How to Manage Credit Cards after Coronavirus Slowdown ?


  • Tips to Manage your Credit Card during the Coronavirus Slowdown.
  • Maintain Social Distance and make use of Online Shopping through the Credit Card.
  • Avoid Visiting Bank’s Branch and ATMs to avoid community spread of the Virus.

There are lakhs of individuals in India who are using credit cards to enjoy the day to day benefits on online transactions. But the Corona Virus Outbreak has slowdown the online expenditure of the individuals. Now, it becomes really difficult for the credit cardholder to manage credit cards after Coronavirus Slowdown. But there are some measures in this article through which you can manage your credit cards even after the slowdown caused by the Corona Virus. These measures will help you to deal with the Corona Virus issue and prevent it from spreading among people or a community.

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Manage Credit Cards Smartly During the Covid-19 Crisis

  • Try to make the use of only one credit card if you have multiple cards because it will help you to deal with the Coronavirus Slowdown.
  • Stop Social Contacting and prefer doing online transactions through a credit card.
  • Manage your monthly expenses and indirectly your Credit Card will be managed automatically.
  • Pay the Credit Card Bills online instead of visiting the bank’s branch.
  • Purchase expensive items on EMIs so that you can overcome the burden of credit card bills at the end of the month.
  • Make the optimum utilization of your reward points so that you can reduce the direct expenditure from the credit card.
  • Don’t make a habit of paying the minimum due amount balance of the credit card. Pay minimum due amount only when it is the last option.
  • Keep a Social Distance and avoid visiting ATM Machines to withdraw cash using a credit card.

Let’s see all these measures in detail of managing the credit card after Coronavirus Slowdown. You must learn how to manage your credit cards in a smart way in order to encounter the financial crisis happening due to the virus.

Use One Credit Card

There are some individuals who use multiple credit cards and in such a crisis it becomes difficult to manage all of them. Firstly, you must see which credit card has the facility of balance transfer and then you must transfer the balance of all other cards on that credit card. This small step will help you to manage only one credit card instead of using different cards.

On the other hand, if it is possible then you must close the other cards as it will help you to save the annual fees and other card related expenses and charges. This smart move of balance transfer will keep you apart from the unnecessary expenses that might occur just because of other credit cards.

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Prefer Online Transactions

As we all know that Corona Virus Spreads from Social Contacting and if you start doing online transactions you can stop it from spreading. Online transactions don’t need to get into direct contact with the seller. You can buy anything online and get it delivered safely at your home without getting in contact with any other individual except the delivery boy.

Basically during these crises, the individual needs to fulfill their basic necessity that is to buy eatables and other food-related items. There are some online stores from where you can order food items like BigBasket, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Fresh, and Grofers. Use your credit card for purchasing the grocery items from these online stores. You use your credit card smartly during the Coronavirus Slowdown.

Not only the online expenditure will prevent the Corona Virus from spreading but also it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the discount and great deals on the online food store. Avoid going to the ATM Machines to withdraw cash because it is not safe and ATM withdrawals from credit cards are chargeable. You must also avoid visiting the stores and using the POS machine for making the payment.

There are also some people who are stuck in PGs and flats whose lunch and dinner depends on the local restaurants. They are working from home. But according to the government guidelines, all the restaurants need to be closed. Therefore in such a crisis, you can order food from Zomato using your credit card and get the food delivered at your home. Try to use your credit card to purchase the necessity rather than using it for doing unwanted transactions.

Watch Your Monthly Expenses

If you are using a credit card and using it regularly then it is obvious that you have to clear the credit card bill at the end of the month. But due to the slowdown, many corporate companies have cut off their employee’s salary and as a result, it is obvious that your monthly budget will get disturbed. On the other hand, self-employed individuals are also affected because of the lockdown and their revenue has also decreased.

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So, now you must keep an eye on your monthly expenses because the more you spend the more you have to pay on the due date. Managing your unnecessary expenses will automatically manage your credit card during this Corona Virus Slowdown

Pay Credit Card Bills Online

You must try to make the payment of your credit card bills online through Mobile Application or Net Banking. Do not visit the bank’s branch to make the payment through cash or a cheque. Stay at home and use the online platform for making the payment of the credit card bills. You must be aware that the Cash and Cheque payments of the credit card bills are chargeable so avoid doing that and use the online modes of payment.

You can simply give the standing instruction to the bank to deduct the amount of the credit card bill from your savings account at the time of bill generation. This mode of payment will help you to clear the credit card bills on time without paying any extra charges and without visiting the bank.

Make Use of EMI Transactions

There are some credit cards that have the option to convert a transaction into an EMI transaction. So, you must prefer converting the purchase into EMIs because during these financial crises it would be easier to pay the EMI rather than paying the full amount to purchase an expensive commodity. This is how you can manage credit cards after Coronavirus Slowdown. There is an interconnection between the financial crisis and the Corona Virus Outbreak. Therefore, you can manage your financial crisis with the help of a credit card but you have to use it very smartly.

Use Reward Points

Most of the credit cards have the offer to earn reward points by doing various transactions. So, you must try to utilize the reward points instead of paying the full amount through credit card. The reward points will cut off your expenses and thus decreases your monthly credit card bill. Manage your credit card expenses through the reward points earned earlier on the credit card.

Pay Minimum Due Amount when it is Necessary

There are some credit cardholders who make a habit of paying the minimum due amount of the credit card and avoid the full payment. As a result, the bank charges interest on the remaining amount and you have to pay an extra penny on the bills. Therefore, during such a crisis you must make full payment of your credit card bills rather than making the minimum amount due payment.

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You must only pay the minimum due amount when you have the last option and don’t’ have the budget to pay the full amount. This method can be followed for one or two months only but regularity in paying the minimum due amount only will create a financial burden on you and it will be not easy to overcome the crisis during the Coronavirus Slowdown. So, pay the minimum amount due only when it is needed.

Don’t Withdraw Cash from ATMs

The Indian Government is advising not to come out of your houses unless and until it is very necessary. So, stop visiting ATM machines to withdraw cash from the credit card. On the one hand, it is not safe and you might get in contact with the people and on the other hand, Cash withdrawals from the ATM machines are chargeable and it includes a huge amount of interest. To avoid financial slowdown due to Corona Virus you must stop visiting ATM machines for cash withdrawal. Social distancing is necessary to stop the Corona Virus from spreading.

Set Your Transaction Limit

You must set your transaction limit below the maximum limit provided by the bank. Never use your full credit limit because it will not easy for you to clear huge debts in such a financial crisis. If you set a transaction limit then it will prevent you from making unnecessary expenses and thus you can survive in the Corona Virus Slowdown.


Now you know how to manage credit cards after the Coronavirus Slowdown and you must also see that using the online platform for payments can reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Apply all the above activities to manage your card effectively during the mild financial crisis occurring due to the Covid-19 Disease. These activities will definitely help you to manage your credit card during the Coronavirus Slowdown and prevents it from spreading further.

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