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Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card vs Axis ACE Credit Card

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card vs Axis ACE Credit Card

Last Updated : March 4, 2023, 5:09 p.m.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card both offer amazing offers to customers. However, several factors distinguish them. The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card is designed for those who want a premium experience, travel benefits, and shopping vouchers. You will also receive benefits such as exclusive weekends, dining delights, milestone benefits, welcome bonuses, reward points, and many more. The Axis Ace Credit Card, on the other hand, is one of the least expensive credit cards available. Furthermore, the bank has created it for those seeking high-value back rewards at a low annual fee. Dive deeper into this article to understand the difference between Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card: Benefits and Features

Axis Bank Credit Card is creating hype in the market by offering an end number of offers to customers. Moreover, you can find a credit card that will fully fill all your needs. Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card offers 12,500 Edge Reward Points on joining, insurance, and other benefits. However, the Axis Ace Credit Card offers lounge airport visits, cashback, etc.

Here you can find in detail the basic difference between the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card:

Points of Difference Axis Privilege Credit Card Axis ACE Credit Card
Welcome Benefits Activation benefit of 12,500 eDGE Reward points, redeemable against select Multi Brand vouchers* worth Rs. 5,000 NA
Milestone Benefits - Upon achieving spends milestone of Rs. 2.5 lakh, Convert your earned eDGE Reward points to select Multi Brand vouchers* worth twice the value. NA
Dining Benefits Get 20% off on more than 4000 restaurants in India. Enjoy 20% off at more than 4000 restaurants in India.
Reward Points - 10 Axis EDGE Reward points on every Rs. 200 spent on the credit card domestically/internationally. Cashback Rewards
Airport Lounge Access - 2 Complimentary access per calendar quarter to select domestic lounges Avail 4 per calendar year at domestic airports.
Additional Benefits - Annual Fee waiver on spends of Rs. 2.5 lacs in anniversary year, For Priority account holders - Activation benefit is 6250 points redeemable for Rs. 2500 and First year fee waiver.

- 1% Fuel surcharge waiver on spends at all fuel stations across India
- 5% cashback on Utility bill payments
(electricity, internet, gas and more),
DTH and mobile recharges on Google Pay.

- 4% cashback on Swiggy, Zomato and Ola

- 2% cashback on all other spends

Axis Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card: Fees and Charges

When comparing these two Axis Bank Credit Cards, you will notice several differences between them. Privilege Axis Card is classified as a premium credit card. The Ace Axis Credit Card , on the other hand, is one of the best Axis credit cards for people with low income.

Check out the fee and charges for the credit cards:

Particulars Privilege Credit Card ACE Credit Card
Joining Fee INR 1500

Priority customers, on the other hand, are exempt from the joining fee.
INR 499

Joining fee could be reversed by spending INR 10,000 within 45 days of card issuance.
Annual Charges INR 1500

By spending INR 2.5 lakhs per year, you can avoid paying the annual fees for the Privilege Card.
INR 499

Annual fee waived on annual spend of more than INR 2 lakh.
Add-on Card Joining Fee NIL No Add-on Card Facility
Add-on Card Annual Fee NIL Ace card didn’t offer Add-on card feature
Finance Charges 3.40% per month 3.6% per month
Cash Withdrawal Fees 2.5% 2.5%
Cash Payment INR 100 INR 100
Card Replacement NIL NIL
Duplicate Statement Fee Waived Waived
Late Payment Fee - For payments of less than INR 500, there is no late fee.
- You must pay INR 500 for amounts ranging from INR 501 to INR 5000.
- A fee of up to INR 750 would be charged for amounts ranging from INR 5001 to INR 10,000.
- If the amount exceeds INR 10,000, you must pay up to INR 1200.
- You didn't have to pay anything if your total was less than INR 500.
- Pay INR 500 for amounts between INR 501 and INR 5000.
- For amounts ranging from INR 5001 to INR 10,000 you have to pay INR 750.
- You must pay INR 1200 to any amount greater than INR 10,000.
Over Limit Penalty 2.5% 2.5%
Outstation Cheque Fee Waived Waived
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee 3.50% 3.5%
Reward Redemption Fee YES NO

Which is better: Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card or the Axis Ace Credit Card?

We all need financial assistance in our life to meet all our needs. Furthermore, there are numerous methods available today. A credit card, on the other hand, is one of the most practical and simple options. Today, many banks offer credit cards to their customers. It is because they are the most convenient way for us to obtain immediate financial assistance. Moreover, they are well-equipped to provide us with a variety of other advantages.

Axis Bank has been competing by offering the best credit cards . Now you must be skeptical while thinking about which card you should opt for the Axis Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card. Both are exceptional in their fields, and a large number of people rely on them. Furthermore, if you enjoy traveling, shopping vouchers, and welcome bonuses, the Privilege Credit Card is for you. It is because it is a luxurious credit card with an endless list of benefits.

Consequently, various people are more inclined towards cashback. Therefore, those customers should go for the Ace credit card as it offers 5% cashback on paying utility bills. In addition, it can be obtained by just paying INR 499. Furthermore, both these Axis Credit cards offer amazing benefits. However, the Privilege credit card includes insurance and welcome benefits that the Ace card does not. Besides this, if you travel frequently, both credit cards are viable options.


A credit card is an excellent choice. However, to reap the majority of the benefits, you should maintain a good CIBIL Score. Both the Axis Privilege Credit Card vs Axis Ace Credit Card are excellent choices. As a result, you should first assess your basic requirements. However, after that, you should buy a card. It is required unless you want to end up paying a fee for a credit card you didn’t need. As a result, evaluate all of your needs first, and then choose between the two cards.

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