HDFC Cardless Cash Withdrawal from ATM

HDFC Cardless Cash Withdrawal from ATM

Last Updated : Aug. 2, 2021, 5:38 p.m.

Here is good news for HDFC customers that they can withdraw money from the HDFC ATMs without using their debit card. They will just have to use their registered mobile number to withdraw cash from the ATM. On the other hand, you can even transfer money using the HDFC ATM to the beneficiary’s account even it is a non-HDFC account. So, the HDFC cardless cash withdrawal from ATMs is hassle-free and it will save time for the user. You must explore the steps to make use of this facility and the maximum limit allowed for the withdrawal or transfer. The withdrawal or transfer also involves certain charges that you are going to explore below.

Steps to Withdraw Cash without HDFC Debit Card

There are three major steps you will have to follow to transfer and withdraw money without using the HDFC Debit Card.

First Step-Add a Beneficiary

  • If you are using this facility for the first time then you will have to register as a beneficiary.
  • You can register the beneficiary using Net Banking.
  • Go to the HDFC official website and Login to Net Banking.
  • Then click on the Funds Transfer tab and then on Request.
  • Make a click on the Add a Beneficiary and then on the Cardless Cash Withdrawal option.
  • Now provide the beneficiary details and click on Add and Confirm option.
  • Then confirm the mobile number and enter the OTP received for validation.
  • The beneficiary details will be reflected in your account in 30 minutes.

Second Step-Send Money to Added Beneficiary

  • Login to the HDFC Net Banking.
  • Select the Fund Transfer option and then choose Cardless Cash Withdrawal.
  • Then choose the Debit Bank Account.
  • Now select the beneficiary from the list of registered beneficiaries.
  • Then check the beneficiary details and enter the amount.
  • Click on the continue and confirm button.
  • Confirm the mobile number and then enter the OTP to validate the transaction.
  • Now the beneficiary will receive an SMS containing the OTP and a nine-digit order ID and the amount.

Third Step-Withdraw Cash from HDFC ATM by the Beneficiary

  • Now, the beneficiary visits the HDFC Bank ATM and chose the Cardless Cash option.
  • This option will be displayed on the IDLE screen of the ATM.
  • Then choose the language.
  • You will be asked to enter the following details in the following manner:-
    • OTP
    • The beneficiary mobile number
    • Nine digit order ID
    • Amount of the transaction.

After entering the above details and once they are validated, you will get the cash from the HDFC ATM.

HDFC Cardless Cash Withdrawal Limit

  • The minimum Cardless cash withdrawal can be ₹100 per transaction.
  • The maximum HDFC Cardless Cash Withdrawal from ATM is up to ₹10000 per day
  • ₹25000 per month for a beneficiary is the maximum cardless withdrawal per month.

HDFC Cardless Cash Withdrawal Charges

The HDFC has a certain charge for this facility. So the bank charges ₹25 per transaction on the cash withdrawal from the HDFC ATM without using the HDFC debit card.

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