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SBI Credit Card Offers on Medicine

SBI Credit Card Offers on Medicine

Last Updated : June 16, 2023, 12:36 p.m.

The State Bank of India has always impressed its customers with credit cards. The SBI credit cards have great offers and deals that allow the individuals to save a lot of extra bucks. Therefore, you can explore all the SBI Credit Card Offers on Medicine. Nowadays, medicines have become a basic necessity for many individuals for their survival and in recent years many online portals for selling medicine have been introduced. So the SBI credit Cards have great deals on Netmeds that is the online medicine selling portals. You can buy the medicine online instead of visiting the shops and enjoy heavy discounts on every transaction. So let’s take a look at the SBI credit card deals on pharmacy websites.

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SBI Credit Card Deals on Online Pharmacy Stores

All the SBI credit cards can be used on NetMeds to avail of the offers. There are no offers on the SBI Corporate Credit Cards. So, you must go through the offers that Netmeds have on the SBI Cards.

SBI Credit Cards offers on Netmeds

  • Enjoy a Flat Discount of 20% on the Cart Amount by making the payment from SBI Credit Card.
  • Get 20% NMS Supercash in the NMS Wallet once the medicines are delivered.
  • Use the Code SBI40 to activate the offer.
  • Use the Netmeds official website or mobile application for shopping.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid up to the 30 th of June 2020.
  • This offer is valid on all the SBI Credit Cards except the SBI corporate Credit Cards.
  • There will be no offer on the Non-Prescribed Medicines.
  • You cannot club this offer with any other offer.
  • The transaction must be done using an SBI Credit Card Only.

Steps to Use this Offer

  • Open the Netmeds Mobile Application or Official Website.
  • Select the medicines for ordering and only those medicines that are under prescription.
  • Go to the payment options and use the Code SBI40 to activate the discount.
  • Use your SBI Credit Card for making the payment.
  • A flat discount of 20% will be given on the cart value and 20% NMS Supercash will be credited after the delivery of the medicines.

Other Ways to Earn Reward Points through Medical Purchases

There are some SBI Credit Cards that earn reward points on several transactions. So, you can earn reward points using your SBI cards on Pharmeasy, Medlife, 1MG, and various other pharmacy websites. The online transactions will earn you more reward points than offline transactions. Use your SBI credit card and gather some reward points that can benefit you in the future to pay your SBI Credit Card bills.


Currently, this offer is only running of the SBI credit cards. You can make use of SBI credit card offers on Medicines and save a lot of extra bucks. Netmeds usually take 1-5 days to deliver the medicines depending upon your location. This offer is available on all the SBI Credit Cards but you can’t use the corporate credit card for availing the discounts.

Disclaimer: All the information related to offers are subjected to their official website. Check the offer and validity of the offer first on the current date before using them.

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