 digits of the Aadhaar Number which you want to lock six-digit OTP.

Unlock Aadhaar in Just Two Steps

Using the Aadhaar Services on SMS, you can unlock the Aadhaar Number easily, check out the steps -

  • SMS 1: GET OTP last six numbers of your Virtual ID
  • SMS 2: UNLOCK UID Virtual-ID last six numbers six-digit OTP

These Aadhaar Services on SMS for unblocking can only be availed of by passing Virtual ID. If multiple Aadhaar Number is linked with your mobile number, and the last six numbers of the Virtual ID are the same, your second SMS should be sent as:

UNLOCK UID Virtual ID last 10-digits OTP 6-digits

Enable/Disable Biometric Lock with SMS

By sending two SMS you can avail of the biometric facility and by sending two SMS disable the service whenever you want -

Activate Biometric of Aadhaar

SMS GET OTP Aadhaar Number (last 4-digits). Again send an SMS ENABLE BIO LOCK Aadhaar Number (last-4-digits) OTP (6-digits you have received on your linked mobile. Biometric Locking allows you to lock the number temporarily and later unlock biometrics if you wish to. This facility strengthens privacy and confidentiality.

If your Aadhaar is locked, this facility won't be available to you. In case of multiple Aadhaar Numbers attached to the same mobile, the second SMS should be

ENABLE BIO LOCK Aadhaar Number (last 8-digits) OTP (6-digits).

To Disable Biometric Lock send the following SMS from your registered mobile -

  • GET OTP Aadhaar Number (last-4-digits)
  • DISABLE BIO LOCK Aadhaar Number (last 4-digits) OTP (6-digits)

To Temporarily Unlock Biometrics send the below SMS

  • GET OTP Aadhaar Number (last-4-digits)
  • UNBLOCK BIO Aadhaar Number (last 4-digits) OTP (6-digits)

So, Link Aadhaar Number with your Mobile Number if you haven’t done the same to avail of the Aadhaar Services on SMS.