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6 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Using a Smartphone

6 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Using a Smartphone

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

Owning a smart phone is not the big deal as this is one time investment, but maintaining a smart phone is big thing if you are using an Apple iPhone or some other good smart phone. You buy any of the smart phone with the idea to stay update with the latest technology and use it to get the maximum benefits. But, in this rat race of owning the latest gizmo with high end technology at times you end up buying a costly phone and even using that phone costs you more on monthly basis. Generally, people overspend on different apps and other stuff on a smartphone, which increases the overall cost of owning a smart phone. It is something like you have bought a home, but still paying hefty amount on monthly basis for its maintenance. Let’s discuss some useful ways of using a smartphone without putting extra burden on your pocket.

  1. Don’t buy apps impulsively: Generally, people love to play games and listen to music on their phone. It is a kind of mini-entertainer for them. It gives you freedom to use it anywhere and everywhere. Almost all of us at times buy some or other apps for our smartphone. At times we end up paying good amount to have some specific app. Don’t make impulsive buy, this way you end up shedding good amount on even buying unnecessary apps.
  1. Don’t link your credit card/debit card with app store purchase: This is one of the most common practice which almost all of us do. You link your credit or debit card with your phone to purchase different applications, games and music and much more. Don’t link your card or if you have already linked remove your credit card details from app store. Just make payments for only those apps, which you don’t find in free app store list. At times, if your kids use your phone to play games and listen to music, it might be they make a purchase without notifying you for the same. So to avoid such scenario don’t use your card details with app store.
  1. Change your internet plan: This is another good option to save some more money. If you are using a higher internet plan, just switch to a low value plan for your usage. If you are not an internet junkie and you just surf more on the internet than downloading the information, you should change your monthly internet plan. There are cellular service providers, which offer weekly or fortnightly plan. You can also switch to those plans to reduce your cost. Only recharge your data when you really want to use it.
  1. Switch off your internet data: If you are not using internet ensure to switch off your internet data. If you are not using the net, still the phone itself download the files and at times net companies charge money for inactive mode too. Therefore, switch off your internet data if you are not using your phone during the day or night.
  1. Download free apps: In every app store there are many free apps, games and music. You need not to pay anything to download those apps. So always ensure that you are downloading free apps, games and music to avoid unnecessary spending. Always make a purchase with conscious to avoid extra spending.
  1. Use Wi-Fi instead of phone data: To reduce the cost of your phone billing and internet data the best way is to connect your phone with Wi-Fi. Most of us have Wi-Fi connection at home and at offices too. It is always recommended to connect your phone with Wi-Fi to reduce the cost of your phone bill. Always ensure to connect to public Wi-Fi if it is free. A Wi-Fi ensures a higher speed, better connectivity and faster download and surfing.

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