EPFO Withdrawal Claim Rules

epfo withdrawal claim rules


  • Learn the Steps to make an EPFO withdrawal claim online using UAN and Password.
  • Check the documents you might need while making the online EPFO claim.
  • Check out the rules when you want to make an EPFO withdrawal.

EPFO Withdrawal Claim Process | Check the Steps of the Online Process of EPF Withdrawal Claim

An employee can make partial withdrawals from his accumulated Provident Fund. You can withdraw the necessary funds by making the EPFO Claim Online simply by filling the form online. EPFO only permits employees to withdraw funds if the employee will link their Aadhar to their UAN. As a result, you can use the employee login portal to submit an EPF Claim Online. Here we will talk about the process as well as the PF withdrawal rules for an EPFO Claim.

Online Process of EPFO Withdrawal Claim

You must check the steps involved to file an EPFO Claim online. There are some simple steps that will definitely help you to make a withdrawal from your EPF balance.

  • To sign in, enter your UAN and Password at the UAN Member Portal.
  • Head over to the Online Services Tab from the extended list
  • Choose the Composite Claim (FORM-31, 19&10C) option
  • Then, you will be able to see the member details, KYC. Now you have to enter your account number which is already there in the EPFO database.
  • Once you have entered your account number, hit the verify button.
  • Agree to sign the Certificate of Undertaking.
  • Now click on “Proceed to claim option” to move onto the next page.
  • On the very next page, select the Form type  (Form 31,19,10C & 10D) that you want to apply for in “I want to Apply for” Section
  • In the next field you need to select the “Select Service” means the company you are working in.
  • Select the Purpose in the “Purpose for which advance box” for which you want to withdraw the PF amount. At the same time you can also see the employees who are not eligible for the withdrawal in the Red Warning Box.
  • Now enter the Withdrawal Amount you want to claim in  “Amount of advance box.”
  • Provide the employee address (Locality, Street, State, City, 6 digit Pin code)
  • Now you need to upload your Bank Passbook/ cheques scanned copy (Note* Make sure that the Passbook /cheque have your Complete Name, Bank account No & IFSC code clearly mentioned on it)
  • Authorize by clicking the checkbox.
  • To validate your Aadhar Card Number click on “ Get Aadhar OTP “ and enter the 6 digit OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number. Validate your OTP and Submit the Claim form.
  • Now you can see, your application has been submitted successfully.
  • Once you submit the application successfully you can download your claim receipt for further reference and you have to click on the “Click Here” to view the PDF file.

The EPFO will send you a claim notification to your registered mobile phone number. Although there is no set period for the transfer of money, it may take up to 15-20 days for the withdrawn funds to reflect in your account.

EPFO Withdrawal Claim Rules

Once you decide to withdraw the PF amount to meet your financial emergency, there are some PF withdrawal rules that you might need to look out before filling forms for EPFO claim online.

  • The member shall activate their UAN (Universal Account Number), and the mobile number used to activate the UAN must be operational is the first and basic rule of the EPF withdrawal rules.
  • While submitting the claim, the member’s Aadhar details should be present in the EPFO and the member should use the OTP option to validate e-KYC from UIDAI.
  • The EPFO database should be up to date with the member’s bank account information, including the IFSC code.
  • If the service period is shorter than 5 years, then the member’s Permanent Account Number (PAN) shall be revised in the EPFO database for PF Final Settlement Claims.
  • After your retirement, you can withdraw the whole EPF balance.
  • According to EPFO, the earliest retirement age is 55 years.
  • According to the EPF withdrawal rules, EPFO only permits partial withdrawals if there is a medical emergency, higher education, property purchase, or construction which is also subject to the years of service/membership with EPFO.
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When Can I Withdraw my PF Partially?

There are several reasons when you can partially withdraw from the PF account. However, EPFO needs to permit the withdrawal in case of partial withdrawal. EPFO generally permits the withdrawal, in case of an emergency or an unexpected expense. The eligibility for different types of partial withdrawals are below:

Reasons for Partial Withdraw or Advance Withdrawal

There are a number of purposes when you can apply for a partial withdrawal. However, considering the PF advance withdrawal processing time might be a good idea before applying for a partial withdrawal. Some of the reasons to apply for a partial withdrawal are :

Purchase of Land for Construction of the House

  • The land should be in your name and/or spouse.
  • You should be an EPF member, at least 5 years old.
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn should be equal to your 24 months basic wages and dearness allowance.
  • Your contribution along with the employer’s contribution plus the interest.
  • The actual cost that was payable while acquiring the property.

Purchase or Construction of a House

  • The house should be in the name of the individual and/or spouse.
  • Borrower should be an at least 5 year old EPF member.
  • The maximum amount you are willing to withdraw should not exceed 36 month’s basic pay and dearness allowance of the member.
  • Member’s as well as the employer’s share of contribution along with the interest.
  • The total cost of construction.

Home Renovation

  • The home that you want to renovate should be under the name of the member and/or spouse.
  • The EPF membership should be at least 5 years old.
  • Maximum amount withdrawn should not be more than the total of 12 months basic wage and the dearness allowance of the member.
  • The Member’s share of contribution plus interest.

