Budget Friendly Home Theatre Systems Within Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000

Do you know why it is always so exciting and thrilling to watch a movie in a theatre as compared to home television? It is because of the picture quality and surround sound effects that you can only enjoy in theatres. But,  now all the movie lovers can also enjoy the theatre like experience at home. Yes, home theatre systems are here to give you the feeling as if you are watching a movie in a theatre. Don't worry about the price as there are various home theatre systems available in the market to suit your budget. So, if you are looking for any budget-friendly home theatre system, this article is for you. Read this article further to know about the home theatre systems within Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000. 

1. Philips IN-DSP33UR/00 5.1 USB Speaker System
This speaker system from Philips is not only affordable, but is appealing too. If you are looking for a home theatre system that suits your pocket as well as taste, you should go with Philips IN-DSP33UR/00 5.1 USB Speaker System. When it comes to features, it has many like FM Radio, USB or SD Playability, Remote Control, Blue/Red/Green LED Display and so on. It comes with a high-tech audio system with a very powerful bass. 
Price: Rs.4,250

2. Intex VOGUE IT-470 SUF 5.1 Speaker System

This wonderful speaker system from the house of Intex in itself is a masterpiece, and that too in your budget. Intex VOGUE IT-470 SUF 5.1 Speaker System features 4 speakers, 1 woofer and 1 sub woofer. When it comes to connectivity, it comes with many options such as USB, SD Card Slot and FM Radio. The USP of this speaker system is the fact that it is easy to connect this with TV, Computer, Laptop or Mobile. You can conveniently operate this system via remote that has an LED display. 

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Price: Rs.4,990

3. F&D F700U 5.1 Speaker System
This 5.1 speaker system also comes with 4 speakers, 1 sub woofer and 1 woofer. It is easy to control the woofer with the help of a remote. The best thing about this sound system is the fact that it has various connectivity options like USB, SD,MMC, MC and FM Radio. In fact, a pen drive can also be inserted directly into the system to listen the music of your choice. As far as installation is concerned, it is easy to install this amazing speaker system anywhere you want. 
Price: Rs. 5,290

4. Zebronics SW8590RUCF 5.1 USB Speaker System

This Zebronics SW8590RUCF 5.1 USB Speaker System is surely a best home theatre system for your home television. This amazing speaker system is loaded with lots of impeccable features like FM Radio, Good Sound Quality, USB, AUX as connectivity and many more. When it comes to installation, it is easy to install, no matter where you want. It comes with a remote which is full of the best features, hence makes it easy to use. And, the best thing is that it can be bought in less than Rs.5,000. Isn't it great?  
Price: Rs. 5,999

5. Intex IT-4850+ SUF 5.1 Speaker System
Intex being a very popular brand is here with its IT-4850+ SUF 5.1 Speaker System to give you the best home theatre system so that you can enjoy your favourite movies at home. This system has 4 speakers, 1 sub woofer and 1 woofer and the speaker system can easily be controlled by the remote. This multi feature speaker system lets you enjoy the movies on  your television just like a theatre. It features various connectivity options such as USB, SB Card, Micro Memory, Card Slot, FM Radio, RCA Jack etc. Install it in your living room and enjoy your favorite movies. 
Price: Rs. 8,399

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