Last Updated : Oct. 16, 2021, 3:56 p.m.

On 26th August 2021 Ministry of Labour and Employment of India has launched a new portal named e-SHRAM, and this portal is dedicated to the welfare of unorganized workers. Unorganized workers include Construction workers, Migrant workers, Gig and platform workers, Street vendors, Domestic workers, Agriculture workers, etc.

Registration to e-SHRAM portal is free of cost and The Ministry of Labour, trade unions, state government and common service centres have been given the responsibility to look after the registration of the workers on the new official portal.

Objective of e-Shram Portal

  • Creating a centralized database of individuals falls in the category of unorganized workers
  • Sharing of information in respect of registered unorganized workers with various stakeholders such as Ministries/Departments/Boards/Agencies/Organisations of the Central and State Governments through API for delivery of various social security and welfare schemes being administered by them.
  • Providing Social security and welfare benefits to the migrant and construction workers.
  • Providing a broad database to the government for tackling any National Crises (like Covid-19) in the future.
  • Helping workers to develop their skills and find employment opportunities in the future.

Benefits of Registering in e-Shram Portal

  • When an individual will register in the e-SHRAM portal then they will get their e-SHRAM card with a 12 digit unique identification number, which is accepted across the country.
  • An unorganized worker will get social security scheme benefits.
  • Registration is free of cost and the beneficiary will get one-year accidental insurance coverage through Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana.
  • The unorganized workers will be paid Rs 2 Lakh for accidental death or permanent disability and Rs 1 Lakh for partial disability.
  • It will help to keep track of the migrant labour workforce as well and provide the path for more job opportunities in the future.
  • It will assist the government to help all the unorganized workers and transfer assistance amounts directly in the bank accounts of the workers through DBT if required, in the case of pandemics and calamities.

Points to be Noted

  • Only those Unorganized workers whose age falls between 16 yrs-59 yrs will be able to register in the e-SHRAM portal.
  • If the worker is a member of EPFO/ESIC or NPS, then they will not be able to register in the e-SHRAM portal.
  • For registering oneself in the e-SHRAM portal, an individual should not be a taxpayer.
  • Documents mandate for online registration in e-SHRAM portal-
    • Aadhaar Number
    • Bank details
    • The mobile number linked with Aadhaar
  • If an individual mobile number is not linked with Aadhar then they will not be able to register in the e-SHRAM portal online. In that case, they can register themselves in the e-SHRAM portal through CSC (Common Service center)

The Process to Register on e-Shram

  • Visit and you will directly reach to Ministry of Labour and Employment official site.
  • Click on Register on e-SHRAM section, which is reflecting on the right-hand side.
  • Now a new page will get open, fill the self-registration form, which includes your details like your Mobile number (Aadhar linked mobile number is preferred), enter the given captcha, select Yes/No whether you are a member of EPFO and ESIC?
  • Now you will receive OTP in the given mobile number, enter the same and click on Submit.
  • After this, you need to enter your 12 digit Aadhar number, read the Consent given in the checkbox and check the same, now click on submit.
  • Again you will receive OTP in your Aadhar linked mobile number, enter the same and click on validate.
  • Now in your screen, your registration form will get open, in which based on your Aadhaar your personal details are mentioned, crosscheck the same and mark tick in the below-given checkbox, and click on continue to enter other details.
  • Now beneficiary needs to fill in some of their personal details, such as emergency mobile number, Email, Marital status, Fathers name, Social category, Blood Group, you are differently-abled (Yes/No)
  • If anyone wants to add their nominee as well then they can do the same by filling in details of their nominee, such as Nominee’s Name, DOB, Gender, and relationship with the beneficiary.
  • Then click on save and continue.
  • Now the beneficiary needs to fill in their residential details such as-Home State, their current address, and from how many years they are staying in their current address.
  • If you are a migrant worker then select Yes, otherwise select No.
  • Now mark tick, If your current and permanent address are the same and if they are not the same then remove the tick and fill in your permanent address details.
  • And then select Save and continue.
  • Now fill in your education qualification details such as your education qualification, education certificate(not mandate), your income slab, and income certificate(not mandate)
  • After this, you need to fill in your occupation and skills details, such as your primary occupation(click on i reflecting below primary occupation, NCO code list will get open check the code of your occupation and mention the same), working experience in a primary occupation, secondary occupation(if any), occupation certificate, how did you acquire skills? (select from the drop-down),skills to be upgraded (select from the dropdown)
  • Enter save and continue to proceed.
  • Now next step is to fill in beneficiary bank details, such as Bank account number, account holder name, IFSC code(click on the search option, then automatically bank name and branch name will be captured).
  • Now click on save and continue.
  • On your screen now your full form will appear with all your details, cross-check all the details and read the declaration given below.
  • Give your consent by marking tick on the checkbox, and click on submit.
  • Finally, now your e-SHRAM card has been generated and you will be able to see your details and 12 digit UAN number on your e-SHRAM card.
  • You can also download your e-SHRAM card.

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