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HDFC NPS Calculator

HDFC NPS Calculator

Last Updated : March 28, 2023, 3:35 p.m.

The National Pension Scheme is a government-launched scheme providing a steady income post-retirement. When the scheme was launched earlier, it was available for people working in the public sector, but since May 2009, each citizen of India can invest in it. You can secure your future financially with little investment, and the National Pension Scheme benefits your family. If you are a customer of the HDFC bank, the bank allows you to use the NPS calculator HDFC . The article will guide you through a few basic things about the National Pension Scheme that HDFC Bank offers.

The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority launched the National Pension Scheme for every citizen of India to provide a stable income post-retirement. If you are between 18 to 60 years of age, you can open a National Pension System account. You can also open an eNPS account with the help of your Permanent Account Number and Aadhaar Card. The National Pension System is a trustworthy government-supported scheme. If you are an account holder in the HDFC bank, you can use the HDFC NPS calculator . The National Pension Scheme is available to every sector of society, irrespective of being organised or unorganised.

What is the National Pension Scheme in HDFC Bank?

The HDFC NPS is a scheme in which you can invest if you are 18 to 60 years of age. It offers the choice of investing in three different funds depending on risk affordability. The three funds available under HDFC NPS are as follows:

  • Equity Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Government Securities

The HDFC NPS allows you to invest depending on your choice and risk affordability. The allocation of assets can be made once each year. In the case of distribution options, you can select between Active and Auto Choice.

What is the HDFC National Pension Scheme Calculator?

Every bank offering the National Pension System provides a calculator that aids in calculating the lump sum amount you can expect after retirement according to your contribution towards the scheme. The vital merit of using the NPS calculator HDFC is that you will know the amount you will receive at the end, which will aid you in depositing and remembering your retirement goals and requirements.

The NPS calculator HDFC helps to evaluate the return from your National Pension Scheme investments. It aids in determining the possible monthly pension and the overall amount of gained wealth. Depending on the inputs received, the HDFC NPS calculator determines the returns. Moreover, the National Pension Scheme calculator in HDFC bank will automatically figure out the National Pension Scheme pension amount and the gained wealth from your investments in the National Pension Scheme.

The HDFC NPS calculator aids you in knowing the pension that you will receive monthly and the lump sum amount that you will receive post-retirement. The tool subsequently allows you to decide your monthly contribution towards the National Pension Scheme. It is a handy tool for making an informed decision about your investment in the National Pension Scheme.

With the choice to select between equity and debt, the handy tool allows you to check the expected retirement corpus depending on your risk appetite. You can choose your investment option as Auto, and you can allow the HDFC NPS calculator to estimate your allocation ratio depending on your age or select Active, where the tool will help you to decide how you will invest your monthly contribution and know how your monthly contribution impacts your ultimate monthly pension and the lump sum amount.

The NPS calculator HDFC is an effortless and hassle-free tool that calculates the received lump sum amount by entering some basic information concerning the National Pension Scheme. A few significant pieces of information needed to calculate the HDFC NPS are as follows:

  • Your current age
  • Type of investment
  • The amount you want to invest
  • National Pension Scheme option, i.e., Auto or active

Requirements of the HDFC National Pension Scheme Calculator

The NPS calculator HDFC needs the inputs mentioned below:

  • Type of Investment- Monthly or Yearly
  • Amount of Investment- The amount you want to invest in the National Pension Scheme in the HDFC bank monthly or yearly.
  • Age
  • Expected Return Rate
  • Annuity Purchase Percentage
  • Expected Annuity Return
  • Annuity Period

HDFC National Pension Scheme Maturity Assessment Calculation

With the help of the inputs given, the NPS calculator HDFC estimates the values mentioned below:

For Thirty Years of Contribution

  • Principal Amount- The sum of the entire National Pension Scheme contribution in the HDFC bank.
  • Gained Interest
  • Pension Wealth
  • Reinvested Annuity

After Retirement

  • Withdrawn lump sum amount
  • Monthly Pension- An estimate of the monthly pension depending on the corpus amount post-retirement.

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC NPS

The eligibility criteria for HDFC NPS are as follows:

  • Indian citizens residing in India
  • The minimum age should be 18 years.
  • The maximum age should be sixty years.
  • Before applying for a National Pension Scheme account, KYC compliance is mandatory.
  • You can not own more than one National Pension Scheme account.

Features of the National Pension Scheme in HDFC Bank

The features of the HDFC NPS are as follows:

  • Smooth registration procedure
  • Processes every transaction easily
  • A devoted team that cares for the National Pension Scheme clients in every city
  • Customer Care service and email id services for every NPS-related query.

Privileges of Using the HDFC NPS

Some privileges of using the HDFC NPS are as follows:


Since you contribute systematically, liquidity will not be a problem. To take advantage of the liquidity privilege, it would be best to have either the Tier 1 or the Tier 2 account together with a Permanent Retirement Account Number.


The National Pension Scheme is adjustable in terms of choices. You can opt for the Auto or Active option to take advantage of the flexibility privilege.

Withdrawal Privilege

If you withdraw the amount before retirement and attaining the age of sixty years:

  • You can receive twenty percent of the overall corpus.
  • There shall be an eighty percent mandatory annuition.

If you withdraw the amount after retirement or after sixty years of age:

  • You shall receive sixty percent of the overall corpus.
  • There’ll be a forty percent mandatory annuition.

Deposit Privilege

The deposit privilege under the HDFC NPS are as follows:

  • You can contribute to the National Pension Scheme whenever possible because there is no fixed time to contribute.
  • Your deposited amount is not fixed and can vary according to your contribution.


The NPS calculator HDFC helps to know your contribution towards the National Pension Scheme. You can date and plan your investment accordingly to have a corpus for your future requirements. It is significant to remember every future aspect before making any investment.

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