How to Convert HDFC Credit Card Bill to EMI through SmartEMI?


  • Use the HDFC SmartEMI Facility if you are unable to Pay Hefty Bills.
  • Know the Steps to Convert HDFC Credit Card Bill to EMI through SmartEMI.
  • See the exclusions of this facility and major uses of it.

There are millions of HDFC Credit Card users in India and they are enjoying huge credit limits and exclusive offers on their credit cards. But it is a common fact that the more you use a credit card more payment you will have to make in the end. So, if your bill amount has reached up to a high amount and you are unable to pay it at once then you can convert the HDFC Credit Card Bill to EMI through SmartEMI. The SmartEMI feature will help you to convert your outstanding bill amount into EMIs. It enables the user to clear their bills through a monthly EMI rather than clearing the whole bill at once. Let’s explore the key features and working of the SmartEMI and see how you can convert your payments into EMIs.

Meaning of SmartEMI

SmartEMI is a new facility introduced by the HDFC Bank through which you can easily convert the outstanding bills of your HDFC Credit Card into EMI. On the other hand, you must qualify the eligibility criteria in order to enjoy this facility. Once you opt for the SmartEMI Conversion, the bank will block the rest of the credit limit of your HDFC Card.

But you can convert almost all your credit card payments into EMIs through this scheme if you are eligible for it. If you have used your credit card for buying gold or jewellery then you cannot take this facility from the bank. On the other hand, transactions that have crossed 60 days and above are not allowed for conversion.

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Steps to Convert HDFC Credit Card Payments, Transactions, or Bills to EMI

There are two ways for converting the outstanding bill of your credit card to EMI. The first method is through net banking and the second one is through phone banking. So, you must follow both the method for using this facility.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Conversion to EMI through Net Banking

  • Open your PC or Laptop and Log in to your HDFC Bank Net Banking account
  • Go to the Cards tab and then select the transact option.
  • Then choose the SmartEMI option.
  • Now an unbilled transactions page will appear in from of you.
  • Choose your specific HDFC Bank Credit Card.
  • In the transaction, type selects the Debit option and then select View.
  • Now an inventory of your Credit Card transactions entitled for SmartEMI will appear.
  • It will have the option of Click that will tell your eligibility.
  • Select the Click option to convert a particular transaction of your credit card.
  • Then a detailed summary of the transactions will appear that includes the card number, maximum spending limit, loan amount, interest rate, and tenure.
  • Select the tenure as per your choice for the repayment.
  • The rate of interest will be determined as per your eligibility and you can view the interest rate once you have chosen the tenure.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by selecting submit.
  • A final overview of the loan details will be shown to you. 
  • Once you confirm the transaction the bank will send an acknowledgement message and the loan number via SMS.
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Your loan application will get approved and you have converted your HDFC Credit Card Bill to EMI through SmartEMI. If you are using the HDFC net banking then you can only convert the unbilled amount into EMIs. In order to convert the billed amount, you will have to make use of phone banking.

Use Phone Banking to Convert HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill Payment to EMI

  • Search for the Customer Care Number of your Locality or City.
  • Call the executive and tell him about the tenure, amount, and interest rate.
  • Once you are eligible for the loan then the executive will convert the credit card bill amount to loan without any documentation.

Uses of SmartEMI

  • It will help you to convert the HDFC Credit Card Payments, Transactions, and Bill Amount to EMIs.
  • You will get rid of paying the whole credit card bill at once.
  • Your payments will be divided into EMIs so that you can afford it easily.

Exclusions of SmartEMI

  • Credit card used for buying gold or jewellery is not eligible for this facility.
  • Transactions that have crossed 60 days and above are excluded.


Well, after knowing all the steps and uses of SmartEMI you can easily Convert HDFC Credit Card Bill to EMI through SmartEMI. This feature will help you to easily afford the large payments of your HDFC Credit Card Bills. But remember the bank will charge applicable interest on the loan that is converted from the credit card bills.

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