Comparing Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card and Axis Vistara Credit Card: Fuel Savings vs Airline Perks

When comparing Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card and Axis Vistara Credit Card, it is essential to consider their features, benefits, and rewards to know which best matches your needs and preferences. Let’s look closely at the difference between each card:

Indian Oil Axis Bank Card

Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card is a card that can offer huge savings not only on fuel bills but also on other expenses. The Fuel Credit Card offers many benefits and features, including fuel cost savings such as instant rewards and cash surcharges.

Indian Oil Axis Bank Card Features

The features of the Indian Oil Axis Bank Card are as follows:

Up to 4% Value Back

You can earn 4% value back on fuel transactions using Quick Rewards Points. Cardholders will get 4% back as fuel consumption charges. The bank will give 20 reward points for every Rs 100 spent at any IOCL outlet. The offer covers fuel transactions of Rs 100 to Rs 5,000 per month. Redeem five rewards points per Rs 100 for e-commerce purchases and get 1% back in value. This offer is valid for online transactions up to Rs. 100 to Rs.5,000.

Fuel Benefits

The bank designed the Oil Axis Bank of India credit card for fuel purchases. Cardholders can earn instant rewards on fuel spent at Indian Oil outlets, online and offline.


The card offers attractive fuel discounts, making it ideal for individuals who frequently drive to work or travel.

Reward Points

Users can earn reward points on all their retail spending and redeem them for fuel purchases or meal vouchers.

Indian Oil Axis Bank Card Benefits

The benefits of the Indian Oil Axis Bank Card are as follows:

Welcome Bonus

The card usually comes with welcome bonuses in rewards points or fuel vouchers, giving them a head start on rewards.

EMI Options

Cardholders can use the EMI facility to convert expensive purchases into easy monthly payments, ensuring greater convenience in debt management.

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Shopping Benefits

For instant reward points, you will be given a cash value of 1% on all your purchases with this credit card. The minimum purchase amount to get instant reward points is Rs 100, and the maximum is Rs 5,000. For every Rs 100 spent, you get five rewards on your credit card.

Milestone Benefits

After spending Rs 50,000 in one year, the following year’s annual fee is waived.

Reward Points Benefits

You will earn one EDGE rewards point for every Rs 100 spent on the card. You can redeem the reward points for various purchases from Axis Bank’s rewards list.

Dinning Benefits

With this credit card, you can avail up to 15% discount on food at Axis Bank’s partner restaurants under the Dining Delights scheme.

Entertainment Benefits

  • Indian Oil Axis Bank credit card also comes with entertainment benefits of instant discounts on movie tickets booked on BookMyShow.
  • To claim the discount, you must use the offer from the ‘Offer’ section at the time of payment.

Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card Reward Points Benefits

The reward points benefits of the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card are as follows:

  • For every 100 coins spent, you earn one EDGE reward.
  • Axis Bank will award quick reward Points for all your fuel purchases. For every Rs 100 spent, you’ll receive 20 reward points.
  • You’ll get five reward points for every Rs 100 spent on all your online purchases.

Axis Vistara Credit Card

Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card is known as a rewards category. This card has an annual interest rate of 41.5% and charges a top-up and annual fee of Rs 1,500 and Rs 1,500 respectively. As well as providing airline insurance, the card also pays 15% off your meals. If you work, you will receive 1,000 Vistara Points to redeem.

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Characteristics and Privileges of Axis Bank Vistara Card

Here are the benefits:

Welcome Gift

Receive a free one-way economy ticket as a base fare voucher when you sign up for this card. The coupon is valid for six months, and you can use it when booking domestic flights. Club

Club Vistara Membership

Enjoy your free Club Vistara membership with this card. This frequent flyer program allows you to earn instant rewards when signing up directly on Vistara’s website or using their app. Every Club Vistara (CV) point brings you closer to a different level. Again, each stage opens the door to possibilities.

Economy Class Tickets and Up to 2 Bonus Points

You can earn bonus CV points and up to 2 economy tickets depending on how much you spend each year. Earn 1,000 CV Points by spending Rs 50,000 within the first 90 days from the card issue date. If you spend Rs 1,25,000, you get one economy ticket, and if you spend Rs 2,50,000

Be Secure With Free Insurance

This card gives you the following privileges:

  • Air accidents cover up to Rs 2.5 crore.
  • Buy protection up to Rs.1 lakh.
  • There are fees of up to $300 for lost travel documents and delays.
  • There is a penalty of up to $500 for lost packaging.
  • Enjoy card loss liability of up to 100% of your credit limit.

Buy now and pay later by converting the purchase into an EMI

Create a transaction of Rs 2,500 or more and contact Axis Bank to convert this purchase into an affordable monthly instalment.

Advantages of Reward Points of Axis Bank Vistara Card

As mentioned, you get 2 CV Points for every Rs 200 spent. You can gain CV points instantly if Vistara’s website and complete your check-in process on their mobile application.


In conclusion, the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card is valid for individuals who spend a lot on fuel, offering fuel benefits, discounts, and reward points for fuel transactions. On the other hand, Axis Vistara Credit Card is more suitable for them as frequent flyers, which offers airline benefits, fast earning air miles, and exclusive privileges on Vistara airlines. Consider your spending habits, lifestyle, and travel preferences to determine which card matches w ‘your needs, fits well and gives you great value.

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1. Can I use Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card to buy surplus fuel?

Yes, absolutely! While the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card offers instant rewards and benefits for fuel transactions, you can also use it for general retail spending. Using the card, you can earn rewards points per purchase, and these points are for options such as fuel vouchers, which you can redeem for food vouchers, merchandise, or offers.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the Axis Vistara Credit Card?

Eligibility for the Axis Vistara Credit Card may vary, and it is best to check with Axis Bank for the most up-to-date information. Generally, to qualify for the card, you must meet the minimum age requirement, like having a good credit score and meeting the income criteria of Axis Bank. Documentation, such as proof of income and identity, may be required, which is necessary in the application process.

3. Can I earn air miles on all Axis Vistara Credit Card purchases?

Although the Axis Vistara Credit Card offers instant air miles on Vistara ticket purchases (domestic and international), you can’t earn air miles on all your retail spending. It’s essential to check the specific rules of the card to hear which services are worth having more downwind miles. In most cases, purchases made with Vistara Airlines or specific merchant partners will qualify for airline miles.

4. Can you pay your credit card bill through cheque?

Yes, you can pay your credit card bill through cheque.

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