Home Loan Interest Rates 2024

DMI Home Loan Interest Rates

DMI Home Loan Interest Rates

Last Updated : July 22, 2020, 8:36 p.m.

All of us dream of that one house where you don’t have to pay any rent and the independence to keep it the way you want it. But only some dreams get realized. Afterall, constructing or purchasing a house is the most extravagant endeavour that a person undertakes. No matter how big you dream is, DMI Home Loan , can help you get there without putting too much burden on you. And this is being overtly stated again by DMI Housing Finance again and again – “Aapke ghra ka sapna, humari zimmedari”. The home loan package comes with affordable DMI home loan interest rates, low processing fees, the choice of tenure and much more.

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DMI home loan interest rates are one of the lowest in the realm of Indian housing finance. DMI provides home loan at floating rates. Minimum rate that you can procure from the NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) is 11.75 percent. Such affordable interest can help you build or purchase of the house without any hassle.

DMI Home Loan Interest Rates for all Schemes

You can choose from a variety of home loan options provided by DMI according to your needs. If you want to purchase a house, you can opt for the DMI house/flat purchase package. Some other options are plot purchase and home construction/extension/renovation. DMI Housing Finance also gives you an option to transfer any on-going home loan with other lenders to itself at affordable interest rates.

Interest Rate11.75% - 15.50%
Loan AmountINR 2,00,000 - INR 30,00,000
TenureUpto 25 years
Processing Fees0.5%+ GST of the sanctioned loan amount

What is the Interest rate that I’ll get from DMI Housing Finance?

It’s not necessary that DMI will give you the lowest interest rate offering. DMI home loan interest that you’ll procure depends on a couple of factors. If you are through on the below mentioned checklist, you might walk out happy with the lowest interest rate possible.

Property Type: If the property you are purchasing is in a good and known location, chances are DMI may provide you the loan with a low better interest rate. Even better, if the house your purchasing is in a gated society.

Income: People working in reputed government corporations or multinationals can easily get low interest rate on DMI home loan. Also, DMI home loan interest rate is highly dependent on your net monthly income. If you have a regular flowing net monthly income in your bank account, chances are you’ll get low interest rate on your home loan .

Credit Score: Having a good credit score always helps. A score of 700 and above can help you seize a low interest deal with DMI Housing Finance. CIBIL score doesn’t hold that much of importance as it is in the case of personal loan because of the secured nature of home loans. However, DMI takes it into consideration.

Loan Tenure: DMI offer low interest rate when you take the loan for a longer duration. But, do remember, the longer the duration of the loan, the higher the overall interest you will pay.

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