Check Income Tax Refund Status Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you miss out on paying your income tax refund timely, you might face penalties and may receive a notice from the income tax department. Getting a refund on income tax might take some time. Also, getting a refund on income tax might be delayed for a few months, creating confusion among citizens. The guide will help you know how you can check your income tax refund status online.

What is Meant by Income Tax Refund?

An Income Tax Refund means receiving your taxes back, which are above your real tax liability. After you complete the ITR filing, the Income Tax Department will determine your income tax return for that specific fiscal year. In many situations, the Income Tax Department will commence processing your income tax returns within a few months.

Nonetheless, given below are a few reasons why there can be a delay in commencing the procedure of your income tax returns:

  • Enter incorrect information about your bank account.
  • Your bank account is closed or out of operation. 
  • The assessing officer is analysing the validations of your income tax return claim.
  • If you file refunds for income tax after the due date.

How to Check Income Tax Refund Status Online?

If you have filed your income tax returns for the existing financial year and have appealed for a refund, you can check your appeal’s refund status income tax. If you have filed it online, you can check your refund status income tax online. To check your income tax refund status online, you will require your permanent account number and the year of assessment. You can give yourself a few weeks before checking your income tax refund status online.

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The Income Tax Department will start the processing procedure when it is determined. You can check the income tax refund status in three ways:

  1. Through the Official Website of Income Tax e-Filing

To check your refund status income tax, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Sign in to the official website of the Income Tax e-filing portal with the help of your user identification and profile password.
  • On the panel, tap on the View Returns or Forms option.
  • Choose the Income Tax Return option.
  • The Income Tax return option will bring out your income tax returns list.
  • Tap on the acknowledgement number.
  • The acknowledgement number will bring out your income tax returns, including your income tax refund status application.

It might take a few days for your income tax returns to be updated after the Income Tax Department commences processing the refund and the refund gets credited to your bank account.

2. Through the Official Portal of National Securities Depository Limited

To check your income tax refund status online, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You can go to the official website of the National Securities Depository Limited.
  • You will see a web page where you have to enter your permanent account number, assessment year, and captcha code. 
  • You can view your income tax refund status on the next website page.

3. Checking Income Tax Refund Status without Signing into the Account

You can check the refund status income tax without signing into the account on the official Income Tax e-filing portal. You can do so by following the ways mentioned below:

  • Go to the portal
  • Click the Income Tax Returns Status option beneath the Quick Links option on the left-hand side of the home page.
  • Fill in the necessary details, such as Income Tax Returns Acknowledgement Number, Permanent Account Number, and captcha 
  • Tap on the Submit button to get your refund status income tax.
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Ways You Can Claim the Income Tax Refund Online

The ways you can adopt to claim the income tax refund online are as follows:

  • Go to the official e-filing website of Income Tax.
  • Sign into the account with the help of user identification, profile password, and captcha code.
  • Visit the My Account section on the left-hand side of the screen at the top adjacent to the Dashboard option.
  • Select the Request Service option.
  • Choose New Request beneath the kind of request field.
  • Select Refund Reissue.
  • On the next web page, you can see every refund failure for every assessment year.
  • Tap the Submit button to appeal for a refund reissue for a specific financial year.
  • Fill out information such as Bank Account number, kind of account, IFSC code, name of the bank and residence address.

After the whole refund procedure is successful, you will get your income tax refund credited to your bank account.

Modes of Income Tax Returns Refunds

To assure transparency in refunding Income Tax Returns, refunds take place through two modes which are discussed below:

  • National Electronic Fund Transfer/Real-Time Gross Settlement- The Income Tax Department will credit income tax refunds directly to your bank account. To get an income tax refund directly to your bank account through National Electronic Fund Transfer or Real-Time Gross Settlement, you require a ten-digit bank account number, a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition code your bank will give you, and your contact details. 
  • Cheques- You might get cheques for the income tax refund amount at your contact address. It would be best to make sure that you provide the correct contact address. If you absent-mindedly or mistakenly make a mistake in entering your contact address, the cheque will be returned. 
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While filing income tax online, it will help you if you select the payment method as per your convenience. It will help you if you remember that a small mistake may lead to a delayed or cancelled income tax refund.

Significant Facts to Remember About Income Tax Refunds

A few significant facts that should be remembered about Income Tax Refunds are as follows:

  • Ensure to double-check your information related to your bank account so that the details are free from errors.
  • For quick income tax refund processing, filing your income tax returns before the due date ends would be best.
  • If you opt to receive your income tax refund through a cheque, checking your contact details with the financial establishment will be the best option.


It is effortless to get your tax by revealing your income when you are filing your income tax returns and completing the relevant paperwork. It would be best to remember that filling out form number 16 online or offline is compulsory for claiming a tax refund. It will help if you submit significant documents for a quick income tax refund. You can check your income tax refund status online. 

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