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Mobile Banking Apps of Top Banks

Mobile Banking Apps of Top Banks

Last Updated : May 19, 2020, 3:48 p.m.

To make your banking experience smooth and convenient, banks provide you mobile banking services for undertaking various transactions such as bill payments, fund transfers, investments, etc. When banking comes at your fingertips then there is no need to go to the bank. Make all your banking decisions from home or office using the mobile banking app. You can download the app on your smartphone and let your bank enable all your wishes. Read on to know some of the popular mobile banking apps which make banking easier for customers.

ICICI Bank iMobile App


  • Accessibility of Accounts in Mobile: You can now manage your deposits and transactions with iMobile app. Whether you have a Savings accounts, deposits, iWish Accounts, Loans, Credit Cards and PPF Accounts in ICICI Bank. You can view them instantly within a few clicks.
  • Transfer Funds: You need not go anywhere when you have the iMobile app. Using the app can help you pay the bills and transfer funds to family members via IMPS, NEFT, RTGS and UPI methods.
  • Cheque Payments: The user can order a cheque book by sitting at his home or office via this mobile banking app. He/she can also do the cheque payments easily. With the help of positive pay service of iMobile, you can safeguard your cheques. You need details like Cheque Number, Cheque date, Payee name, Account number, Amount, etc. along with an image of the front and reverse side of the cheque.
  • Account Transfer: Now it is easy to change the bank branch or transfer bank accounts with the iMobile app.
  • Bill payments & recharge: Pay your DTH, mobile bills, etc, easily with the iMobile app. Also, you can shop for your products cashless using the mobile app.
  • Credit cards & Loans: To apply for a credit card, home loan, personal loan or a car loan, you can use the app. Just fill up your details online and get your loan or credit card approved. Submit the documents online by uploading the same via the mobile app or net banking service.
  • Forex Benefits: You can get a forex travel card or currency at your doorsteps with online application service available to your iMobile app. With the app, you can also reload the card with the desired currency anytime anywhere. And the unspent amount is refunded online when you use the ICICI mobile banking services.
  • Investments or Insurance: For a headstart in investments or to secure a future with health and life insurance, you can use iMobile. The app enables us to shorten the lengthy procedures with online services. You can read about the insurance or investment and make your decision easily.
  • Ticket Booking: With this brand new feature of the iMobile app, customers can book rail tickets, flight tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets and do hotel bookings. All the services combined in just one app for ICICI customers.

How to Download an iMobile App?

Go to the Play Store or Apple app store to download the app. You can also SMS to 5676766 and get the download link on your phone. And to use its features you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the iMobile App and login

Step 2: You can login with your registered mobile number or set a 4 digit PIN, otherwise you can login with your net banking user ID or password

Step 3: Once you have logged in to your account you need to complete the grid card authentication.


HDFC Bank Mobilebanking App

  • Secure App: For the management of your accounts from home or office without going to the bank branch, you can use the HDFC Bank Mobilebanking App. You can open the app as you open your smartphone with a face lock.
  • Payment gateway: To make electricity bill payments, DTH and mobile recharges, you can use the app. Along with your savings account, current account and fixed deposit, it manages your bill payments and recharges too. You will also receive notification on your mobile number when the due date of the payment comes near.
  • Open a Fixed Deposit: Customers can easily book an FD with the HDFC mobile app. It is as simple as creating a social media account. Just provide all the information and your FD is booked once the details are verified.
  • Forex Travel Card: Load your travel cards with the HDFC Mobilebanking app from anywhere across the world.
  • Block cards: Immediately take actions once the credit cards are lost or stolen. Use the mobile app and report about it.

How to Download?

Visit the play store or Apple App Store to download the app. And login with your customer ID and netbanking password.

HDFC Loan Assist

  • 24X7 Assistance: You can manage your loan accounts with HDFC Loan Assist app and raise your queries even after the banking hours.
  • Check information: Know the EMI status, last nine transactions, due date, repayment schedule, tenure, overdue charges, principal remaining, interest rate changes, using this app.
  • Easy Access No Charge: The customer can use these services for free and manage their loan accounts from office or home.

How To Download?

