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How to Link Aadhaar with Different Services?

How to Link Aadhaar with Different Services?

Last Updated : Nov. 13, 2019, 5:17 p.m.

There is no deadline to link Aadhaar with PAN card, bank accounts, insurance policies, among others. If you have completed the Aadhaar Seeding process, you must be focusing on making Christmas and New Year’s plans freely. Just in case if you have not yet done it, here is the detailed information on the services that have to be linked with Aadhaar number, the deadline, various ways to do it, and also what happens if you fail to do it. If we talk about the latest Aadhaar update, t he Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced face authentication , which is an additional Aadhaar security feature.

What are the details of Linking Aadhaar with services?

Have a look at the details for linking Aadhaar with each of the services and the important information regarding each of them.

Services to be linked with Aadhaar Last Date Different mediums to link Consequences
PAN Card No Last Date -Through Income Tax Department’ e-filing
-ITR won’t be processed.
-A notice under ITR section 142 (1) will be issued.
-A penalty of ₹5,000 for not filing ITR on time.
-You will not be able to carry forward the capital loss, business loss, etc.
-Refunds shall not be granted in case ITR is not processed.
-Interest under section 234 A, B, C will be levied as per the tax payable.
Mobile Number No Last Date -SMS
-Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
-Deactivation of your Mobile Number
-Blocked to File Income Tax Returns
-Blocked to pay utility bills online or to engage in any purchase/sell of any commodity
Bank Account No Last Date -Online through Net Banking
-Through Bank Branch
-Customer Care
-Blocked from Internet Banking, Transfer of money, Withdrawal or deposits.
-No benefit of Government Schemes.
Credit Card No Last Date -Automatic if the bank account is linked else through Bank Branch
-Customer Care
Credit Card will be blocked
Mutual Funds No Last Date -Online Procedure through Registrar and Transfer Agent
-Registering with mutual fund house
-Physical KYC
-Transactions to buy or sell your mutual fund units will be blocked
-Folios without Aadhaar number leads to closing of your existing mutual fund accounts.
Insurance Policy No Last Date -Internet Banking
-Offline via Branch
-Blocked from availing any benefits from your insurance companies.
-Delay in transferring claims from insurance company to your bank account.

Latest Update – Link Aadhaar with Virtual ID

On Wednesday, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) introduced a ‘Virtual ID’ through which you can link your Aadhaar without sharing the Aadhaar number with the service provider. This virtual ID can be generated from the official website of Aadhaar as many times as you want. The ID can be used for various purposes such as SIM verification.

The initiative has been taken in order to protect the privacy of the Aadhaar card holder and hence give them an option to avoid sharing their Aadhaar number at the time of authentication. The ‘Virtual ID’would be a random 16-digit number. Any authorized agency will be able to do the verification by using the ‘Virtual ID’ along with the biometrics of the user as limited details like name, address and photograph are only required for the verification.

The ‘Virtual ID’ will be a temporary and revocable number mapped to a person’s Aadhaar number and the Aadhaar-issuing body started from March 1, 2018.

From June 1, 2018 it has been made compulsory for all agencies that undertake authentication to accept the ‘Virtual IDs’ from the users. It has also been said that the agencies that do not migrate to the new system will face financial disincentives.

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