Can Credit Card Bill be Paid by Cash?

Can Credit Card Bill be Paid by Cash?

Last Updated : March 12, 2019, 11:18 a.m.

Yes, a credit card bil l can be paid by cash. However, it incurs a charge of ₹100 plus applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST) at most banks in India. The addition of GST would thus lead to a total charge of ₹118. You can visit the nearest bank branch to deposit cash to your credit card account. There are banks such as ICICI that offer cash pick-up services for credit cardholders. Using the pick-up service does away with the need to visit the branch but not the charges that incur on cash payment.

You could find certain lenders not allowing bill payment by cash. If that remains the case, you can pay by cheque or demand draft at the nearest bank branch. However, the best option is to go online and pay the bill instantly for free. You can use the payment gateway option and pay via debit card or internet banking.

If you have the net banking access of the bank whose credit card you are using, you can pay the bill directly using that access. If you have net banking access of some other banks, you can add the card, whose bill you would want to pay, to your account first. Afterward, you can pay using the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT). You can even use the ‘Auto Pay’ option to ensure the bills are paid automatically from your bank account. This can be activated using the net banking or at the bank branch.

You can thus maintain a good credit score by paying dues on time using online methods.

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