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OneCard is India’s most user-friendly metallic credit card. It is intended for first-time credit card users. Slice Credit Card, on the other hand, is designed to give consumers a 2% instant reward on every transaction. Furthermore, the main resemblance between the Slice Credit Card vs OneCard is that both cards don’t include any membership fees. However, that one commonality does not imply that they are the same. There are some characteristics that distinguish one from the other.

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    Dive deeper into this article to understand in depth the difference between Slice Credit Card vs OneCard on various parameters. 

    What is the Difference between Slice Credit Card vs OneCard?

    Slice Credit Card and OneCard both have created a personal likeability. Due to their end number of features and benefits different individuals with different needs can use them accordingly. 

    Here is the Slice Credit Card and OneCard basic differentiation:

    Points of DifferenceSlice Credit CardOneCard
    Eligibility You need to be an Indian Citizen to avail of the benefits of a Slice Credit card.OneCard is valid for both Indian and International use.
    Credit Card LimitSlice Credit Card’s maximum limit is up to Rs. 10 lakhs. Moreover, the minimum limit is set at Rs. 2000.Credit limit on OneCard is constantly changing based on the applicants. It varies from applicant to applicant. The maximum credit limit is determined by your income, eligibility, and other variables. As a result, after applying for the OneCard, the bank will assess your credit limit. When it is authorized, you will be informed of your credit limit.
    Who can Apply?Both Salaried and Self Employed individuals can apply for the Slice Credit Card.Both Salaried and Self Employed individuals can apply for the OneCard.
    Minimum AgeThe applicant should need to be 18 years old to apply for the card. The applicant should need to be 18 years old to apply for the card.
    Split Bill Payment With a Slice Credit Card you can split bills into three equal installments. It is one of the features that distinguish Slice Credit Card from its competitors.With the help of Split Bill Payment, you didn’t have to pay any extra charges.OneCard doesn't have the feature to split bills.
    Customer Care NumberSlice Credit's customer care phone number is 08047096430. You can call this number at any time for help or ask a question. However, as per the company policy, Slice does not request any type of OTP, card information, or other personal information over the phone.OneCard's customer care phone number is 1860-266-1111. You can call this number at any time for help or ask a question.
    Documents RequiredAddress Proof, ID ProofAddress Proof, ID Proof, and Income Proof
    Reward RateMake a translation and get 2% instant cashback on each of them.You can maximize your reward up to 5x on top 2 spendings.
    CIBIL ScoreThe CIBIL Score must be 750 and above.The CIBIL Score must be 750 and above.
    How long does it take to get the card? Within 40 seconds of submitting all the documents, you will get approval for the Slice Credit Card. The bank will quickly verify all the documents and provide approval. After the approval within 48 hours, the card will be delivered to the applicant. The onboarding process for OneCard is really fast. The onboarding procedure is entirely digital, and your card will be authorized in less than 5 minutes. After you have received acceptance, you can proceed to activate your virtual OneCard. In addition, the metallic physical OneCard will be delivered to your home address within a few days.
    EMIWith the Slice Credit Card, you may purchase anywhere and pay off your bills in a few months.OneCard includes an EMI facility. You can use it to shop for items of your choice and then pay for them in installments.
    Track Spending of Family MembersThe Slice Credit Card does not provide a spending tracking option for family members.You can track your family members' spending with OneCard from your app.
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    Slice Credit Card vs OneCard- Fees and Charges

    Although there is no joining fee required for both the Slice Credit Card and OneCard, there are other charges as well. The other fees and charges differentiate one from another.

    Here is the Fees and Charges structure of Slice Credit Card and OneCard: 

    Fees and ChargesSlice Credit CardOneCard
    Joining FeeNILNIL
    Annual FeeNILNIL
    Renewal feeNILNIL
    ATM Withdrawal ChargesRs. 50 is charged 2.5% of ATM withdrawal charges are applied with a minimum withdrawal of Rs. 300.
    Late Payment Charges-2.5% of the amount payable maximum of Rs. 1000


    The satisfaction level after using both the Slice Credit Card and the OneCard credit card is extremely good. The indicated promising feature has pleased users. Furthermore, Slice Credit Card and OneCard distinguishes them, yet none of them include joining fees. With Slice Credit Card you can earn up to 2% cash back on every credit card transaction. It also comes with other benefits such as no-cost EMI, bill splitting, and much more.

    Both domestically and abroad, OneCard is accepted. It is available in a unique metallic finish that looks great. The onboarding process of OneCard is completely digital. It is fast and hassle-free. 

    Additionally, consumers who are new to credit may choose the Slice Credit Card and OneCard. You may create your own credit card journey right here.  If you are a newbie with no knowledge of what a credit score is, you can try it. Moreover, make regular payments to maintain your credit score. Lastly, if you are 18 or older, the Slice Credit Card and OneCard Credit Card are both excellent choices.

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