TAT Full Form

TAT Full Form

Last Updated : Jan. 27, 2022, 11:05 a.m.

You might have come across the acronym TAT while applying for any loan or debt. The bank gives you the information about TAT when you submit the loan application. Do you know the TAT full form in banking or loan disbursal? If not, then the full form of TAT is Turn Around Time and it means the time consumed from starting a process until its completion. In the case of a loan application, the TAT will be from the submission of the loan application to the loan disbursal. The time is taken from applying for a loan until its disbursal will be known as the turnaround time. Let’s move on to the elements of TAT in banking.

Elements of TAT in Loan

Here you will see the activities take place during the turnaround time when you apply for the loan.

Loan Application Submission

It takes time to fill out the loan application in which you tell about the amount of the loan you are willing to borrow from the bank. You will also have to tell the tenure for which you are borrowing the loan and then you submit the application. TAT starts once you submit the application.

Representative’s Call

As you have submitted your mobile number in the loan application, the bank’s representative will call you to discuss the loan. You can negotiate the interest and the representative will ask for the documents.

Submission of Documents

Now, you will have to submit the documents to the bank asked on the call. They will ask you for income proof, address proof, and identity proof. You will have to submit all three documents to the bank.

Verifications of Documents

After the submission of documents, the bank verifies all the documents. If the bank finds that some documents are missing then it will ask again for them. This will increase the TAT and cause a late disbursal of the loan.

Loan Disbursal

Finally, after all the verification, the bank will disburse the loan to the applicant. The TAT will complete after the loan is disbursed.

So, it is clear from the above elements that the TAT will include these activities and that is why the banks give you a turnaround time. The above process takes time and thus all of them make a turnaround time.


So, you know the TAT full form and the activities take place during this time. It is important to know the full form of TAT that is Turn Around Time because you might face this acronym while applying for a loan or a debt. The TAT is not fixed and it wholly depends on the time each activity takes. The completion of the whole process makes the turnaround time.

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