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Can You Cancel Credit Cards? Know it All here

Can You Cancel Credit Cards? Know it All here

Last Updated : Nov. 28, 2019, 3:32 p.m.

When it comes to credit cards, there is no denying of the fact that there are lots of valid reasons to cancel a card. Yes, many people are always in a state of the dilemma so as to know the answer can you cancel credit cards? Yes, my dear friend, if we talk about reasons, there are various good reasons that lead you towards card cancellation. And, few of them are as follow-if you own too many credit cards, your card issuer raised interest rates, suddenly the fee has increased or just simply because you don’t find that card useful anymore. Well, the reasons are many, but the catch here is not just card cancellation, but to cancel it in the right manner. Yes, folks, you read that absolutely right! Not many people pay attention to cancel the card in a right manner, which ultimately becomes problematic in the future.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s clear all your doubts so as to give the answer that how can you cancel your credit card safely.

Pay Off the Remaining Dues

Yes, buddy, one of the most crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while cancellation is to pay off all your remaining dues so as to avoid the future complications. The moment you clear all your previous dues by following the right procedure, your card issuer will also allow you to do the same. In case, you have dues pending on your card and still trying to cancel the same, my fella you are going to be in big trouble as your credit card company will not allow you to do the same so easily. So, always keep this point in your mind while you cancel your card.

Follow Up with a Letter

Now, here comes another pointer to keep in mind i.e. if you want to cancel your card, always follow the right footprint i.e. cancel the same with a written application. Yes, because if you do the same, it would be easier for even your card issuers also to process your cancellation request further. Just clear your outstanding dues and give a written letter, stating the same to your bank so that it becomes a hassle-free process for you.

Contact Customer Service

The moment you decide to close or cancel your card, it would be advisable to call the customer service right away. Pick the card you want to cancel, turn it around, got the customer care number? What you couldn’t find any? Watch the card carefully buddy, I am sure you will find it. So, the moment you have the number, call it and talk to the executives, describing why you want to cancel your card or in fact, you can also ask can you cancel credit cards ? as they have an answer to all your queries. However, there may be a possibility that the executives will their best to convenience not to cancel the card by giving various lucrative offers. But, if you genuinely wants to cancel the same, keep yourself away from these attractive offers.

Check Your Credit Report

Right after raising the request for credit card cancellation, it is also necessary for you to check the status of the same on your credit report as well. It is also important that the status of credit card cancellation has also been updated on your credit report and the same has also reflected online. With the help of doing so, you will be confirmed at your end that yes your card has been canceled in the right manner.

One Quick Tip

Most of the times people take impulsive decisions and cancel their card in a hurry without even realizing that doing so will impact their profile tremendously bad. They don’t pay much attention to this important factor, thus suffer a lot in the future. Now you know the answer of can you cancel credit cards, so I guess things will be smooth for you.

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