HDFC Credit Card Payment Through Billdesk


  • Pay HDFC Credit Card Bill Through Billdesk.
  • Reasons for Choosing Billdesk to clear Credit Card dues.

HDFC Credit Card includes a lot of offers like cashback, instant discounts and many others. Many customers only use it for getting discounts and gift vouchers. But when it comes to the payment of bills, then they are unaware of the easy methods. They are unable to pay credit card bills from another bank account. But don’t worry because you can make HDFC Credit Card payment through billdesk if you have savings account in another bank.

Use Billdesk for Credit Card Payment

Bill desk is a third party payment gateway portal that help the user to make the bill payment. You can even pay your credit card bills from billdesk using any bank account listed on the billdesk’s website. Similarly, you can make HDFC Credit Card payment from another bank account using billdesk.

Steps for Clearing Credit Card Dues Using Billdesk

  • Open HDFC Credit Card Payment page and then go to the Billdesk option.
  • Click on Pay Now and you will be redirected to the HDFC Billdesk page.
  • Now enter your 16 digit credit card number.
  • Re-enter the credit card number.
  • Enter the Email Address on which you want to receive the transaction details.
  • Enter the Amount you are willing to pay.
  • Choose the bank from the given list and then click on the Pay button.
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the Net Banking page of the chosen bank.
  • Enter your User I.D and password and log in.
  • Now follow the necessary steps and make the payment.

After a successful payment the bank will debit the amount and clear the pending credit card bills.

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Advantage of Using Billdesk Portal

Easy and Convenient:- As you can see that the payment through Bill desk is easy and convenient to make. You can make the payment in just a few clicks. All you need is an internet connection and some technical expertise for clearing your HDFC Credit Card dues.

Options of Multiple Banks:- In Bill desk there are multiple options of banks through which you can pay your credit card bills. The users who hold HDFC Credit Card and want to make the payment through any other bank then they can use the Billdesk portal. This is only possible with the help of bill desk.

Safe and Secured:- All the payment done through Billdesk is absolutely safe and secured. Each and every detail is encrypted and all the details are kept confidential. All the transaction made on billdesk is secured with a one time password.

Saves Time:- You can quickly make the HDFC Credit Card Payment through billdesk. If you have a good internet connection then you can clear the credit card bills in a few minutes. Therefore, this method saves a lot of time while paying the bills.

No Extra Charges:- Everyone knows that cash payment of credit card bills includes some extra charges. But in case of payment through bill desk, you don’t have to pay any extra charges while clearing the dues. The amount you have entered while payment will only be deducted from your savings account without any charges.

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