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OneCard Credit Card

OneCard Credit Card

Last Updated : May 3, 2024, 6:28 p.m.

Looking for a credit card that’s anything but ordinary? Meet OneCard credit card. This standout metal credit card boasts a sleek design and packs a punch with its cutting-edge features. With OneCard, every swipe earns you rewards on your daily purchases, and the best part? There’s no cap on how much you can earn. What sets it apart even further is its 5X rewards on your top 2 spending categories. Intrigued? Dive into this guide to explore all that OneCard has to offer and discover if it’s the perfect match for your wallet and lifestyle.

OneCard Credit Card Benefits

You must be eager to know the benefits of this free credit card , here we’ve them listed below:

OneCard Mobile App

  • Manage your monthly credit card transaction.

  • Option to activate/deactivate your online transaction with a simple tap on the mobile app.

  • ‘Tap In-App Auth’ feature to secure your credit card transactions.
    Reward Points

    • Earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 50 spent.

    • Enjoy rewards on all purchases except fuel transactions and transfers of any nature.

    • Five times the points on your top two spending categories each month.

    • Transfer money to your bank account in just 30 seconds.

    • OneCash is pre-approved, so there is no need to submit documents to avail of this feature.

    • Option to repay the OneCash amount in EMI.
    OneCard EMI

    • Easily convert purchases totaling Rs. 2,500 and above into convenient EMIs with OneCard.

    • Choose your repayment tenure conveniently, ranging from 3 to 24 months, tailored to suit your needs with OneCard.

    • Repay your EMIs effortlessly using your reward points, adding another layer of convenience to your OneCard experience.

    Metal Card

    The OneCard Credit Card is the only free metal credit card that you can find. And this is what makes it distinct from the crowd. You have your plastic cards and you have your lifetime free cards. Multiple credit card issuers collaborate and offer a credit card which is metal and lifetime free.

    So, what are the benefits of having a metal card? Well, you have a luxurious experience with this credit card . It won’t easily break as most often user tend to break their cards by mistake. And when that happens they have to apply for a replacement and some charges need to be paid. And that won’t ever be the case with your metal credit card.

    FD backed OneCard

    Simply create a Fixed Deposit (FD) starting at Rs. 5,000 to enjoy attractive interest. Available in partnership with SBM and Federal banks, offering an enticing 7.5%* interest rate. Ensure the FD is a minimum of Rs. 50,000, only you became eligible for the metal card. Using the card boosts your credit score by making timely repayments and maintaining a healthy credit utilization ratio. Be cautious of charges, including a penalty for early FD closure. OneCard comes with an easy application through a digital process. It means getting started with a secured credit card is a seamless experience.

    Easy to Activate

    To activate your physical OneCard credit card, begin by opening the provided kit and locating the enclosed QR code. Now follow these steps –

    • Access the OneCard app, navigate to the Home Screen
    • Select “Activate.” Opt for the ‘scan QR code’ option
    • Grant camera access, and seamlessly scan the QR code to initiate card activation.

    Your card is now almost ready for use. Complete the process by setting your app pin, ensuring a secure and swift activation experience in just a few simple steps.

    Reward Point Benefits

    • Earn 5X Reward Points on the top two spending categories.
    • The reward points will be credited to your account immediately.
    • There is no expiry date for the reward points.
    • Just swipe the One Card Credit Card to redeem the reward points.
    • Even fraction reward points will be credited to your account and there will be no roundoff.

    EMI Transactions

    • Make part payments of your transactions into EMIs.
    • There is no need for any documents to enjoy the EMI transactions.
    • Earn Reward Points on the EMI Transactions.
    • Manage your EMIs from the EMI dashboard.

    OneCard Credit Card Fees and Charges

    You know that this credit card is absolutely free but there are some other charges that you should know before you apply for this card.

    Joining FeeNIL
    Renewal FeeNIL
    Reward Points Redemption FeeNIL
    Finance Charges2.5% to 3.5% per month or 30% to 42% per annum
    Late Payment Fee2.5% of the Amount Due with a Maximum of INR 1000
    Foreign Markup Fee1%
    ATM Withdrawal Charges2.5% of the Withdrawn Amount with a minimum of INR 300

    Eligibility and Documentations

    • The minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years to apply for the One Card Credit Card.
    • Salaried and Self-Employed Individuals can apply for this credit card.
    • You must have a stable income.
    • Your CIBIL Score must be 750 or above.
    • You will need valid Identity Proof.
    • You will also need valid Address Proof and Income Proof.

    Collaborated Banks

    There are five collaborating banks that issued OneCard Credit Card and you can visit any bank to apply for this credit card. The collaborated banks are:-

    Federal Bank OneCard Credit Card

    The Federal OneCard is a co-branded credit card offered by Federal Bank in partnership with OneCard, a fintech startup. It's targeted towards young working professionals, particularly millennials and Gen Z.

