Hack Proof Credit Cards are Here! Are You Aware With Them?

Well, this news is shocking, but it is absolutely true that credit cards have been facing the information leakage problems because of the security issues. This issue is very serious as large numbers of people are facing the losses, and the most important part is that the hackers are untraceable. Moreover, the credit card numbers and other important information of these cards actually helps the hackers to swipe it for anything they are willing to spend on. Furthermore, it might be because credit cards are quite easy to hack, but not anymore.

Yes, you heard that right, now you don’t need to worry and have a reason to smile as scientists have developed a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. Moreover, with this new development of technology, the scientists are leaving no stone unturned to protect your credit card from hackers. They have developed a chip which works perfect in such a way that it is virtually not possible to hack the credit cards. Also, it prevents the information of your credit card from being leaked.

Some features of the new technology- how it works:

  • When it comes to this hack proof chip, it prevents the side channel attacks. Moreover, these attacks further analyze the patterns of the memory access, when the device is performing the key operation of cryptographic. As far as cryptographic key is concerned, it is nothing but a piece of information in order to determine the cryptographic algorithm. Well it is said that the algorithm can be leaked by the given cryptographic key information.
  • The best thing is that it is so fully secure that a hacker would need to do the algorithm n numbers of time in order to get the leakage to know the complete secret.
  • The best way to avoid these side channel attacks is to keep on changing the secret keys on a regular basis. The main server runs a random number generator that actually clearly shows one different secret key, when a transaction is made.
  • Furthermore, this system still holds the vulnerability, and in case of a power malfunction, it would not be wrong to say that the RFID chip will repeatedly cut at the same time when the secret key is changed. Then, the hacker can run the side channel attacks and the same key is putted thousands of times.
  • More to the point, there has been the use of power glitch attacks so as to put the dodging limits to the number of times an incorrect password have been actually tried in devices which are password protected. While in case with RFID, tags are endangered because the readers can change them and they do not have the power availability on board as well.
  • Actually, there are two innovations that allow the RFID chip to avert the power malfunctions. There is an on-chip supply of power, when connected to the chip circuitry will possibly to cut virtually.
  • In fact, a set of non-volatile memory cells usually help in storing the data, when the chip is working.
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Furthermore, in both innovations mentioned above, one unique type of material is used, commonly known as the ferroelectric crystals.

  • This material is rich in molecules which are synchronized in a regular 3-D lattice. The positive as well as negative charges produce the electrical polarization, when they get separated in each cell of the lattice.
  • This polarization of cells can easily be aligned in either of the two directions by the application of the electric field. And, the cells usually maintain the polarization on the removal of the electric field.
  • In a nutshell, if these RFID chips are adopted wisely, it would not be wrong to say that no hacker will be able to steal the numbers of your credit cards along with any of the information related to it. Moreover, these tech-friendly burglars will not be able to swipe your cash off now, and you can use your credit card every time tension free.

Hack Credit Cards Online

Here comes the good news for all the credit card users out there. Now, with the availability of hack proof credit cards, you don’t need to worry at all. Yes, these hack proof credit cards with their unmatched feature and impeccable benefits are here to give you the safety as well as security at its best. The best thing about these cards is the fact that they are hack proof which means they give you total safety and security from hackers. No matter what sort of trap hackers prepare to capture or stole the confidential details of your card, but with this latest technology enhancement, it is not possible for the hackers to drag the information of your card. So, now you don’t have to worry, just live a tension-free life.

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(Updated on: 27th August, 2016)

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