Complete Guide to NPS Calculator: Benefits, Working, Characteristics, Eligibility

The National Pension Scheme is a way of financial stability for the citizens of India after retirement. After retirement, you can use the invested National Pension Scheme corpus. You will require a National Pension Scheme calculator to estimate the overall cumulative amount. Regardless of the sector you are employed in, you need an NPS calculator India.

What is a National Pension Scheme Calculator?

The NPS pension calculator is a device that enables you to determine your gained wealth, the maturity amount of your overall investment, and the receivable monthly pension amount. The amount depends on your contribution to the National Pension Scheme and the duration of your investment. The NPS calculator India aids you in determining the invested amount to achieve your financial goals. The higher the cumulative amount, the advantage of the cumulative would be bigger. The wealth you gain is because of the compounding power that makes the National Pension Scheme an enticing retirement wealth investment plan.

How Does the National Pension Scheme Calculator Work?

The online NPS return calculator to enter the details mentioned below:

  • You can choose the kind of investment- yearly or monthly.
  • After choosing the kind of investment, you can enter the yearly or monthly amount.
  • You can enter your current age, which should be above or equivalent to 18 years of age. 
  • You can enter the withdrawal percentage on retirement from your National Pension Scheme account.
  • The NPS pension calculator shows calculations depending on the National Pension Scheme with the help of the asset allotted between equity, corporate, and government bonds, the joint stable income return of seven percent gained from the maturity amount.
  • You can enter the withdrawal percentage on retirement. The withdrawal percentage retirement is the invested percentage of wealth in the annuity plan. You can use the cumulative percentage corpus to purchase a pension plan.
  • Your withdrawal amount can’t be above sixty percent, and your investment in the annuity plan can’t be below forty percent. If you withdraw the amount before retirement, it can’t be less than eighty percent. 
  • You can use the slider to choose the expected return rate. The calculator will show you the results within a few seconds.
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Depending on the information mentioned above that you enter, the NPS return calculator calculates the following:

  • The overall invested amount and the investment duration
  • The wealth earned
  • The monthly pension after retirement

Estimation of the Overall Invested Amount

If you are a National Pension Scheme subscriber, regardless of the sector you are employed in, it is necessary to contribute. You can contribute monthly for the subscription date till you reach sixty years. Depending on your current and retirement age, the NPS return calculator calculates the overall amount you invested during the term.

Overall Earned Wealth

On knowing the overall amount that you invested monthly, the NPS pension calculator determines your gained wealth and earned returns. The overall amount of the National Pension Scheme is calculated with the help of the compounding power principle. The contributions that you make towards the National Pension Scheme are invested in debt, equity, and government securities. Therefore, the accurate return you earn is hard to evaluate. Nonetheless, you can determine the possible returns with the help of the NPS return calculator.

Monthly Pension

The NPS pension calculator calculates the monthly pension you may earn depending on the overall National Pension Scheme corpus when you retire.

Who Can Use the National Pension Scheme Calculator?

You can use the NPS calculator post office if you meet the eligibility requirements to invest in the National Pension Scheme. If you wish to invest in the National Pension Scheme and get an estimate of the wealth you will earn for the amount you invested, you can use the user-friendly and simple NPS calculator post office.

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If you are more than 28 years but less than sixty years of age, you can invest in NPS. Every applicant to the National Pension Scheme must follow the KYC regulations and submit the essential documents, such as proof of identity, residence address, details of your bank account, etc. 

The more you invest in the National Pension Scheme, the higher the cumulative amount and the higher the retirement privileges out of the cumulative wealth because of the compounding power that makes the National Pension Scheme tempting for investors like you.

Characteristics of the National Pension Scheme Calculator

A few features of the NPS calculator post office are as follows:

  • You can use the calculator effortlessly because it is simple and user-friendly.
  • It aids in calculating the pension amount you will gain.
  • It makes the maturity amount computation easier.
  • It gives you an idea of how much you can invest every month to earn an appropriate corpus after retirement.
  • It allows you to check the estimated retirement corpus depending on your risk appetite.
  • It is suitable to make an informed National Pension Scheme investment.

Ways the National Pension Scheme Can Help You

The NPS calculator post office can help you in the following ways:

  • The calculator gives you the amount you can get after your investment matures. The pension amount is not a liability but a pension. Using an NPS calculator post office is necessary to determine the overall corpus. 
  • Under the current regulations, you can not withdraw the overall post-retirement amount. In addition, you can invest forty percent of the overall sum in annuities. Moreover, the rest, sixty percent, applies to taxation. Every figure will be revealed when you begin using the NPS calculator post office
  • The National Pension Scheme calculator will automate the overall calculation procedure.
  • You can estimate the taxation regime on the pension funds amount, the overall amount you will receive monthly, and a few other details with the help of the NPS return calculator
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Merits of Using the National Scheme Pension Calculator

The merits of using the NPS pension calculator are as follows:

  • You do not have to do any calculation manually. The online tool gives accurate results.
  • You can know your pension amount, which will help you to plan for your future.
  • The tool is a one-time solution for all your online calculations. 


The NPS calculator lets you calculate the interim lump sum and the pension amount. Under the National Pension Scheme, you can expect a pension amount depending on the monthly contributions, the purchased annuity, the expected interest rate on investment, and the annuity. The NPS pension calculator emphasises the tentative pension amount and does not assure a specific amount. 

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