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Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Last Updated : March 14, 2024, 12:33 p.m.

Many of you apply for a credit card for cashback, discounts, reward points and more. To enjoy all this you will need a good credit limit which matches your spending habits. What if we tell you that the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card comes with both? Upon using this Standard Chartered (SC) credit card, you will accumulate ₹18,000 cashback per annum. As for the credit limit, you just need to make sure you have a stable monthly income. Once you have that, you can get your SC card and start using it to avail of the benefits it has to offer. We have panned out all the details related to this SCB bank credit card, so read below to learn more.

SC Smart Credit Card – Features & Benefits

We’ve made it easy for you to view your SC card cashback benefits and discounts. Just take a look at the table below:

BenefitsTotal Value (Per Month)
Online Transactions₹1,000
Offline Transactions₹500
EMI TransactionsROI 0.99%
Interest-free TransactionsFirst 90 days

SC Online Transactions

We all shop online and if you have a long list for shopping, you must’ve been worried about the budget. So it is high time you get your Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card to work. Because when you shop online with this SC card, you will get 2% cashback per transaction. As for the utilities, they are also taken care of with the cashback offer.

The cashback offer applies to transactions made with billers falling under certain categories. These categories include:

  • Telecom : Payments made to telecom service providers.
  • Utilities : Payments for utility services such as electricity, water, and gas.

Note : Not all bill payments through Billdesk or StanChart Bill Pay will be eligible for cashback. Only payments made to billers falling within the specified categories (telecom and utilities) will qualify for the cashback offer.

SC Cashback Credit Card Offline Benefits

Now you must be making the transaction offline via your best cashback credit card from SCB bank, well you will earn benefits on that too. A 1% back will apply to your transactions, with a total savings of ₹500 per month.

Please do know that under SC card offline transactions, fuel transactions are not covered. This means you won’t get any money back for your fuel refills via credit card.

EMI Benefits

Unlock the benefits of an enticing interest rate of 0.99% per month on 3-month EMIs for eligible transactions, with no processing fee. Conveniently convert transactions into EMIs through phone banking, SMS, or online platforms, ensuring hassle-free financial management. Simply call SCB bank phone banking lines or send an SMS to initiate the process, or log in to online banking or SC mobile to convert eligible transactions into easy EMIs anytime, anywhere.

Interest Free Period

Suppose you’ve just obtained your new credit card. With the extended interest-free credit period, you can enjoy an additional 90 days of interest-free purchases. Here’s an example:

You make a purchase of ₹5,000 on the day you receive your credit card. Normally, you would have to pay the full amount by the due date to avoid interest charges. However, with the extended interest-free credit period, you can choose to pay only the minimum amount due, let’s say ₹500, by the due date.

For the next 90 days following the issuance of your credit card, you won’t incur any interest charges on the remaining ₹4500 balance. You can continue to make purchases during this period and only need to pay the minimum amount due each month.

This extended interest-free period provides you with greater flexibility and allows you to manage your expenses more comfortably during the initial months after receiving your credit card.


Joining Fee₹499
Renewal Fee₹499
Interest Rate3.75%
Supplementary card Joining/Annual FeeNIL
Late Payment Charges₹0- ₹1,200
Over Limit Fees₹500 or 2.5% of the overlimit
Cash Advance Fee₹300 or 3% of the amount
Surcharge on Fuel₹10 or 1% of the amount
Cheque Bounce Charges₹500


  • ₹0 Joining fee applies as a special offer (Not for existing SCB credit card users)
  • ₹0 Annual fee applies upon spending ₹1.2 Lakh/year from SCB bank credit card.

Apply For SC Smart Credit Card

No Documents Required When Applied Through Wishfin

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the minimum income needed for this credit card?

You will need a minimum monthly income of INR 25,000 or above in order to apply for this credit card.

2. Will I have to pay a different fee if I am an SCB employee?

No, the fee for all the applicants is the same that is INR 499 + Applicable Taxes.

3. What is the maximum cashback I can earn in a year?

If you make efficient use of the Smart credit card then you can earn a maximum cashback of INR 1000 on online transactions and INR 500 on offline transactions. So, it means you can earn INR 12000 as cashback yearly on online transactions and INR 6000 on offline transactions.

4. Are there any minimum transaction criteria to earn the cashback?

No, there are no minimum transaction criteria to earn the cashback whether you are earning it on offline transactions or online transactions.

5. Will I earn cashback on Fuel Transactions?

No, you will not earn any cashbacks on the fuel transactions.

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