Is Your Washing Machine Worth Buying? Take a Quality Check

Is your washing machine worth buying

While buying a new washing machine most of the time we get influenced either by the advertisements or we go by the advice of our family and friends. But, this is a long-term decision and a costly investment, you should take a learned decision while buying a new washing machine. As every manufacturer is offering you some special features and advantages, therefore, you should not get influenced with advantages and features only. Rather, you should also consider the cost, capacity, time consumed in washing, detergent and water consumption, energy consumption and treatment with clothes.

When we decided over a particular product, we just focus mainly on the price tag and at times on capacity, but we hardly bother about the above mentioned points. The most important factor that we should consider is quality of washing and water and electricity consumption. If the machine is low cost, but you are spending more money on detergent, so the running cost of washing machine will be higher in long-term. Therefore, you should always keep running cost in mind. Before buying a machine, always read the reviews about the performance of the washing machine, about the features and life cycle. Always remember, it is you who is going to use the machine and who is going to bear the extended cost such as:

  • Electricity bills,
  • Water consumption
  • Detergent power
  • Other washing supplements
  • Life of clothes after washing

These are few points you should also consider while testing the efficiency of a washing machine. Here are a few points, which you should consider before making a final decision.

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Design and functionality: This is one thing which catches the eyeballs of all people. If you find a machine with good design, the first thing added plus points in your buying decision. If your washing machine is sleek enough to fit-in a very small available space, then it has the best look. Another factor is simple in use. If the functionality is simple and even anybody at home can operate the machine easily, it is the best option to buy. The system should be simple and easy to use .

Washing performance and quality: Most of the washing machines claim to have the best washing results. Try to test the washing machine on stains such as coffee, tea, cold drink, spices, vegetable gravy, engine oil and other stains which are rigid and hard to go. Always use the same washing powder in all available variants to check the efficiency.

Spin performance: If your clothes are having higher ratio of water after washing and drying too, it shows that it will a take longer time in dryer to dry well your clothes. It will increase your total time consumed in washing and drying of clothes. Therefore, try to check the spin efficiency.

Running Cost & Price: If your washing machine is cheaper, but the overall running cost of your machine such as water, electricity and detergent consumption is higher, then don’t go for that machine. It will increase your overall spending on a washing machine. Always keep machine running cost in mind while making a buying decision. If machine is giving good washing results with expensive detergents only, then your overall monthly running cost of machine will be higher. So always think about all other aspects as well.

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Treatment with clothes: Are you going to wash your cotton kurta and saree in washing machine? Will you take a chance of washing your costly silk salwar-kameez in your new machine? If your machine is gentle with clothes, then it will not harm your clothes much and you can wash your costly and delicate clothes in machine. But if your machine gives you rough washing results and it is not good with soft and delicate clothes, in such case either you end up losing your delicate clothes soon, or you still need to wash them by hands only.

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