HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card vs Moneyback Credit Card


  • Detailed Comparison of HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card and HDFC Moneyback Credit Card.
  • Compare all the offers that are available on both the cards.
  • See the Fees and Other charges and decide which card is better.

Nowadays everyone selects a credit card on the basis of features rather than choosing it on the basis of fees or credit limit. If a credit is having great offers then some individuals compromise the joining and renewal fees. Similarly, some individuals get confused about choosing between the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card vs Moneyback credit card because both of them have the same fees. But both the credit cards have unique features. So, let’s have a look at the differences between the offers, features, and benefits of both the cards. After seeing the comparison it would be easier for you to differentiate between both the credit cards.

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    Comparison Chart of HDFC Snapdeal and HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

    Basis of DifferenceHDFC Snapdeal Credit CardHDFC Moneyback Credit Card
    Welcome Offer- Get an E-Voucher of Snapdeal worth ₹2000 within 30 Days of card issuance.
    - Get 500 Reward Points as the welcome benefits.
    There is no Welcome offer available on this credit card.
    Reward Point OffersOn every spend of ₹150 earn 2 reward points.Earn 2 Reward Points on every expenditure of ₹150.
    Reward Points RedemptionRedeem all the reward points at the official website of HDFC Rewards.- Redeem the Reward Points against the outstanding bill of your credit card.
    - 100 Reward Points make ₹20.
    Online Shopping- Enjoy a Flat Discount of 5% on shopping from SnapDeal.
    - Earn 20 Reward Points on every ₹150 spend on SnapDeal.
    Double your reward points through online shopping.
    Fuel Surcharge DiscountGet a discount of 1% on the fuel surcharge of 2.5%.Get a 100% fuel surcharge waiver with a maximum of ₹250 per month.
    Milestone BonusThere is no milestone bonus in the HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card.Reach the transaction limit of ₹50000 and get an e-voucher of ₹500.
    Safety FeaturesThis credit card is protected with an EMV chip and a PIN.The EMV Chip and the PIN protects the card from fraudulent activities.

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    Difference Between Fee of Snapdeal Credit Card and Moneyback Credit Card by HDFC

    Eligibility Criteria for Both the Cards

    Eligibility CriteriaHDFC Snapdeal Credit CardHDFC Moneyback Credit Card
    Minimum Age For Self Employed21 Years21 Year
    Maximum Age For Self Employed65 Years65 Years
    Minimum Age For Salaried21 Years21 Years
    Maximum Age For Salaried60 Years60 Years


    Well, you can see that both the credit cards have almost the same offers and benefits. So, you can apply for any credit card. After going through all the comparison you can make out which card is better. Both the credit cards have the opportunity to earn reward points but the process of earning is different. First of all, you should analyze your expenses and then according to it apply for a suitable credit card. In the whole competition between HDFC Snapdeal Credit Card vs Moneyback Credit Card, it is clear that the Snapdeal Credit Card has the majority of offers related to Snapdeal whereas the Moneyback Credit card can be used as a whole. The ball is in your court and you have to decide the best HDFC Credit Card for your self.

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