Axis Bank Privilege vs Vistara Credit Card: Features, Benefits, Rewards – Choose Wisely

When comparing the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card and the Axis Vistara Credit Card, examining their features, benefits, and rewards is essential to find the card that suits your needs and preferences. Let’s look at the details of each card:

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card is a top-rate card that gives users one-of-a-kind purchasing and journey advantages as a welcome bonus. The card has a unique application in which you can flip your Axis EDGE rewards into double-fee tours or shopping vouchers. Additionally, you get benefits in many categories, including food, entertainment, etc. If you’re a big spender looking for a card with travel benefits and high rewards, this card might be the right choice to pay the price.

Characteristics and Perks of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card offers various benefits, such as bonus reward points, shopping or travel vouchers to earn spending points, free lounge, discounted meals, fuel surcharge waiver in the 19th century, etc. Some of the significant benefits of the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card mentioned below are:

Benefits of Activation

  • Activation benefit of 12,500 eDGE Reward points, redeemable against select Multi Brand vouchers* worth Rs. 5,000.

Annual Benefits

  • Annual Fee waiver on spends of Rs. 2.5 lacs in anniversary year, For Priority account holders – Activation benefit is 6250 points redeemable for Rs. 2500 and First year fee waiver.

Other Benefits

Credit cards also offer perks such as insurance coverage, utility reward points, free reservations, and restaurant discounts. Some other benefits of the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card are as follows:

  • EDGE Reward Points: 10 Axis EDGE Reward points on every Rs. 200 spent on the credit card domestically/internationally.
  • Complimentary Lounge Access: 2 Complimentary access per calendar quarter to select domestic lounges.
  • Meal discount: Get the best of dinning experiences with Rs. 1000/- off & more via Axis Bank Dinning Delights Program with EazyDiner.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Waiver of fuel surcharge of a maximum of Rs. 400 monthly on every fuel transaction between Rs. 400 and 4,000. You can gain a discount of Rs. 400 benefits in a month.
  • Insurance Coverage: You can get insurance coverage up to Rs. 2 Lakh as per the data given below:
    • Purchase protection covers up to Rs. 1 lakh is available.
    • Credit Shield Rs. 1 lakh is available.
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Rewards of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card allows users to earn reward points for their domestic and international retail spending. You can redeem the reward points for a variety of options, such as merchandise, vouchers, or in the form of credit cards.

Axis Vistara Credit Card

Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card is known as a rewards category. This card has an annual interest rate of 41.5% and charges a top-up and yearly fee of Rs 1,500 and Rs 1,500, respectively. As well as providing airline insurance, the card also pays 15% off your meals. If you work, you will receive 1,000 Wistar Points to redeem.

Features of Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card

Airlines Benefits

The Axis Vistara Credit Card is integrated with Vistara Airlines, offering exclusive benefits to airline passengers.

Earning Airline Miles

Cardholders can earn fast-track airline miles when purchasing Vistara domestic and international tickets, making airlines achieve faster.

Lounge Access

The card can provide free access to selected airport lounges, enhancing the travel experience.

Benefits of Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card

Welcome Benefits

The card offers welcome rewards on airlines’ miles, giving you free flights or other travel-related benefits.

Baggage Allowance

Cardholders may be eligible for additional packages or discounts on Vistara Airlines flights.

Airfare Discount

The card can offer special airfare discounts or offers on Vistara Airlines, making air travel more affordable.

Rewards of Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card

Air miles are the main reward currency of the Axis Vistara Credit Card. Cardholders can redeem their accumulated air miles for free flights, upgrades, or other travel-related benefits within the Vistara Airlines network.

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In conclusion, the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card is ideal for individuals looking for lifestyle benefits, significant rewards, and fuel savings. At the same time, the Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card is more suitable for frequent flyers, offering airlines no exceptional benefits, earning air miles quickly, and access to the airport lounge. Look at your spending habits, lifestyle, and travel preferences to find the card that best suits your needs and offers the most benefits. Remember to review the specifics and terms of each card to understand all features, benefits, and rewards before deciding.


1. Can I use Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card and Axis Vistara Credit Card for international transactions?

Yes, you can use two credit cards for international transactions. It is widely accepted in millions of businesses and ATMs worldwide. However, informing Axis Bank about your travel plans is advisable to ensure smooth and safe use.

2. Are there any annual fees for Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card and Axis Vistara Credit Card?

Annual charges for this credit card may vary, and you should check the policy or contact Axis Bank directly for accurate information Credit card annual fees are usually included in the statement in the card’s features and benefits documents or on the bank’s website. In addition, some credit cards may offer discounts or reversed fees based on specific spending limits or promotions.

3. Can I earn and collect rewards on Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card and Axis Vistara Credit Card?

4. Can you receive tier points for each booking you make with Vistara with the help of the card?

No, you will not receive tier points for your bookings with Air Vistara using the Axis Vistara Credit Card.

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