Fix ITR Filing Mistakes: Amend Your Tax Return Form & Avoid Penalties

You do not have to panic or get tensed if you have made a mistake while filing your ITR. You can now amend your income tax return form if you see that you make mistakes while filing it earlier. According to Section 139(5), you can submit an amended income tax return form if you spot any mistake in your earlier submitted form. Whether you’ve missed out on mentioning some details or provided some wrong information by mistake, you can submit an amended ITR form to avoid paying hefty fines and other penalties. The guide would help you correct your mistakes if you made unintentional errors in filing your income tax return form.

How to Rectify Mistakes If Income Tax Return is Filed?

To correct mistakes when you see that you made mistakes unintentionally while filing your income tax return, you can follow the steps given below:

  • You can go to the official Income Tax website.
  • You can sign in with the help of user identification (Permanent Account Number) and the captcha code.
  • After signing in, you can tap on the e-filing menu option.
  • You can click the Income Tax Return link.
  • On the next web page, your Permanent Account Number will be auto-populated. You can choose your year of assessment, income tax return form number, and kind of filing.e., original or amended.
  • You can choose the Prepare and Submit Online submission mode.
  • Under general information, you can select the return filing section option as an amended return under Section 139(5) and return filing kind as amended.
  • You can enter the acknowledgment number and the date when you filed your original ITR under the date of filing option.
  • You can now rectify your mistakes in your income tax return form and submit the revised income tax return form.
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One essential that would be best if you remember is that entering the acknowledgment number, which comprises fifteen digits, is compulsory when you file your income tax return online. You can keep checking your returns for quick refund processing and fast income tax refund. According to the conditions mentioned in the Income Tax Act, you can file an amended income tax return whenever you want to during the year of assessment or prior to the year of assessment ends.

Nonetheless, you do not have to take stress if you make an unintentional mistake while filing your income tax return. Even if you made an unintentional error absent-mindedly, you only need to file an amended income tax return. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can rectify any type of mistake, including the deletion of significant information, claiming a wrong tax subtraction, incorrect bank account number, etc. Most errors occur when you file ITR in a hurry, right before the deadline. Tax experts often advise people to file income tax returns in advance.

Provisions for Filing Revised Income Tax Return

After correcting the errors and the thorough authentication of the new information by a proficient income tax authority, you can ensure yourself that the amended return will contrast with the original one and it will be contrasting to the original one that is required to be withdrawn. Therefore, the provisions for filling in the incorrect income tax return form are as follows:

  • After filling up the original income tax return home, a fifteen-digit acknowledgment number is created, and it remains with the taxpayer and is mentioned in ITR 5. You can check the online filing website if you do not get the acknowledgment number. You can check the view returns section to learn more about correcting details.
  • It would be best to follow the same procedure to file the original and the amended ITR. E-filing is free from hassles, doesn’t include complex documentation, and has a possible framework from which you can learn to appropriately submit income tax returns each year.
  • If there’s something known as a belated income tax return, you can check if there’s an incorrect statement or a deletion of any significant details. You can also check the time limit for filing the revised income tax return. For any ITR, if you find any implication under Section 143, it would be best to be alert.
  • Under Section 139(5), an amended return includes any unintentional error; therefore, you can file it for the second time and make a revised return. There’s a category known as omissions or mistakes, and unintentional mistakes fall under the category. Unintentional mistakes differ from fact-stealing or concealing, and you should provide all the significant information when you make the revised return. You can ensure not to repeat your mistake for the second time while filing the amended return. If it’s a genuine mistake, there’ll be no issue, but you might be penalised if your return form comes under intentional non-disclosure in the first return.
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Even though there is no limit on how often you amend your income tax return, your ITR can come under scrutiny if you keep amending it. It would be best to take advantage of the facility to rectify unintentional errors in your earlier submitted income tax return. You can assure to be honest while filing your income tax return. You might have to pay a hefty penalty if you are caught not disclosing your income. You must file your income tax return before the year of assessment ends. For instance, if you are filing your income tax return for the fiscal year 2021 to 2022, it would be best to file your ITR by 31st March 2023.


Although you can rectify the mistake you made while filing your income tax return and submit an amended one, it is advisable to avert mistakes while filing ITR initially. It would be best to fill out your income tax return form carefully and spare yourself from the headache of correcting your mistakes at the last moment. Are you still thinking about how you can fill out your ITR form and which significant points you should consider? If that’s the case, you can ensure to include Permanent Account Number details, overall aggregate income, know your customer verification, overall liability related to tax, and ways you can estimate your final income. If you feel that taking professional help will make things easier, you can opt for professional assistance.

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