BIN Views: Book Identification Numbers for Tax Deductions in India

Have you ever encountered a Book Identification Number or BIN view? It is a financial term that illustrates the importance of submitting tax after the relevant deductions. Submitting tax deducted at source is compulsory with the help of bank cheques without making payments for the deduction methodology linked with government payments. At this point, the Government of India makes the specified Book Identification Number or BIN compulsory. The Assessing Officer will give the exclusive validation code, which should be accurately entered with the TDS/TCS declaration with the data displayed with the NSDL BIN view. Let’s explore where and how to download BIN or the Book Identification Number.

Essential Pointers for the Book Identification Number or BIN

The Assessing Officer should register their Account Office Identification Number or AIN on the official NSDL/TIN portal to report tax deducted at source information details. Upon registering successfully, they can log into their account and access the BIN view numbers of the tax deducted at source accounts they have processed.

The NSDL BIN view page is self-explanatory for the Assessing Officers to download the Book Identification Number. The essential pointers for viewing BIN are as follows:-

  • Select the month or year for which Form 24G is to be filed. For the BIN view for a given TAN, input the DDO’s TAN and tenure, i.e., the month and year for which Form 24G will be filed.
  • Book Identification Number will be generated for DDO records with a valid TAN.
  • You can request an NSDL BIN view or download it or download it for a maximum of 12 months tenure.
  • Validating the paid tax to the government is optional. To authenticate the remitted tax amount, the Assessing Officer should tick mark the box and enter the tax amount. Suppose the data matches the amount in the TIN central system. In such circumstances, the ‘Amount Matched’ message will be displaced, or the ‘Mismatch in Amount’ message will be displaced.
  • The downloaded file can be a carat () separated text file.
  • Your downloaded file will be compressed and protected with a password
  • The password to extend the Book Identification Number’s contents will be a seven digits long Account Office Identification Number.
  • The file will comprise a Drawing and Disbursing Officer Record record with a valid Tax Collection Account Number associated with Book Identification Number.
  • If there are many records, the file will split into multiple files.
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When is a Book Identification Number Produced or Generated?

To understand how the BIN view number is generated or produced, follow the below points:-

  • Every DAO or Principal Accounts Officer will submit Form Number 24G depending on the Drawing and District Officer details (a monthly tax deducted at the source return).
  • After a suitable PAO submits reports monthly with Form Number 24G, you will see a distinct NSDL BIN view specified on NSDL upon successfully submitting Form Number 24G.
  • The quarterly returns should include Book Identification Number. You can contact the relevant Assessing Officer and collect the needed Book Identification Numbers.

Book Identification Number Validation  and Download Process

You should complete the process specifically below for BIN view verification. If you still need to verify your Book Identification Number, you might encounter serious consequences related to tax submissions. You can follow the below steps for Book Identification Number authentication:-

  • Visit the official TIN portal for NSDL BIN view and download.
  • You will be taken to the subsequent pages, where the Book Identification Number will be confirmed after tapping the validation link on the portal.
  • To complete the BIN validation procedure, enter the following details:-
    • The payment nature
    • TAN number
    • AIN or Treasury Number
    • The NSDL BIN view time frame
    • Picture with a captcha in text form.
  • In the payment nature option, there are multiple possibilities. Select a form from the drop-down menu to verify your BIN details.
  • You can utilise the All Forms Kinds from the drop-down menu if the user needs to view the BIN validation details for every type of form.
  • Select the View BIN details option.
  • You will be transferred to the Book Identification Number authentication screen, where you can enter the following details:
    • Book Identification Number
    • Validate the boxes
  • You can check the screen to view the Book Identification Number status and download it.
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What are the Consequences if the BIN is not Quoted?

Information related to Book Identification Number and the tax deducted at the source amount reported in the DDO periodic statement will be double-checked with the information entered in PAOs form number 24G for validation purposes. In case of incorrect details in the TDS statement, the attempted authentication can lead to a mismatch, and the associated deductee will not get the credit in Form 26AS. Hence, the distribution of the Book Identification Number by the relevant Principal Accounts Officer shall be correctly specified in the TDS statement that a Drawing and Disbursing Officer provides.


The Book Identification Number procedure and NSDL BIN view have to be rigorously completed based on the rules and regulations that the Government of India has laid. Note that a password protects the downloaded file and is zipped to secure the data. With the help of WinZip version 9.0 or more, WinRaR version 3.90 or more, and 7-Zip version 4,65 or higher, you can extract the Zip file containing information related to Book Identification Number in text format. Here is hoping that the article helps you understand the BIN view. 


1. What is the Book Identification Number in TDS?

BIN is an exclusive validation key that the Assessing Officer or AO disseminates to the corresponding DDO and must be accurately filled in the TCS/ TDS statement following the details available on the BIN view.

2. How to find your ten-digit Book Identification Number?

3. Is the Book Identification Number compulsory for government deductors?

The BIN quoting is mandatory for the government deductors, who are reporting tax deducted at the source without payment with the help of bank challans.

4. What happens in case of a mismatch in the reported tax deducted at the source amount?

Suppose DDOs submit inaccurate details in the tax deducted at the source statement. In that circumstance, the attempted validation can lead to a mismatch, and the credit won’t be issued to a deductee in the form 26AS linked to the deductee.

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