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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home with Zero Investment

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home with Zero Investment

Last Updated : March 3, 2020, 4:32 p.m.

When it comes to home decoration, we always rush to market to buy some good decorative pieces to decorate our home. But, you can decorate your home without spending a single rupee on buying something new. You can give a new look to your home with making little efforts and smart work. Investing money in something new to decorate your home is not the only solution. You can look for other options to decorate your home. It will give you opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can decorate your home with different things available at your home . Here are some simple tricks to give your home a fresh look without investing anything.

  1. First outline the things on paper and make a rough draft of things you want to reorganise.
  2. Stick to your basic plan to avoid investing any capital in your decoration work.
  3. If you have coated your walls with washable paints and distemper, just clean and wash them to remove dust and impressions.
  4. Wash your windows and tiles to give them shinning and glittering effect.
  5. Use your visual power to improve the arrangement and placement of furniture in your room. If you think that your small cabinet will look more good in other corner, just shift it there for having extra space in your room
  6. Move your decorative items to different corners or in other rooms to let your room breath.
  7. If you have windows in your room, let your room have some sunshine.
  8. Wash your curtains, or exchange your curtains with other room’s curtains to get a new look in the rooms.
  9. Move the placement of your double bed or sofa from present side to some other corner to get a new look in the room.
  10. Use air freshener or air perfumes to soak the messy smell of rooms.
  11. Mix and match the items of different room. This way you will have some old and some new items in every room.
  12. Clean or wash your ceiling fans or if you have different colour fans in each room, just exchange the fans from other room.
  13. Use your creativity to make some decorative piece with unused material or waste material.
  14. You can make glass painting, foil painting, coir painting or other kind of paintings with waste material to decorate your home.
  15. Rearrange your existing furniture. If you think the chair is acquiring extra space in your room and will look nice in living room or study, just move it there.
  16. At times, we have many unused item which we have stored. Open and use those items and replace the new decorative pieces with old once. This way you decorate your home with new decorative pieces without investing any money.
  17. If you have different carpets in each room, just mix and match these carpets and rearrange them.
  18. Use your old bed-sheets, saree and dupattas to make new pillow and cushion covers or doormats.
  19. Update your kitchen by washing your containers and reorganising them at different position.
  20. If you are using portable storage cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, just shift them to other corner or change their placements.

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