Cashback Credit Card vs Travel Credit Card


  • Compare the Cashback Credit Cards and Travel Credit Cards.
  • See the differences between these two cards and understand their features.
  • Check the offers available on the Cashback and Travel Credit Card.

There are many categories of credit cards and they have unique offers in their respective categories. In this article, we will target the major differences between the Cashback Credit Card vs Travel Credit Card. You can see that the card’s name defines their meanings. If you want to enjoy the cashback benefits then cashback credit cards would be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to cut off your traveling expenses then you can use the Travel Credit card. So, it is necessary to know the difference between these two cards so that you can choose one as per your needs. Both of these credit cards are unique in their own way and they will help you to save some extra money from your expenses.

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Comparison of Cashback and Travel Credit Cards

Basis of DifferenceCashback Credit CardTravel Credit Card
MeaningThe credit cards having the majority of features and benefits as cashback are known as the Cashback Credit Cards. They allow individuals to earn cashback in any category.The credit cards whose features and benefits are majorly related to discount, reward points, and cashback on traveling expenses are known as the travel credit card. These credit cards allow you to enjoy offers in the traveling categories.
OffersThe offers on these credit cards can be in any category whether grocery, dining, traveling, utility bill payment, or others.Travel credit cards have offers on flight bookings, cab bookings, hotel bookings, and other expenses related to travel. The foreign markup fee of these cards is also nominal so that you can make cheap international transactions. These cards earn miles and reward points on travel transactions.
SuitabilityThe cashback credit cards are suitable for monthly expenses like grocery spends, dining spends, utility bill payments, electronic purchases, and household transactions.The travel credit card is best for traveling expenses like hotel bookings, flight bookings, Cab Bookings, and Bus bookings.
Preferred WebsitesCashback Credit Cards are preferred for:-
- Grofers
- Flipkart
- Myntra
- Amazon
- Payment Gateway Websites
Travel Credit Cards are Preferred for:-
- MakemyTrip
- Goibibo
- Cleartrip
- Yatra
- Redbus
Types of Credit CardsTypes of Cashback Credit Cards:-
- Citibank Cashback Credit Card
- SBI Card Prime
- SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card
- HDFC Moneyback Credit Card
- ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card
Types of Travel Credit Cards:-
- Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card
- InterMiles ICICI Rubyx Credit Card
- HDFC All Miles Credit Card
- Etihad Guest SBI Card
- Yatra SBI Card
- Air India SBI Signature Card
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Now you know the major difference between the Cashback Credit Card vs Travel Credit Card. Both of them have unique features and benefits that will allow you to save some extra bucks. If you are a frequent traveler then the Travel Credit Card would be a suitable option for you. On the other hand, if you want to save money from the monthly expenses then you must go through the list of cashback credit cards.

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