Top 6 Tips to Save Money When Buying a New Laptop

Top 6 tips to save money when buying a new laptop

Imagining a day without your laptop is a killing thought and the situation gets worse when you know that you are going to miss your old laptop because it is dieing. This thought is more terrifying because you need to replace your old laptop with a brand new laptop. Buying a new laptop could be a costly affair as you are supposed to invest money between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 depending upon the model and features you want to opt. But you need not to worry a lot if you will use these important tips while choosing a laptop. You will be able to save good money on your smart purchase. You don’t need to go into the debt or take a loan to buy the latest version of your desired laptop. Keep these five important things in mind while you are planning to buy your latest laptop.

Only go for the feature you will use: Almost all the laptops come with numerous of feature and applications. These laptops are loaded with features like backlit keyboard, extra SD card slots, high-end graphic card and tons of solid-state storage space are some desired features to have in latest smart laptops. But before going with some special features think for a while and decide are these features really worth paying that huge amount? Do you really want to shed a huge money on buying a laptop, which is pre-loaded with features and out of maximum you are not going to use. Therefore, make a smart move to go with only those feature you are going to use on the regular basis.

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First know your usage: This is really important to know or decide about your usage of the laptop. How are you going to use it? Are you going to use it for official purpose or personal? If you are a frequent travel are you going to take your laptop along with you? Are you a game lover and play more games on your high-end laptop? Are you going to use is for programming and download heavy files? It is really important to understand the usage. Once you know your requirements, it will be easier to decide what kind of software and features you want in your laptop. Therefore, paying money for unnecessary features and software is not a smart decision.

Refurbished laptop is good option: Going for a refurbished laptop often cost you much less as compared to buying a fresh laptop. If you buy any certified refurnished laptop from an authentic dealer you will be able to grab a great deal. A certified refurbished laptop is as good as new laptop. Manufacturers will ensure that each laptop will give the best performance. You will also enjoy the security by getting the warranty and even extended warranty of your purchase from an authentic dealer. Many people prefer to buy a refurbished laptop compared to a new model as it will be less expensive and at par on the performance level. You can manage to save 20% to 30% compared to buying a new laptop.

Discounts and Sale: A good discount of 10% or 15% on the actual price can help you a lot in saving good amount. Getting some applications and software for free or at a slashed price is always welcomed by all of us. If you think that you want to buy a new laptop soon, then keep an eye on the market trends and market price to know whether the price of the laptop is going to be reduced or increased. If you know that in next month or after two months there will a sale or discount, then postpone your buying decision for the time to get your laptop on a lower price. There are many brands, which offer a good discounted price on different occasions and festivals. Buying at the right time in the year could help you to save a good amount of money on your big buy. There are some brands, which offer special discounts to corporate and students as well.

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Don’t buy directly from the manufacturer: It is really nice if you buy directly from the manufacturer of the laptop. But, at time you end up grabbing a good deal and discounts if you buy it from an authorised retailer or dealer. There are many big brand stores and showrooms, which offer you the best buy deals and discounts.

Buying online from online stores: There are many websites and online stores which sell laptops and electronic items at a really low price. These websites also offer different deals on weekly and monthly basis. These websites also offer clearance deals and festive offers and throw huge discounts on different items. This is the best way to save good money if you grab a great deal from any online store. Keep a track on two-three different websites to know the best prices and discounts. You can also subscribe for mailers and newsletters of these websites to know more about latest offers and deals on different categories.

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