To download the app, go to the Play store or Apple App store. After that, you need to login and follow the steps shown below.

HDFC Customers:

Step 1: Login to Netbanking

Step 2: Choose the ‘Loan Tab’ and Click on ‘New Loan’

Step 3: Enter Loan details and submit

Step 4: An OTP is sent to your registered number, enter the OTP and complete the registration process

Non-HDFC Customers

Step 1: Visit the online loan account registration page

Step 2: Enter the details and submit

Step 3: Receive an OTP and enter it to complete the registration


It is an HDFC Bank mobile payment app that offers assured 5% cashback on bill payments, recharge, grocery and movies.

  • Recharge & utility payments: No longer need to stand in ques for paying electric or water bills, use the Payzapp App and do all your payments in one go.
  • Travel Bookings: You can book flights, bus tickets, hotel accommodation, etc, with a one single app.
  • Shopping & Groceries: Now stores will come to your mobile and Payzapp provides you exciting discounts on them. Purchase daily groceries or do shopping online.
  • Movie, Dining or Home services: All your payments are being managed with Payzapp, which offers special discounts on movie tickets or dining at selected restaurants.

How to Download?

You can get Payzapp from your Play store or Apple App store. Alternatively, give a missed call to 1800 833 4141 or SMS ‘PAYZAPP’ to 5676712.

After that, follow the steps shown below.

  • Register with your mobile number which is registered at HDFC Bank and enter your details
  • Enter the OTP and set a password of 4 to 12 digits
  • Link your debit or credit card by mentioning the card number and other details

State Bank of India: YONO

  • Open Digital Account: With YONO customers can open a savings bank account by giving their Aadhar and PAN details. Once the details are verified, your account will be opened in a few minutes. And to complete the KYC, you can go to your nearest SBI branch.
  • Cash Withdrawals: You can make withdrawals using YONO. Just login to your account and use YONO cash feature. It will generate a reference number and a dynamic PIN for cash withdrawals from ATM, POS terminal or CSP.
  • Manage Credit card transactions: To see your credit card statement or to do monthly payments, you can use the YONO app. Just enter the credit card number to pay your credit card monthly dues or bill.
  • Apply for Loans: Customers can apply for a home loan, personal loan or a car loan using YONO. The loan process would be online and the documents or other process is managed with the app only.
  • Check Pre-approved Offers: Using the app, you can find the pre-approved loan offers SBI is providing you based on your relationship with the bank.
  • Shopping & Booking: Customers can also use YONO for online shopping or IRCTC train bookings.
  • Tax Payment: You can pay your taxes with the YONO app efficiently

How to Download?

You can download the app from Playstore or Apple app store. To log in your account, you can use your netbanking credentials and password.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Bank Mobile App

  • Open 811 Account: Enter your PAN or Aadhar Card details to open a 811 account easily
  • Manage Accounts: You can do payments and fund transfer via the Kota Mobile App from your savings account.
  • Credit Cards: The customer can apply for a debit or credit card using the app and track its status. Payment of the credit card is managed by the app only. Enter your credit card number or debit card from which you want to do payment.
  • Online Shopping: Shop from the best e-commerce sites and get discount offers on them.
  • Open Fixed Deposit: You can open an FD by mentioning a few details and filling the application form for it.

BHIM Kotakpay

  • To make payments or send money to your contacts, you can use the app
  • The app enables you to send and receive money using the UPI payment service.

Kotak AIA

  • Your Life insurance app to manage payouts and paid premiums
  • An app for the management of Kotak life insurance
  • Know the maturity of the scheme and other features

Kotak Mutual Fund

  • A quick access to your mutual fund account
  • Check the portfolio and fund performance
  • Know about the current NAV of the scheme
  • And do transactions from your mutual fund account using the app.

Kotak My Tax Calculator

  • A mobile friendly app which computes your tax liability over the financial year
  • Enter your details and know what is the tax you are liable to pay

Kotak Stock Trader

  • Manage your demat account and empower your funds
  • Make investment as per the market risks

How to download?

Go to the Play store or Apple App store to get the app. And login with your customer ID and net banking password or CRN number.

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