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Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card vs ICICI Coral Credit Card

Amazon Pay ICICI vs ICICI Coral Card Which one to choose

Nowadays, people use credit cards to save some extra bucks on various brands and on shopping. Some of them enjoy the credit facility on the card but most of the other users make the optimum use of the card through their offers. On the other hand, due to the availability of thousands of credit cards, it becomes confusing for an individual to choose the best card for themselves. In this article, you can spot the major differences between Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card vs ICICI Coral Credit Card. These cards have a lot of offers and the individuals are in the dilemma of choosing only one card. But once you understand all the differences between these cards then you can easily apply for anyone.

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Comparison of ICICI Amazon Pay and Coral Credit Card

Basis of DifferenceAmazon Pay ICICI Credit CardICICI Coral Credit Card
Cashback Offer and Reward Points- Enjoy a Cashback of 5% on Amazon if you are a prime member of Amazon.
- Get 3% Cashback on Amazon through this card if you are a non-prime member.
- Enjoy 2% Cashback by using this card on Amazon Pay at 100+ partnered merchants of Amazon.
- Have a Cashback of 1% on all other categories like shopping, insurance, dining, and holidays.
- Earn 2 PayBack Points by spending ₹100 on all the categories except fuel purchases.
- Get 1 PayBack Point on the expenditure of every ₹100 on utility bills and insurance.
- Spend ₹2 Lacs in a year and earn 2000 PayBack Points and earn extra 1000 Payback Points on spending ₹1 Lac more in a Year.
- You can earn a maximum of 10000 Payback Points in a year on this credit card.
Dining OffersSave up to 15% on dining at over 2500 restaurants across India under the Culinary Treat Program through this credit card.Get a Discount of up to 15% on dining at 2500+ restaurants present across 12 major cities in India.
Free Airport Lounge AccessYou are not allowed to have complimentary access to the airport lounges through this credit card.Enjoy 1 complimentary visit to the Airport Lounges and Railway Lounges per quarter.
Fuel Surcharge WaiverGet a Fuel Surcharge waiver of 1% at all the refilling stations.Get 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver at the HPCL petrol pumps.
Movie DiscountsThere are no deals for movies available on this credit card.- Get 2 Free Movie tickets every month on BookMyShow.
- Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer on INOX Cinema.
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Comparison of Fees and Other Charges of these Cards

Fees and ChargesICICI Amazon Pay CardICICI Coral Credit Card
Joining FeesNIL₹500
Renewal FeesNIL₹500
Waiving Off CriteriaNILSpend ₹1.5 Lacs and above in a year to waive off the annual fees.
Add-on Card FeesNILNIL
Finance Charges3.5% to 3.8% per month3.5% per month
Cash Advance Fees2.5% of the Amount with a minimum of ₹3002.5% of the Amount with a minimum of ₹300
Late Payment Charges- NIL for the amount of less than ₹100.
- ₹100 for the amount between ₹100 to ₹500.
- ₹500 for the amount between ₹501 to ₹10000.
- ₹750 for the amount of above ₹10000.
- NIL for the amount of less than ₹100.
- ₹100 for the amount between ₹100 to ₹500.
- ₹500 for the amount between ₹501 to ₹10000.
- ₹750 for the amount of above ₹10000.

Eligibility Criteria for both the Credit Cards

CriteriaICICI Amazon Pay CardICICI Coral Credit Card
Minimum Age of the Applicant18 Years18 Years
Maximum Age of the Applicant60 Years60 Years
Cibil Score of the Applicant750 and Above750 and Above
Citizenship Status of the ApplicantMust be a Citizen of IndiaMust be a Citizen of India


You have seen all the major comparisons of Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card vs ICICI Coral Credit Card and now you can choose a card for your daily use. Both credit cards have unique features and benefits that will help you to save some extra bucks. On the other hand, Amazon Pay Credit Card does not have an annual fee and it can help you to save some money while shopping from Amazon. But the ICICI Coral Credit Card has a lot of other benefits like Movie Deals, Airport Lounge Access, and earning reward points. So, the ball is in your court and you will have to decide the best credit card for your use.

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