Medical Emergencies

  • Should be specifically either the member’s medical treatment or any of the member’s family members.
  • There is no limit for the EPF membership in this type of withdrawal.
  • The withdrawal amount can be a maximum of 6 months basic pay of the member along with the dearness allowance.
  • Member’s share of contribution along with the interest.
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  • Can be either the member’s own marriage or of someone who is in blood relation with the member.
  • You can complete the withdrawal only after 7 years of EPF membership.
  • The only amount that can be withdrawn is 50% of the employee’s share of contribution along with the interest.

Higher Education

  • Education can be of either the member’s son or daughter after 10th class.
  • Can only withdraw if the membership is of more than 7 years.
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 50% of the employee’s share of contribution plus interest.

Non-Receipt of Wages

  • No limit on the EPF membership.
  • Can only be withdrawn if the employee has not received his wage for 2 consecutive months. ( Reasons other than strike)
  • In case of a lockout or closure of the establishment for more than 15 days.
  • If the employees are under unemployment without compensation.
  • The maximum amount that can be claimed is the employee’s share along with the interest.

Member’s Dismissal

  • The EPFO claim can be made in case of Discharge/Dismissal/retrenchment of the member challenged by him /her in the court.
  • No limit of the EPF membership.
  • A maximum of 50% of the employee’s share along with the interest.

In Case of Establishment’s Closure

  • The claim can be made if the establishment’s been shut for over 6 months and the employees are kept without compensation.
  • No limit on the EPF membership.
  • In such an event, you can withdraw 100% of the Employee’s share along with the interest.

Job Loss

  • If an employee is under unemployment for a continuous period of not less than a month.
  • EPF membership is not under consideration.
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is evaluated as 75% of the total EPF balance i.e. member’s and the employer’s share and the interest amount.
  • You can withdraw the remaining 25%  after being jobless for a continuous period of two months.

In Case of Pandemic

  • In case of a pandemic emergency, a withdrawal can be made only if the area is declared to be affected by the pandemic.
  • Membership isn’t considered in case of a pandemic.
  • Withdrawal’s maximum amount is set to be either 3 month’s basic wages and dearness allowance of the member or 75% of the total EPF balance which includes the member’s share along with the employer’s share plus interest.

Withdrawal Within One Year Before Retirement

  • If the member has attained 54 years of age or within 1 year before his actual retirement, on superannuation, whichever is later.
  • The maximum withdrawal can be up to 90% of the EPF balance i.e. Member’s share plus employer’s share and the interest amount.

For Repayment of Housing Loan

  • The Loan you are repaying should be in the name of Individual and/or spouse.
  • You can withdraw only if you hold 10 years of EPF membership.
  • The maximum amount you are willing to withdraw shall not exceed 36 months’ basic wages and dearness allowance of a member.
  • Member’s share of contribution along with employer’s share of contribution.
  • Amount of outstanding principal and interest of the loan that is repayable including the interest.
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Apart from the purposes above, an employee can claim an advance or withdrawal from his EPF account for the below scenarios–

  • In case the injury is caused to the member by any exceptional natural calamity like earthquake, floods, etc. If a member is injured by riots, then the scenario shall also be considered.
  • If a member gets affected by any of the establishment’s electric shortcoming.
  • Any purchase of the equipment that is to be used by physically handicapped members.

Documents Required for EPF Withdrawal

You do not need to provide any documentation to register an EPF claim online; however, you must upload a scanned copy of your cheque or passbook on the EPFO member Portal.

The bank account number, IFSC code, and name should all be visible and readable on the cheque/passbook. If the scanned copy of the cheque is not readable, the EPFO claim might get rejected.


1. How to Withdraw PF Money Online from EPFO?

You can submit your withdrawal form along with your UAN number by signing in to the UAN member portal online to withdraw PF money online from EPFO.

2. How to Claim EPF Online?

If you wish to raise an EPF claim online, you can simply do it by submitting an EPF amount online by uploading a copy of your Bank’s passbook/cheque and by performing an e-sign with the help of your Aadhaar card. You can further download the claim receipt for future reference.

3. What is the Process of EPF Withdraw?

Submit the form on the online UAN Member’s Portal by providing your UAN number along with your KYC and some other details. Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw along with your address and a copy of your bank’s cheque/passbook. Validate the form by e-signing it with the help of your Aadhaar card. Download the claim receipt for any further reference.

4. Can I withdraw full money from my PF account?

You can withdraw your PF balance either as a whole or partially. However, if you completely withdraw your PF amount after retirement or unemployment for more than two months. Along with an attestation from a gazetted office, the money can be withdrawn.

5. What happens if PF is not transferred?

If an employee does not transfer his EPF account after changing his job, the interest on the PF account will be taxable from the PF account’s last transaction month. An EPF contributor who has left the EPF account will continue to earn the EPF interest for 3 years after he attains the age of 58 years, according to the EPF withdrawal rules. However, the PF income shall remain taxable.


Now you know the process of making an EPFO Online Claim via the EPFO official website. The online claim helps you to withdraw money from your EPF account and use it in case of an emergency. On the other hand, you will always need an UAN and a password to log in and initiate the claim process. After making the claim, the withdrawn amount usually takes about 15 to 20 days to get credited into your bank account.