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Top 5 Air Conditioners to Fit into Your Budget

Top 5 Air Conditioners to Fit into Your Budget

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

Air conditioner has become an important part of our life. In a country like India, where you have a hot and humid weather for almost 8-9 months in a year, air conditioners have become a basic necessity to avoid the heat. Air conditioners are available in different price segments and with different capacity. There are two major variants one is window AC and another is split AC. Split AC is gaining more popularity among the people as it looks nice and at the same time it consumes less space as compared to window AC. Nowadays, people are preferring split AC more compared to window AC because of its features, noiseless performance and looks. There are various design and features available in split AC in the market which will fit into your budget. However, split ACs are more costly compared to window ACs, but still split AC is first choice of those who want to buy an AC. Before finalising the model and brand, always consider your budget and compare the price of various products available in the same segment.

Some important features to consider before buying AC

AC in your home or in office is very common thing nowadays. Even you can't imagine a room without AC in your home. It might be you have decided to buy a new AC of a specific brand, but you should always keep few things in mind before taking that big buy decision. You are going to shed at least Rs. 25000 to Rs. 30,000 or above to buy split AC of a good brand. However, the price vary according to capacity, features and brand. Therefore, before taking the decision you should consider some important things in mind such as power consumption, financial aspect, price, cooling and most important your needs.

Here are some important point which you should consider before taking your final decision.

  • The most important factor which you should consider is “ton”. Before making that decision, always consider how much ton AC you want for your room.
  • Always consider the length, breadth and height of your room while taking the decision. Don't just go by the words of salesman, there are many tools available online to know the best suitable AC ton capacity according to the length, breadth and height of your room.
  • While considering the capacity of AC also take a note of number of doors and windows in your room, any leakage of air in the room.
  • How far your room is from kitchen and heat generating equipments?
  • Total number of windows and exposure to sunlight, the particular area need to be cooled
  • Also calculate how many hours on an average you will keep your AC on in a day.
  • Consider the number of BEE stars on AC.

Some important features to consider before buying AC

It is really difficult to stay indoor without any good cooling system in summer. The best thing to get relief from that burning heat is stay inside with a good AC. But it is always good if you know about some special features and technical specifications in advance, which is the key specifications of each and every model. Some special feature to keep in mind while buying AC.

  • What is the power consumption of that AC in Watt? The total consumption of power various from model-to-model. There are many external factors as well which might effect the consumption of electricity. The measurement of room, the number of doors and air leakage possibility, frequency of maintenance and cooling output will alter the total power consumption in watt.
  • Cooling Wattage of an AC is mainly based upon the cooling capacity. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is the total amount of cooling produced by the AC. You should always buy a high capacity cooling AC to get the best cooling if you are staying in a hot and humid location.
  • BEE star rating is used in India to for electronic appliances. This rating is based upon the energy efficiency of each air conditioner. The appliance is rated between the scale of 1 to 5 stars based on specific calculations. For a higher number of star product you need to pay more money as compared to buying a product with 1 star or 2 star rating. Although the price of higher star product is more still you should go with higher start as it will save money on your electricity bill and helps you to save money in long run. Try to get a 4 star or 5 star rated AC as these are more enegy efficient and will consume less enegy on total output.

The main differences between the inverter AC and normal split AC

Inverter Split AC

  • Equipped with advance technology
  • More economical and money saving
  • Offers good output
  • Works well in extreme temperature as well
  • Smooth and stable operational facility
  • Faster and better cooling
  • No temperature fluctuations
  • No voltage peaks
  • Creates less noise

Normal Split AC

  • Cheaper compared to inverter Split AC
  • High consumption of electricity
  • If used for more hours running cost will be higher
  • Less cooling compared to inverter split AC
  • More start up time
  • Creates more noise
  • Frequent temperature fluctuations

Top 5 AC Brands in India Features and Price

Brand Name Capacity Star Rating Features Price
Hitachi 1 ton 3 Star Wireless LED remote, power outage to increase power consumption efficiency, silent mode for comfortable sleep, dry mode, etc. Rs. 29,000
Voltas 1.2 ton 5 Star Dry mode, anti-bacteria filter, power saving modes, timer, dust filter, LCD back lit remote Rs. 26,500
LG 1.5 ton 3 Star Effective cooling, sleep mode, sweet dreams mode, timer Rs. 28, 200
Blue Start 1 ton 3 Star Activated carbon filter, self diagnosis function, auto re-start function, sleep mode, LCD remote Rs. 28,500
Carrier 1 ton 3 Star Effective cooling, sleep mode, carbon filter, self diagnosis function, LED remote, times, auto off Rs. 28,449
(Updated on:20 November,2016)

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