HDFC Bank Whatsapp Banking – 24×7 Services


  • Go through all the services present in HDFC WhatsApp Banking.
  • See the Steps to Start WhatsApp Banking.
  • Explore all the key benefits of this service by the HDFC bank.

The HDFC Bank has always satisfied its customers with its outstanding services. Recently, it has launched a new model of banking known as WhatsApp banking. The HDFC Bank WhatsApp banking is one of the safest services in which you can manage your accounts using WhatsApp. You can see the account balance, credit card bills, and do many other banking activities through it. This method of banking enables you to enquire about the credit card limit, know the IFSC Codes of various HDFC branches on just a touch of your finger. You must explore all the other features of these services and find out how it can benefit you in managing your accounts.

What is WhatsApp Banking by the HDFC Bank

In order to manage your HDFC account, you just have to save 7065970659 this number into your mobile phone and message Hi on WhatsApp using your registered mobile number and the start using WhatsApp Banking. This service is in encrypted form and it is totally safe. On the other hand, you can use WhatsApp banking even on holidays as it is available 24×7 and manage your account without visiting the HDFC branch.

Services in Whatsapp Banking

  • Check the Balance of your Saving Accounts using WhatsApp.
  • View the Mini Statement and download it on to your mobile phone.
  • Place a Request for a new cheque book.
  • Check the Amount Due of your HDFC Bank Credit Cards.
  • Get the Credit Card Statement on your WhatsApp Account.
  • Download the Summary of your Fixed Deposit Accounts.
  • Apply for a Car Loan, Home Loan, and any other loan from your WhatsApp Account.
  • Get updates through the message on WhatsApp.
  • Get the Reward Points detail through this service.
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Steps to Register on HDFC Whatsapp Banking

  • Send an SMS “SUB” on 7065970659 from your registered mobile number in the HDFC Bank.
  • Save the 7065970659 number into your mobile phone and message “Hi” using your WhatsApp account.
  • The WhatsApp number must be the same as the registered number with the HDFC Bank.

If you want to unsubscribe this service then you must send an SMS “UNSUB” to 7065970659 from your registered mobile number. The HDFC bank WhatsApp Banking service will be deactivated.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp Banking

  • This service is available 24×7 and even ob holidays.
  • All the messages sent on WhatsApp are in encrypted form and totally safe.
  • Non-HDFC Customers can also use WhatsApp banking for inquiring about the services of the bank.
  • This Service is absolutely free and the only charge that would occur is Data Pact Charges to use WhatsApp.
  • Resolves almost all queries related to your account.


The HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking is one of the convenient methods tomanage your accounts. You can even manage your credit card using this servicelike know your credit card bill, credit card limit and many other queriesrelated to the credit cards. The key feature of this service is it is available24×7 and it is absolutely free.

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