    Here's a quick breakdown of the Federal OneCard:

    • Type of card: Co-branded credit card

    • Issued by: Federal Bank

    • Targeted demographic: Young working professionals (millennials & Gen Z)

    • Features:

      • Mobile-first experience with everything managed through the OneCard app

      • Instant virtual card issuance

      • Rewards program

      • Metal card (premium feel)

    • Additional details:

      • There are fees associated with the card, including a potential cancellation fee within 6 months of activation.

      • For lost/stolen cards or compromised PINs, contact OneCard through the app, phone, or email.

    If you're a young professional in India looking for a mobile-centric credit card with a rewards program, the Federal OneCard could be a good option. But be sure to review the terms and conditions carefully, especially regarding fees, before applying.

    IDFC FIRST Bank OneCard Credit Card

    IDFC FIRST Bank OneCard was a credit card offered by IDFC FIRST Bank in collaboration with FPL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the company behind the OneCard platform. However, IDFC FIRST Bank has discontinued offering the OneCard as of recently. They are now offering their own credit cards under the name IDFC FIRST Bank Select Credit Cards.

    Here's a quick summary of what the IDFC FIRST Bank OneCard was like:

    • Type of card: Metal credit card

    • Issued by: IDFC FIRST Bank (formerly offered)

    • Targeted demographic: Young working professionals

    • Features:

      • No annual fee or joining fees

      • 5X rewards on top 2 spending categories every month

      • 1 reward point per Rs. 50 spent with reward points that never expire

      • Metal card for a premium feel

      • Mobile app for managing your account

      • No fees for reward redemption

    • Drawbacks:

      • Foreign exchange markup fee of 1%

      • Relatively new card with limited user reviews

    If you are looking for a credit card with no annual fees and a rewards program, other options from IDFC FIRST Bank or other banks in India might be a better fit now that the IDFC FIRST Bank OneCard is not available.

    CSB Bank OneCard

    CSB Bank OneCard is a co-branded credit card offered by CSB Bank and FPL Technologies, the same company behind the OneCard platform you saw earlier with IDFC FIRST Bank. Unlike IDFC FIRST Bank which discontinued offering OneCard, CSB Bank OneCard is still very much available.

    Here's a breakdown of CSB Bank OneCard:

    • Type of card: Co-branded credit card

    • Issued by: CSB Bank

    • Targeted demographic: Wide audience, but with features like MyFamily that appeal to families

    • Features:

      • Fully digital onboarding and management through the OneCard app

      • Instant virtual card upon approval

      • Up to 48 days interest-free period on purchases

      • MyFamily feature: Share your credit limit with family members and control their spending

      • Various reward programs based on partner offers

      • Option for contactless payments and international usage (except for cash advances in Nepal and Bhutan)

    • Drawbacks:

      • Fees associated with the card, including a potential cancellation fee within 6 months of activation and cash advance charges.

      • Interest applicable on cash advances and outstanding balance after the grace period.

    CSB Bank OneCard offers a mobile-centric experience with features like MyFamily that might be attractive to families. However, be mindful of the fees and interest charges before applying.

    SIB-OneCard Credit Card

    OneCard feature-rich credit card can be applied with South Indian Bank with benefits like:

    • Lifetime free: No joining or annual fees

    • Premium build: Metal card

    • Digital convenience: 100% digital onboarding and app control

    • Rewards: Instant reward points and easy redemption

    • International usage: Low foreign transaction fees

    How to Apply for OneCard Credit Card

    You can visit the official website of OneCard to apply online for this credit card. On the other hand, you can visit the nearest branch of the collaborated bank and fill out the application form offline to apply for the same card. The third option to get OneCard is to provide the basic details in the application form given above.

    Credit Limit of OneCard

    The credit limit of One Card is not fixed and it depends on your Cibil Score and income. If you have a Cibil Score of 750 and above and a high income then you will get a high credit limit on OneCard. A high Cibil Score also gets a quick approval for the credit card.

    One Card Customer Care Number

    The OneCard Credit Card customer care number is 1860-266-1111 and you can call on this number anytime. This is a toll-free number and you can raise any type of query you are having on this credit card.


    How does OneCard credit card secure my transactions?

    To enhance your security, set up an app PIN or fingerprint lock. You’ll also receive a OneCard PIN for secure card usage. Generate it within the app and change it anytime.

    Are you using a credit card with a OneCard metal card?

    Yes, you are using a credit card with OneCard, the issuer offers you both secure and unsecured credit options.

    What is my OneCard limit?

    Your OneCard limit will be determined by either your FD deposit for a secured card or your income/credit score for an unsecured credit card.

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