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10 Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Renovate Your Home within 20000

10 Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Renovate Your Home within 20000

Last Updated : June 21, 2017, 11:47 a.m.

If you are living in your same home from last many years and you have not made any single change in the looks of your home, there are many simple and cost effective ways to renovate your home. The change in the looks of your home can give you a fresh feel in the same home. If you have a very tight budget, and still you want that your home will look differently, there are many simple ways, which you can use to enhance the beauty of your home. By making small changes in your rooms, kitchen and other areas of your home you can make much difference in the overall looks of your home.

If you want to give a totally new look to your home then you should hire some professional interior designer. You can also take some ideas from internet to make some changes by your own. There are many magazines which you can consult to change the looks of your home. Let’s take few cost effective examples to give your home a new look.

  1. Change switches and switch plates: If all the switchboards and switches are really old in your home, you can change all the switches and switch boards. However, in this work you need not to invest huge amount, but it will change the look and appearance. You can use small switches or latest trendy switch boards to give a contemporary look.
  2. Color the doors with new paint: If you are in no mood to change the paint of your home, you can at least change the color of your doors. It will not require huge money. You can use some dark shade paints or contrast color paints to give a fresh look.
  3. Replace lampshades: If the lampshades of your home is really ages old, you should change them. There are many options available in the market to choose from. You can go for colorful lampshades, or with single color tone. You can also use multi-color lampshades. There are many options to choose from such as glass lampshades, fabric, metal frames, iron frames, etc. It’s really a small thing to change, but it will make huge difference in your rooms and other areas of home.
  4. Buy new curtains/curtain roads and bed covers: This is a very simple thing you can do to change the look of your home. This is cost effective as well. If your curtain roads and curtains are old, replace them with some trendy curtains, which will very much go with your wall paints. Go for some colorful bed-sheets in rich fabric to give a new look to your room. You can also use nice and elegant bed-covers to totally change the looks of your bedroom.
  5. Change carpets and rugs: Replace your carpets, rugs and doormats with new and trendy one. Change your living room carpet, your hallway runner and rugs of your bathroom, kitchen, and walkway area. These are few things which you can change yourself without any professional assistance. You can buy carpets, rugs and runners as per your budget.
  6. Buy new cushion covers and pillow covers: You can buy new cushion covers for your living room with sofa covers as well. You can go for contrast colors or similar shades. You can also sew these covers at home with some fabric, by mixing and matching them. You can use your silk sarees and dupattas to make cushion covers. You can also use cotton fabric to make cushion covers. Buy new pillow covers for your bedroom.
  7. Use indoor plants to decorate: There are many indoor plants, which you can use for decoration. You can put small plants in your living room and hall. You can use these indoor plans in your bedroom and other areas as well. These plants will not only increase the beauty of your home, but it will give you a nice green feeling as well.
  8. Change wall paintings and decorative items: If wall paintings and hangings are old, change them with new photos, paintings and art-pieces. You can also change decorative items such as flower vase, wall hangings, photos, showpieces, etc., to give a new look to your home.
  9. Sell unused items: There are some items in our home, which we never use or hardly use. Make a list of such item with their utility preferences and sell them. This will create more space in your home and you can use that space for some new items.
  10. Changes the placements of your furniture: This is nothings to do with your budget, but without spending even a single rupee you can change the look of your rooms. Changes the placements of your furniture, if space allows. This will give you a fresh look with all existing items.

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