Understanding Haryana Road Tax: Calculation, Charges, and Payment Options for Vehicle Owners

The Haryana road tax applies to private and commercial vehicles. The revenue generated through the road tax is primarily utilised for roads and national highways construction by the government at the state level, for which they impose the road tax on the residents who wish to ply their respective vehicles on the roads. The road tax in Haryana is imposed on every vehicle registered under the state’s Regional Transport Office. Several factors, such as the vehicle type, size, capacity, etc., determine the road tax calculation in Haryana. You can pay the Haryana road tax online or offline yearly or when buying the vehicle. The article covers Haryana’s calculation procedure, charges, and online road tax payments. Keep reading to know more!

How to Calculate the Road Tax in Haryana?

The Government of Haryana imposes road tax on all private, commercial, transport, non-transport, new or old vehicles. Road tax calculation includes factors like a vehicle’s original place, size, weight, types, seating capacity, chassis and engine type, intended use, etc., The tax amount is computed as a percentage of the vehicle price. The Haryana road tax calculation is also based on the road tax slab the vehicle comes under. The tax levied on the vehicle is valid for 15 to 20 years from the vehicle’s registration date. No interim road tax is necessary to pay until the expiry date of the road tax payment.

Road Tax for Two-Wheelers

For vehicles with two wheels, the Haryana road tax is computed based on multiple factors, whether the vehicle is old or new or if you transferred your vehicle from another state to Haryana.

Haryana Road Tax for Vehicles with Four Wheels

Like vehicles with two wheels, four-wheelers in Haryana are taxed depending on price. The price range and the Haryana road tax amount on the price are in the table below:

Vehicle Price RangeRate on the Road Tax Amount
Up to six lakhs INR5%
More than six lakhs up to Rs.20 lakhs8%
More than Rs.20 lakhs10%

Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Haryana

The seating capacity of commercial vehicles determines their tax rates. The Haryana road tax online or offline, is computed at 2% of the vehicle price. The tax slabs are in the table below:

Seating Capacity(excluding driver)Tax Rate Per Seat Yearly
Approximately 4 seatsRs.600 quarterly
Between 4 to 6 seatsRs.625 quarterly
Between 7 to 12 seatsRs.1450 quarterly

Road Tax for Other Vehicles Entering Haryana

The Haryana road tax online or offline for vehicles entering Hayans from other states is in the table below based on the seating capacity:

Seating Capacity(excluding driver)Tax Rate Per Seat Yearly
Approximately 3 seatsRs 25 daily
Between 4 to 6 seatsRs. 100 daily
Between 7 to 12 seatsRs.500 daily

Steps to Pay the Road Tax in Haryana

You can pay the Haryana road tax offline and online. The online and offline ways are specified below:-

Online Payment Via Haryana Transport Department Website

The steps to pay the Haryana road tax online through Haryana Transport Department are as follows:

  • Visit the official Haryana Transport Department portal.
  • Select Online Services for Citizens.
  • Click the Motor Vehicle Tax Related Online Services option.
  • If your vehicle has a registration from a different state, click the option to pay Haryana road tax online for other states.
  • Suppose your vehicle is registered in Haryana. In that case, select the option to pay the road tax for the state.
  • You will be taken to the Vahan Citizens Services Website.
  • Enter information related to your vehicle, like the registration number, RTO, etc.
  • Select the ‘I Accept’ option and click Proceed.
  • Select the Pay Your Tax option.
  • Input your registration number.
  • Pay the tax amount via the payment getaway appearing on the screen.
  • After paying the tax amount, you can download and print the receipt.
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Online Payment Via Parivahan Sewa Portal

The steps to pay the Haryana road tax online through the Parivahan portal are as follows:

  • Visit the Parivahan official portal.
  • Select your state and Regional Transport Office.
  • Select the Login option and click Pay Your Tax.
  • Input the registration number of your vehicle and fill in the other information.
  • You’ll be taken to a payment gateway, where you can pay the tax amount and collect the receipt.

Offline Payment

You can visit the RTO or the Regional Transport Office in Haryana to pay the Haryana road tax offline. Fill up the relevant form and provide supporting paperwork when paying. You can collect the receipt payment after paying the tax. Keep the payment receipt for future reference.


Every vehicle owner in Haryana must pay the road tax to avoid paying huge penalties. You can pay the Haryana road tax online with the help of the official transportation department in the state or offline by going to the Regional Transport Office. After reading the guide, you’re certainly equipped with some essential details about the Haryana road tax. If you still need clarification or are perplexed about the road tax in Haryana, you can freely come back to the article and go through the key details. Now that you know how to pay the Haryana road tax, you can clear your dues quickly. Enjoy driving across the state freely without worrying about the road tax after completing the payment procedure. Enjoy driving in Haryana!


1. Where should you pay your tax if you relocate to a different state from Haryana?

2. What are the aftereffects of not paying the road tax in Haryana?

If you fail to pay the road tax in Haryana, a 0.5% penalty of the lump sum one-time tax payable is charged daily. It is based according to the World Economic Forum 31st day from the vehicle’s purchase date.

3. How frequently do you have to pay the road tax in Haryana?

You should pay the road tax once when purchasing a Haryana vehicle. If you pay after the specified, penalties will be charged. If you transfer the vehicle from one state to another, you should re-register your vehicle and pay the road tax in the new state.

4. Which vehicles are exempted from paying the Haryana road tax?

Vehicles used for agriculture, such as tractors, tillers, trailers, harvesters, and other agricultural machinery, are exempted from paying the road tax in Haryana. It is a way to back and help farmers and decrease their tax burden.

5. Within how many days should you pay the Haryana road tax?

You must pay the Haryans road tax within thirty days. It means you must register the vehicle in Haryana within thirty days of buying the new vehicle. Failing to pay the road within thirty days will result in penalties.

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