How to Close or Cancel SBI Credit Card?

SBI Credit Cards have a lot of offers and benefits and you can experience them while using them. But if by any chance you are upgrading your SBI Credit Card and want to close the current one then you know how to do so. In this article, you must know how to close or cancel SBI Credit Card. There are two ways to close your card either through a toll-free number or submitting a written application to the bank. But there are certain things that you will have to do before you follow the cancellation process. Therefore, you can explore the whole process of closing or cancelling SBI Credit Card. Only the bank has the authority to close your credit card.

Process of Closing or Cancelling SBI Credit Card

Before you call on the toll-free number or submit a closing application to the bank, make sure you execute the following tasks:-

Check SBI Credit Card Status

Firstly, you must check the status of your SBI Credit card whether it is active or inactive. Sometimes your card might become inactive due to no usage at all. So, make an SBI Credit Card Login and check whether your SBI Credit Card is Active or not. If it is active and you are using it frequently then move to the next step.

Clear all Your Dues

Secondly, clear all the outstanding bills of your SBI Credit Card. If you have any outstanding bill on the SBI card that you are closing then you must pay the bills and clear your dues. The cancellation process will not be initiated until and unless you have zero outstanding amounts on your SBI Credit Card.

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Redeem Your Reward Points

Thirdly, if you have accumulated reward points on your SBI Credit Card then you must redeem all of them as soon as possible. Once you cancel your SBI Credit Card, you will have to redeem the reward points within 45 days. Therefore, you must redeem all the points before initiating the closing process.

Close or Cancel SBI Credit Card

Finally, initiate the Cancellation Process of your SBI Credit Card and it can be done through following ways:-

Call on the Toll-Free Number

If you want to cancel or close your SBI Credit Card then you can call on 1860-180-1290 and it is a toll-free number. You can also call on another number 39-02-02-02 but make sure you prefix your city’s STD code.

Submit a Written Application

You can also submit a written application to the State Bank of India and send it to “SBI Card, PO-Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi-110001”. Your application must only have the following details and you must strictly avoid sharing confidential information like Credit Card PIN or CVV number.

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • SBI Credit Card Number
  • Contact Details

Make sure you don’t do any further transactions after initiating the cancellation process.

Reasons for SBI Credit Card Cancellation

  • When a person is applying for a better version of SBI card then he cancels the current one.
  • When a person is using multiple credit cards and wants to confine it to one card only.
  • Sometimes, when a person is unable to afford the bills and annual fee of the SBI Credit Card.
  • When a person is using the SBI Credit Card lavishly and unable to manage it efficiently.
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The above methods will tell you how to close or cancel SBI Credit Card. You can close it through a written application or a toll-free number. But make sure that you fulfill the prerequisites of the cancellation process. After initiating the cancellation process, don’t use your SBI Credit Card for making any transaction.

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