How to Close/Cancel ICICI Credit Card?

How to Close/Cancel ICICI Credit Card?

Last Updated : Jan. 31, 2022, 11:58 a.m.

Whenever a person wants to upgrade his credit card then he wishes to close or cancel the current one. It is not easy for an individual to manage multiple credit cards therefore it is better to close them. So, if you are having an ICICI bank credit card and want to close it then you are at the right place. Here, you will learn how to close or cancel ICICI credit card. There are only three ways through which you can close your ICICI card and it is either through customer care number, email, or visiting the nearest ICICI branch. The easiest way to close your card is to send an email to the registered Email address of the ICICI Bank.

Processes of Closing or Cancelling ICICI Bank Credit Card

Here is the process to close the ICICI Bank Credit card:-

  • Check the ICICI Credit Card Status
  • Clear your ICICI Credit Card Bills
  • Redeem your Reward Points
  • Inform the Bank about the Closing of Card

Check the Status

First of all, you must check the current status of your ICICI Credit Card whether your card is active or inactive. If you don’t use your card for a long time then it might become inactive. So, check your card whether it is active or not, and if it is active and you are using it regularly then you must move to the next step.

Pay all Your Dues

Before you close your ICICI Credit Card, you should clear all the outstanding bills of your credit card. You can make the ICICI Credit Card Payment online and clear the dues. You cannot close your ICICI Bank Credit Card unless and until you clear all the outstanding bills and the balance remains zero.

Redeem Reward Points

Every credit card has a reward point offer and you might have earned a lot of reward points on the credit card you are closing. So, you must redeem all the accumulated reward points of your card before you send a closing email to the bank or initiate the closing process. You have multiple options to redeem your points and you can check your reward points balance by making an ICICI Credit Card Login .

Close or Cancel ICICI Bank Credit Card

The final step is to close the ICICI Bank credit card and you can do so through the following ways:-

Call on Customer Care Number

You can make a call on the ICICI Credit Card Customer Care Number 1860-120-7777 between 7 AM to 9 PM and request for the ICICI Bank Credit Card cancellation. But you will have to call from your registered mobile number. The customer care representative will help you to cancel your ICICI Credit Card.

Send an Email

You can also use your registered email ID to send an email to ICICI Bank to close ICICI Credit Card. You will have to send the mail to [email protected] and make sure you mention the last 4 digits of your ICICI Credit card and the personal details.

Visit the Nearest Branch

You can also visit the nearest branch of ICICI to cancel or close your ICICI Credit Card. All you have to do is to meet the manager or bank’s representative and ask them to close your card. They will assist you with the formalities that have to be done to close a credit card.

Write an Application

The last way to cancel or close the ICICI Bank Credit Card is to write an application along with personal details and send it to the address below:-

ICICI Bank Limited, ICICI Phone Banking Center, ICICI Bank Tower, 7th Floor, Survey Number- 115/27, Plot No. 12 Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Hyderabad, 500032.


Now you know how to close or cancel ICICI Credit Card through a customer care number or application. You can even send an email to ICICI Bank for the credit card closure. On the other hand, all the methods are easy to follow but make sure you also follow the prerequisites before making the credit card cancellation request.

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