Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card - Benefits, Apply Online 2023

Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card

Axis Bank has duly launched the Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card in collaboration with Samsung. It is ranked as one of the Best Axis Bank Credit Cards. However, you could take perks such as complimentary lounge access, priority pass membership, reward points, dining offers, and many more while using the credit card. It is launched with the intent to cater to the wider audience who are looking for a single credit card with lots of benefits. In addition, in some of the top leading brands such as BigBasket, Tata 1mg, Urban Company, Myntra, Zomato and so on you can earn additional Edge Rewards.

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    Benefits and Features of Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card

    Axis Bank Credit Cards are top-notch and target a vast audience. It is thus followed by a group of exclusive perks that one can obtain from it. Further, in the competitive edge, Axis Samsung Infinite Credit Card stands out with the promise it laid.

    We have elaborated in brief on the benefits and features of the Samsung Infinite Credit Card.

    Welcome Benefits

    It comes with 30,000 Edge Reward Points as a welcome bonus. However, you can earn them only by making 3 transactions within 30 days of card issuance.


    Avail up to 10% discount on Samsung products. According to the bank, the cashback you will receive will be sent directly into your account.

    Edge Rewards

    The rewards you will receive will be classified as follows:

    • Money spent up to Rs. 100 on partnered brands like BigBasket, Tata 1mg, Urban Company, Myntra, and Zomato will get 15 edge reward points.
    • For all international transactions, you will get edge reward points of up to 15.
    • Earn 5 edge reward points on spending Rs. 100 for domestic transactions.

    Complimentary Lounge Access

    Enjoy lounge access within India limited up to 8 per year with this Axis Bank Samsung Infinite Card.

    Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    Fuel waived up to 1% on the petrol pumps in India. However, it is valid on transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000.

    Dinning Offer

    Enjoy an exclusive 25% discount up to Rs. 800 on selected 4000+ restaurants in India. Moreover, the best part is that you can avail the benefits 2 times a year.

    • Eazy Diner Prime Membership is free for 1 year with your Samsung Infinite Credit Card.

    Priority Pass Membership

    Avail worth $99 Priority Pass Membership at no cost. Further, an additional 6 complimentary lounges are free outside India.

    Covert Purchases to EMI

    Easily convert your purchases worth Rs. 2500 to flexible EMIs.

    Eligibility Criteria for Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card

    The credit card eligibility to apply for the Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card is not that troublesome. You just require to fulfill a simple age and citizenship criteria to be eligible for the Axis Samsung Infinite Card.

    Here are the eligibility criteria the Axis Bank has prescribed for the Axis Samsung Infinite Card :


    The primary Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card Holder must be within the age gap of 18 to 70 years.


    Perhaps only Indians can apply for the Samsung Infinite Axis Bank Credit Card 

    Documents Required for the Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card

    Documentation is the aspect that needs to be fulfilled to get a credit card without any trouble. As it plays a major role in deciding whether you will get a credit card or not. Each bank has specified some documentation guidelines that you should follow. Moreover, Axis Bank has laid out certain necessary documents that you must have in order to apply for the Axis Bank Credit Card.

    Mentioned below are the pointers that best describe the documentation required to get the Infinite Samsung Credit Card:

    • PAN Card
    • Address Proof
    • Identity Proof
    • Latest Bank Payslip
    • Colored Passport Size Photo

    Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card – Fee and Charges

    It is a premium credit card that comes with a Joining fee of Rs. 5000.

