HDFC Platinum Times Card

About HDFC Platinum Times Card

HDFC Platinum Times Card is an exclusive product that comes loaded with multiple benefits and exciting offers for its bearer. This credit card is especially designed for those who prefer nothing but the best and want to make the most of every single penny they spend. Ranging from shopping to dining to entertainment, the card offers a variety of benefit vouchers that are simply unmatched. With the attractive reward point offers on the card, the bank has made sure that no expenditure of yours goes rewardless. For those who majorly spend on the fuel, this card is just for you. Not only this card is fun but also safe to use. As the card is a chip enabled credit card, all your transactions are safe and secured. KNow more about this wonderful product down below!

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Features of HDFC Platinum Times Card

Some of the major features of the HDFC Titanium Times Card are:

  • Welcome Benefit
    • Enjoy a range of gift vouchers for dining, shopping, apparel and much more as a welcome benefit. Visit the official website of the bank to take a look at the variety of welcome gift vouchers.
  • Great Offers on Movie and Dining
    • Enjoy exciting discount offer throughout the year by making use of movie and dining offers. Visit the official website of the bank to know more about the latest offers for movie and dining options and outlets.
  • Attractive Reward Points
    • Earn 3 Reward Points for expenditure worth ₹ 150 from your card.
    • Under Weekday Dining Bonanza Offer, earn 10 Reward Points for expenditure worth ₹ 150 from your card on Dining from Monday to Friday.
  • Fuel Surcharge waiver
    • Enjoy the replacement of fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% along with service tax by Convenience fee of about 1% along with applicable service tax with effect from February, 2017. This offer is to replace the offer of fuel surcharge waiver.
  • Safe & Secure Transactions
    • Your transactions are safe and secured with this chip card. You can either dip it into the chip enabled POS or swipe it at any non-chip POS for making transactions.
  • Zero liability on lost card
    • In case of loss of credit card, you can report it at the 24 hour call centre support. By doing so, you will be free from any liability of fraudulent transactions done with that card.
  • Interest free credit facility
    • Enjoy a 50 day interest free period from the date of purchase.
  • Reward points validity
    • From the date of accumulation, reward points would be valid only for a period of 2 years.
  • Revolving Credit
    • You can enjoy a revolving credit at economical interest rates on your credit card.
  • Utility Bill Payments
    • You can ensure easy, convenient and timely payment of all your utility bills by registering your HDFC Platinum Times Card with the HDFC bank’s’ utility bill payment service- SmartPay.
    • Enjoy a discount worth up to ₹ 1,800 or more on movie tickets in a year. This offer is valid on the purchase of at least 4 movie tickets worth ₹ 150 on a monthly basis at the partner movie outlet.
    • Enjoy a discount worth up to ₹ 9,600 or more on dining bills in a year. This offer is valid on the expenditure of at least ₹ 4,000 on a monthly basis at the partner dining outlet with a discount worth 20%.
    • Enjoy a discount worth up to ₹ 1,500 on fuel transactions. This offer is valid on the purchase of fuel worth at least ₹ 5,000 on a monthly basis.
    • Enjoy access to exclusive offers on your smartphone by scanning the QR Code on your HDFC Platinum Times Card.

Fees & Charges

The following fee and charges are applicable on the card:

  • Membership Fee- ₹ 1,000 (First Year) along with applicable taxes
  • Renewal Membership Fee- ₹ 1,000 along with applicable taxes
  • Revolving credit limit- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Interest Rate- As per Bank’s Norms
  • Cheque return charges- As per Bank’s Norms
  • De-blocking charges- As per Bank’s Norms

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Platinum Times Card

You are eligible for a HDFC Platinum Times Card based on the following

For Salaried

  • Minimum Age 21 years
  • Maximum Age 60 years

For Self-employed

  • Minimum Age 21 years
  • Maximum Age 65 years

Necessary Documents

List of mandatory documents required in order to apply for the card is:

  • ID Proof- Copy of Passport/ PAN Card/ UID/ Driving License/ Voter’s ID Card
  • Income Proof- Latest Income Tax Return documents/ Form 16/ Salary Slip (for those who are employed in government offices of PSUs)
  • Address Proof- Copy of Passport/ Fixed Line Bill/ electricity Bill/ UID/ Bank Passbook of a PSU bank
  • Coloured Photographs
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months

HDFC Platinum Times Card Status

HDFC Platinum Times Card Status is the facility provided by the HDFC Bank to help the card applicants keep a track of their application procedure. An applicant can apply for the HDFC Platinum Times Card via both online and offline modes. To apply for this card using the online method, all you need to do is visit the official website of the bank and navigate as per the steps shown on the website. However, to apply for the card using the offline modes, you can directly visit the nearest HDFC Branch wherein the officials would be there to help you out. The procedure will only require you to produce the relevant documents and pay the desired fee. After the procedure of application is over, you can simply check the status of your application through this facility provided by the bank. This facility not only saves a lot of time of the applicant but also makes the whole process convenient and less cumbersome.

HDFC Platinum Times Card Credit Limit

The credit limit offered is an extent up to which you can shop via a credit card. And so, you must have an idea of the same. Actually, the limit would basically depend on the income and credit score of an applicant. Greater these two are higher would be the limit and vice-versa. Regardless of how much limit you get, showing discipline on spends is elementary to ensure the bills are affordable to pay on time. The discipline shown on spending would also ensure the credit limit utilization staying within the prescribed limit of 30%, boosting your credit score and possibilities of future credits without any hassle.

HDFC Platinum Times Card Customer Care 24X7 Number

The customer care of the HDFC Bank can be contacted through various channels. One can always visit the official website of the bank and register their queries and complaints on the portal. You can also get in touch with them directly through their toll free helpline numbers. If there happens to be a branch of HDFC bank near you, you can always visit them during the working hours to get your problems sorted.

HDFC Platinum Times Card Statement

HDFC Platinum TImer Card Statement is the a journal that records all the transactions made by the card bearer since the issuance of the card. This statement allows the card bearer to stay in constant touch with the expenditure and repayments made using this card. This facility not only makes the process of keeping a record of one’s expenditure easy and convenient but also makes the whole procedure transparent. The applicant can use the unique Login ID provided to them by the bank at the time of issuance of the card and keep a tab of all their transactions. With this facility the applicant can trace back all the transactions that are ever made by them using this card.

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