Want to Calculate and Improve the Mileage of Your Car? Read the Information Carefully

We all take a lot of pride in owning a car. After all, it comes after years of commitment to savings. In a bid to bring home your dream car, you may have sacrificed a lot such as cutting down the expenditure on shopping for movies, travel, clothes and plenty more. But your job does not end with the ownership of a car alone. You have to be particular about the stuffs that follow your car purchase to enjoy a long ride with your car. Yes, you heard it right, car mileage, which denotes the amount of distance that your vehicle can run per litre of the fuel. At a time when fuel accounts for a huge percentage of your month-on-month expenditure, improving the car’s mileage should be your top priority. But before heading into that, we must understand how it is calculated.

Mileage Calculation
First, you need to fill up the fuel tank to the brim and keep an eye on the odo reading. You can also set Trip Meter to zero. Drive the car in a way you normally do. As the fuel nears to empty or has drained to half, make sure you refill the tank to the brim and see the amount of fuel that goes into the tank. Also, check the odo reading during the time of filling. Subsequently, you need to minus this reading from the previously recorded reading at the time of filling the fuel. Whatever the result comes, divide it by the amount of fuel consumption to find the mileage of your car.

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Tips to Improve Car Mileage

1. Say No to Too Fast Acceleration
Want to prevent the fuel from being consumed quickly? Avoid accelerating the car too fast. Instead, accelerate it slowly and gradually to achieve higher fuel efficiency.

2. Appropriate Change of Gears
So often people shift from low gear to top gear and that to hapazardly. Guess, what happens? A quick drain out of the fuel in the tank. As a smart car driver, you can help yourself immensely by changing gears appropriately and correctly to save the fuel and reduce your cost.

3. Timely Servicing
Getting your car serviced from time to time is a prerequisite for a longer operating life of the vehicle. But so often people ignore the importance of servicing and end up worsening the shape of a car. Remember, a proper servicing and maintenance is necessary to ensure a healthy engine that increases the life of a car.

4. Use Aerodynamics Concept Efficiently
You should master the art of aerodynamics to your advantage. The term aerodynamics relates to the study of properties of moving air as well as the interaction between the air and the solid particles that move through it. With open or partly open windows at high speeds, you let the fuel drain out quickly from the tank as a resullt of more drag. So, what are you supposed to do? Keep the windows up and turn on the air conditioner to prevent your fuel from getting drained out excessively.

5. Optimal Tyre Pressure
Maintaining optimal tyre pressure is a key to achieve enhanced fuel efficiency. With reduced pressure, the contact area and friction between the tyre and road increase and thus result in enhanced drainage of the fuel from the tank. With over-inflated tyres, you can get improved fuel efficiency, but at the expense of reduced ability to disperse water on the road. So, you must procure a tyre, which is inflated as per the recommended levels set by the manufacturer.

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6. Keep Your Vehicle Clean
Make sure you clean the air filter and oil filter of your car on a timely basis so that the vehicle is maintained properly and you get a superior fuel economy.

So, these were the tips to improve the fuel efficiency of your car. Use these tips for a smooth and comfortable journey both in terms of safety and economy.

Best Mileage Cars in India
Want to check out the best mileage cars available in India? Look at the table below to do the same.

Cars Mileage

Maruti Ciaz Diesel28.09 KMPL
Maruti Celerio Diesel DDiS27.62 KMPL
Maruti Baleno Diesel27.39 KMPL
Honda Jazz Diesel27.30 KMPL
Tata Tiago Diesel27.28 KMPL
Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel26.59 KMPL
Honda City Diesel26.00 KMPL
Ford Figo Aspire Diesel25.83 KMPL
Honda Amaze Diesel25.80 KMPL
Chevrolet Beat Diesel25.44 KMPL

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