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ICICI Credit Card Offers on SS App

ICICI Credit Card Offers on SS App

Last Updated : July 22, 2020, 12:48 p.m.

SS Application is a fitness and yoga online portal where you can take some yoga training and fitness advice through videos. You have to subscribe to this application and it is chargeable. Basically SS stands for Simple Soulful and it is introduced by Shilpa Shetty. This application provides you daily tips related to your diet plan, exercise, yoga, and many other things. But if you want to manage your fitness then you have to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fees. So it is better to know the discount deals available on the application before subscribing to it. Currently, there are ICICI Credit Card offers on SS App and you can enjoy a flat discount of 50% on the subscription fees.

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Offers Details of ICICI Credit Cards on Simple Soulful (SS) Application

  • Get 50% off on the monthly subscription of the Application.
  • Enjoy a Flat Discount of 50% on the Yearly Subscription of the Application.
  • Instant Discount of 50% on the Quarterly Subscription of the SS App.
  • This offer is only valid up to the 30 th of June 2020.
  • This offer is valid on all the ICICI Bank Credit Cards .

Types of Subscription

There are basically 3 types of subscriptions for the SS App by Shilpa Shetty . You can choose any plan as per your requirement.

  • Monthly Subscription and it costs ₹249.
  • Yearly Subscription and it costs ₹1299.
  • Quarterly Subscription and it costs ₹499.

Promo Codes to Activate 50% Discount through ICICI Credit Cards

Every subscription needs a different promo code to activate the discount of 50% through ICICI credit cards. So you must see all the promo code and enter them while subscribing to avail of the discounts.

  • Use the Promo Code ICICIM if you are taking a monthly subscription of the Shilpa Shetty application.
  • For the Quarterly Subscription of the Simple Soulful App, you must enter ICICIQ to activate the offer.
  • Use the Promo Code ICICIY if you are taking a monthly subscription to the SS application.

Terms and Conditions of the Offer

  • This offer starts from the 20 th of April to the 30 th of June 2020.
  • You have to use the ICICI Bank Credit Cards for making the payment.
  • This offer is Non-Transferable.
  • You cannot club this offer with any other offer.

Steps to Use this Offer

  • Download the Official Application of Simple Soulful or visit the “theshilpashetty” website.
  • Select the type of subscription you want to subscribe to.
  • Use the Coupon Code according to the subscription you have chosen.
  • Use your ICICI Credit Card for making the payment.
  • Now use the credentials and login to the application.


Now it would be cheaper for you to subscribe for the application once you the ICICI Credit Card offers on SS App. This application has premium content including immunity programs, goal-based programs, exercises, yoga, recipes, diet plan, and many other things. Therefore, you should keep yourself fit and healthy subscribe to the application as soon as possible. Use your ICICI Bank Credit Cards for making the payments and get flat 50% off on the subscription. Hurry up before this offer expires.

Disclaimer: All the information related to offers are subjected to their official website. Check the offer and validity of the offer first on the current date before using them.

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