    Joining Fee (Primary Card)INR 5000
    Annual Fee (Primary Card)INR 5000 (However, by spending Rs. 7 Lakh annually the Axis Bank Samsung Infinite Credit Card annual charges can be waived off.)
    Joining Fee (Add-on Card)Waived
    Annual Fee (Add-on Card)Waived
    Card replacement fee (Primary Card)INR 100
    Card replacement fee (Add-on Card)INR 100
    Outstation Cheque FeeWaived
    Finance ChargesYou have to pay 3.6% per month and up to 52.86% annually.
    Cash Withdrawal FeeThe cash withdrawal charge of Axis Bank Samsung Infinite Card is 2.5%.
    Late Payment Charges- Late payment charges are not applied on an amount less than Rs. 500
    - You have to pay a Rs. 500 late payment fee of Rs. 501 to Rs. 5000 amount.
    - From Rs. 5001 to Rs. 10,000 a number of Rs. 750 late fees would be applied.
    - If in any case, the total amount is larger than Rs. 10,000 so be ready to pay Rs. 750 as late payment charges.
    Foreign currency transaction feeFrom the transaction value an amount of 3.5% would be charged.

    How Does the Samsung Infinite Credit Card Work?

    The working mechanism of the Samsung Infinite Card is simple. Below you will find a value chart where we have explained each thing in detail. Assume that you are spending Rs. 7 lakhs annually in various categories. If you spend those amounts normally then you might not earn any sort of rewards or cashback or benefits. However, with the Samsung infinite Card, you can earn dozens of amazing advantages.

    Moving further just look into this chart and try to understand the concept of the Samsung Infinite Card:

    Category BenefitAnnual SpendsTotal Benefit
    Welcome Benefit
    [ If you made three transactions within 30 days of activating your Samsung Infinite Axis Card, you would be eligible for the welcome bonus. ]
    INR 6000
    Samsung Purchases (including EMI)10%2 lakhs is your annual spending10% of 2 lakhs is 20,000
    Purchases from ZomatoGet a 3% discount on Zomato while using the Axis Samsung Infinite Credit Card- Let's say you spent Rs. 1500 on Zomato 2 times in a month. 1500 * 2= 3000.

    - In a year you are spending 3000 *12= 36,000.
    3% of 36,000 is 1080 that is your benefit
    Purchases from BigBasket3% benefits on purchasesAssume that for one year you are spending Rs. 8000 per month on BigBasket purchases.
    8000 * 12= 96,000
    As per the calculating 3% of 8000 is equal to 2880
    Purchases from MyntraAxis Bank Samsung Infinite Credit Card provides 3% discount on MyntraIf you are spending Rs. 5000, 4 times in a year.

    5000 * 4= 20,000
    3% of 20,000 will be 600
    Purchases from Urban Company3% discount on Urban Company PurchasesThe cost of purchasing something from Urban Company four times a year is approximately 3000.

    3000 * 4= 12,000.
    2% of 12,000 equals 360.
    Purchases from Tata 1Mg
    Up to 3% benefit Let's think that you are spending up to 2000 per month on Tata 1MG.

    2000 * 12= 24,000
    The sum of 3% of 24,000 is 720, which is your benefits at the end of the year.
    Fuel Surcharge Waiver1% waiverEnjoy % fuel surcharge waiver.

    Fuel waived per month is let's say 8000.

    8000 * 12 = 96,000
    96,000’s 1% is 960.
    Complimentary Airport Lounge Access-Avail 8 airport lounges access free.8000
    Eazy Diner Dining offers = Prime Membership-Enjoy 1000 off via the Eazy DInner offers.

    Suppose 24,000 is your annual spending.
    In the end you are getting benefits of Rs. 12,095
    International SpendsAvail a 3% discountPer year the spends is equal to Rs. 1 lakh3000 is what you are receiving as a benefit
    Other Domestic Spends1%For example 10,000 per month you are spending for a year.

    10,000 * 12= 1,20,000
    Complimentary Priority Pass Membership--7890
    Total-The annual spending is something around 7,28,00064,785


    The Samsung Infinite is a co-branded credit card that Axis Bank has launched in partnership with Samsung. You must have been aware of the benefits credit cards provide by reading the above. From application filling to getting the credit Card, all is done within a few working days. Further, the bank has a dedicated customer support team that is equipped enough to resolve all your issues related to the card. Lastly, we could conclude that if you are looking for a credit card that provides a premium experience then you definitely try this out. This Axis Bank Credit Card is highly appreciated by customers.

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